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  • Abrumae ( spelling) SHINOS clan

    10 19.61%
  • Nara

    2 3.92%
  • |Hyuga

    27 52.94%
  • Akamchi CHojis clan

    2 3.92%
  • inzunka CLAN

    3 5.88%
  • NOT mentioned (also since ppl may complain Senju & uchia)

    11 21.57%
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    Re: Strongest Clan excluding uciha & senju

    Quote Originally Posted by jovardo View Post
    Ass wipe the only clan wipe out of existence is the uchiha(except saskue and madara)..where u get your info about tsunade been the last senju. just watch episode 142-145 when saskue tell madara that "now that the uchiha is gone all the other clans are now dogs for the senjus" saskue said senujus meaning more than one person. the hell how did the senju died u r soo stupid( you sick mi stomach). to make it more clear for your every one that doesn't have a kekki genki are senju9in the leaf village). even konohamaru is a senju he is the third grandson. for those who are senju are(example) gai,asuma, kurenai,kakashi,naruto,the chunin examiner, iruka sensei and others who dont have a kekki genki. to prove my point more. madara said that only the uchiha and senju were lock in a fight(that is their destiny) thats why naruto has to fight saskue, because naruto is a senju. what more proof u want. even donzo is a senju. u guys only think that the senju are only the people from the 1st,2nd and 3rd. for god sake its called a clan because its more than three person make is up..god your soo stupid.
    WOW go learn to read douchebag. I said that Tsunade may ONLY be related to Senju, and NOT a senju. Read, then call me stupid. Okay stupid?

    Madara said that he see's the first in him. That does NOT mean that he is a Senju. He just inherited his will of fire



    As I said before, stop insulting people when you can't even understand what the hell we are saying.

    It's OBVIOUS that the Uchiha clan have died out. That is why there are two MALE members, and no females left. Meaning that the clan will probably die out supposing Madara is killed before he has any kids and Sasuke forgets about all those girls in Konoha who want to **** him and keeps his virginity.

    Again. Learn. To. Read.

    "among those COUNTLESS clans". (I.E he did not say that there are only TWO clans and that everyone is related to them.

    "...were respected and feared by EVERY OTHER clan as being the strongest."

    NOTHING there is stated by Madara that says "Naruto, your really the great-great-great-great-great grandson, grandneice, or grandpimp of the first Hokage.
    He said that he see's the will of fire in him.

    Danzo even said it in a roundabout way. Basically, the 3rd inherited the teachings of the first. Naruto inherited the teachings of the third. So however distantly, Naruto is following the teachings of the first hokage. Thus, he has the "will of fire" that Madara is describing.
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