Highschool of the Dead: Chapter 7 (Invasion of the Dead)

Raioneru woke up and his curtains were open. He sat up and looked around the room. He stood up and while rubbing his eyes with his forearm, he looked out of the window. "They" were back and they flooded the streets. There were no more police lights or sirens. "They" must've wondered back to the neighborhood.

Raioneru: Shit… Sure hope everyone is up. I'll find out after a shower. (Sniffs armpit) Phew! I need one too.

He searched the closet in the room and saw an assortment of towels and wash rags. He picked up a dark purple towel and a red wash rag and went to the restroom. He closed the door quietly behind him.

(H.O.T.D. Opening Theme)

Twenty minutes later, Raioneru opens the restroom door and peeks through, looking around to make sure no one is watching. He turned the restroom light off and tried to sneak quietly down the hall to his room.

Kyano (yelling across the house): Whoa! Jaku! How about some clothes there, buddy?

Everyone was standing around the living room and he was in plain sight of everybody.

Raioneru (quietly): Dammit…

Raioneru's towel slipped and fell down. He grabbed it fast and pulled it back up to his waist. Hanoki giggled. Lisa giggled and licked her lips. Raioneru's face turned bright red.

Raioneru: Uh! I gotta go! (Runs to room and slammed door shut)

Setemaru (calling out): Hurry up. We got plans to go over.

A few minutes later, Raioneru came out of the room with his dark red shirt and his school pants on. He had his jacket over his shoulder. He walked up to Hanoki and kissed her on the cheek and glared at Lisa for a few seconds.

Kyano: Glad you could join us sunshine.

Raioneru: Shut the hell up…

Annaretta: Over night, I've thought of several ways to get to everyone's houses and search for our families. With the absence of… Joji… that's one less house we have to go to. We could find a small boat and cross the river to get to Raioneru, Hanoki, and Kyano's parents. Or, we could stay on this side of the water and head up the street a few miles and find Setemaru and Lisa's houses.

Raioneru: It would make more sense to stay on this side of the water and look for their families first.

Annaretta: Now, here's the problem. (Setemaru got a concerned look on his face) This side of the river is more populated than the other side. More people will mean more zombies. We only have one gun. In order to survive on this side, we are going to need rifles or shotguns. Some type of fire power on our side. All we have is a crowbar, a cricket bat, a Collapsible Staff, a sledgehammer, and Hanoki's kicks.

Hanoki: That's true. Big population equals big population of zombies. And we would need guns. Plus, most of us don't know how to fire a gun.

Setemaru: How hard could it be?

Raioneru: It's harder than it looks in movies. I should know. (Flashback) Back at the school, I fired two shots and got headshots out of pure, dumb luck. (End flashback) Annaretta is the only one that can fire a hand gun. Can you fire anything bigger? Like an Assault rifle or something?

Annaretta: I don't think so.

Raioneru: Then it's a lot safer to cross the water and find our parents.

Annaretta: Now, here's the problem with crossing the water. It's a bigger area. That side might have less zombies, but they'll be able to trap up if they swarm us. Plus, how would we get over there?

Kyano: Sure as hell not swimming.

Lisa: A boat, right?

Setemaru: Any of us know how to drive a boat?

Raioneru: No.

Hanoki: I don't.

Lisa: Uh uh.

Kyano: Hell naw!

Everyone looked at Kyano with a look of stupidity on each of their faces.

Kyano (nonchalantly stretching and looking around): Well! I gotta pee. (Rushes to the restroom)

Setemaru: Yeah… Anyway.

Raioneru: Damn… this is tricky.

Annaretta: It is… I have something in my room to help! Come look.

Annaretta jogs to her room and Setemaru and Raioneru follow. Hanoki went the opposite way to her room.

Raioneru: Where are you going, babe?

Hanoki: Put some pants on. We're leaving soon right?

Raioneru: Good call.

Annaretta: Just come to my room whenever you're ready, okay?

Hanoki: Kay.

They continue on to Annaretta's room. Hanoki continued to her room.

Lisa: Jaku sure is something else.

Hanoki stopped dead in her tracks.

Hanoki: What was that?

Lisa: Raioneru. He really is something special.

Hanoki (turning around): Don't you even think about touching my boyfriend.

Lisa: It's too late for that honey. I rubbed on his crotch last night, and he loved it.

Hanoki: I'm going to ****ing kill you.

Lisa: It's big too. Like I said, he sure is something else.

Hanoki: He doesn't like sluts like you. He loves me and me alone. He told me that.

Lisa: Obviously not if he let me rub all over his sexy body last night. Right before he laid down with you. He's going to be mind and there's nothing you can do about it. Hanoki: Shut up! (Runs at Lisa)

Hanoki tried to kick her in the face, but Lisa moved and she kicked the cabinet behind her. She kicked it with so much force, that she caved the cabinet door in. Lisa looked at the cabinet and her eyes got wide.

Lisa (thinking): Maybe that was a bad idea to egg her on like that.

Voice inside her Head: NO SHIT!

Hanoki attempted to catch her with a right roundhouse kick, but she moved and Hanoki kicked the pots and pans hanging on the hooks down to the floor.

Lisa (thinking): Shit! How does she kick so hard?!

Hanoki tried to kick her in the knee cap, but she moved and kicked the glass on the door of the oven.

Hanoki: I have the best kicks in the Fujimi area!

Lisa (trying to reason with her): Whoa! Hey now! Let's not do anything irrational!

Hanoki went for an Ax kick but she Lisa once more moved and Hanoki broke one on Annaretta's wooden dining room table chairs. Raioneru, Setemaru, and Annaretta came running to the kitchen/dining room area.

Raioneru: What the **** is going on?! Hanoki!

Raioneru ran to her and grabbed her, holding her back.

Raioneru: Setemaru! Get Lisa!

The boys held them apart. Annaretta was taking the gun from her belt loop to put it on the counter so nothing bad would happen. Hanoki managed to finally land a kick on Lisa's stomach. She and Raioneru fell backwards into Annaretta. She dropped the gun onto the floor and the gun discharged a bullet. Everyone froze in place. Kyano stuck his head out of the restroom.

Kyano: Y'all hear that gun shot?! It sounded close to the house!

Everyone looked at Kyano in shock and fear. Kyano looked at the floor and saw the .9 millimeter pistol's barrel smoking.

Kyano (realizing what happened): Oh… shit.


Raioneru (whispering, yelling): Damn!

Setemaru: What the **** happened in here?!

Annaretta: My parent's kitchen!

(Camera pans around the kitchen and shows the destruction Hanoki had done)

Kyano was at the window and his face frowned.

Kyano: Shit. Guys, they're coming.

Everyone ran to the window and saw a horde of undead slowly walking towards Annaretta's house.

Raioneru: We're leaving now! Lisa! (her attention goes to her) Go and get the bus started. Kyano, Setemaru, escort her to the bus. Hanoki, Yoko, and myself will gather everyone's things. Let's get going!

Setemaru unlocked and opened the door and Kyano took led with his Collapsible Staff ready. Setemaru followed behind Lisa to provide rear cover. Lisa went to the driver's side and got behind the wheel. She opened the bus door and started the engine. Once the boys were on, she closed the door. Raioneru was standing in the doorway and nodded when he saw the girls get on board. He went back inside.

Raioneru: Girls, how are you holding up?

Annaretta had gotten her families rolling suitcases.

Annaretta: We have all the clothes in the red, orange, and green suitcase. The food is in the blue bag.

Raioneru: Great. Let's hurry.

Annaretta took one of the suitcases and ran for the bus. Jaku was about to follow but was pulled back.

Raioneru: What is it baby?

Hanoki: I…I'm sorry. I let her get to me to easily.

Raioneru: Hanoki – I love you, but you have to tell me on the bus, okay?

Almost in tears, she nods and follows Raioneru to the bus. They toss the bags onto the bus and climb aboard. Lisa floors the gas and runs over a few zombies before seeing open road again. Hanoki and Raioneru plopped down in a seat together.

Kyano (yelling out): What the hell was that?! Inazuma! What the hell's the matter with you?

Setemaru: Someone could have gotten hurt!

Lisa rubbed her stomach with one hand.

Raioneru (standing): No, no. Stop. Don't yell. That's the last thing we need.

Hanoki: I… (looked down and crossed her arms slowly) It wasn't my fault! Lisa was egging me on!

Setemaru: Lisa. Did you do something to antagonize her?

Lisa: No. She just began yelling and attacking me for no reason. I'm sorry about your parents kitchen Annaretta.

Annaretta sat there quietly. She knew something was up.

Annaretta (thinking): Hanoki wouldn't attack her for no reason. Just like back at the school when Lisa was all over Raioneru. She made a move on Jaku and Hanoki nearly kicked her ass on the spot. She did something, but I doesn't have proof to be able to call her out on it.

Raioneru: Okay. Lisa, Hanoki, just stay away from each other. It's way too dangerous out here to be dealing with drama. So until you two can talk to each other without spitting fire, don't talk to each other. Okay?

Hanoki looked out the window. Lisa focused on the road. Raioneru sat down and looked at Hanoki. She could feel him looking at her but she ignored him. Setemaru looked out of the window. Kyano sat next to Annaretta and she laid her head on his shoulder. The bus is silent. No one moved, nor made a sound.

Raioneru (thinking): It's early in the morning. ****in' perfect way to start the day… Would be nice if we could find a weapon st-

Lisa (excited): A weapon store!

Raioneru (suddenly standing): Are you serious?

Everyone began sitting up.

Lisa: Yeah! Right up there!

Kyano: Shit yeah!

She drove the bus to the front of the gun store.

Raioneru: Hell's yeah!

Lisa opened the door and Raioneru, Kyano, Hanoki, and Setemaru got off of the bus. Raioneru had his cricket bat and Setemaru had the sledgehammer. Kyano and Hanoki left them on the bus. Raioneru looked into the small gun store and didn't see anything. The sunlight was shining just right into the building through the big glass windows and lit up the store. The door was left open. Once Raioneru opened it, Setemaru laid his sledgehammer in the doorway to keep it from closing.

Kyano: Good call bro. Don't need that happening again.

Setemaru snickered and smiled. As they crept into the gun store, they gazed at the walls and saw guns lined across the walls.

Kyano (still in amazement): Dude, I think I just came.

Raioneru (paying no attention): That's… not something you tell others. But good job.

Hanoki: Let's get going!

Everyone goes in different directions looking at the wide varieties of guns. Everyone found guns and met up in the middle of the store.

Raioneru: Most of the guns here aren't made in Japan. That means they were imported.

Setemaru: It's not like we can get in trouble with the cops, right?

Kyano: I think the police should be the least of our worries at this point.

Hanoki: So, what all do we have? Raioneru, you'd know most of these things, right?

Raioneru: *cocky snicker* Most of them? How about all of them. I picked out the Colt M4 Carbine from America for me. I also picked up the HK MP-5SD3 from Germany for one of the girls. Kyano picked out the FN FAL Semi-Automatic Rifle from Belgium.

Kyano: Which I will be keeping. I like single-fire weapons.

Raioneru: Good. Kyano also got two Glock 18's. Austria sure knows how to make a descent sidearm. Hanoki grabbed herself a PP-2000 from Russia and Beretta 85FS from Italy, model 85. Which makes sense because she likes to be quick and those two guns together a great for quick kills. Setemaru has the SPAS-12 shotgun, also from Italy. Eight shots, and lethal at close range. Great pick for a shotgun.

Setemaru: Damn. You really do know a lot about guns, huh?

Raioneru (scratching the back of his head): Ah, yeah. My dad's sort of a gun nerd. Haha. He taught me a lot about them.

Kyano: I remembered that Annaretta said she knew how to handle pistols, so I went ahead and picked out two for her.

Raioneru: So I guess the HK MP-5SD3 is for Lisa. (Hanoki's left eye twitched once from the sound of her name) Well, let's find ammo for them and get back to the bus.

Kyano and Jaku hopped over the counter and went through the bullets. Once they had all the bullets they needed, Raioneru helped Setemaru find the right kind of magazines. Hanoki spotted some bags for the guns behind the counter and grabbed them. Since there were more bullets and magazines than guns, she put the magazines and ammo in the bags and Kyano and Raioneru just carried the guns. Hanoki and Setemaru carried the bags of bullets and magazines behind them. Raioneru used his elbow to knock on the bus door. Lisa opened the door quickly and smacked Raioneru in the face. He rushed onto the bus and dropped the guns on the seat, then held his nose in pain.

Raioneru (while holding nose): Shit. Dammit. Hell hole. **** biscuits.

Lisa: Sorry, Jaku.

Raioneru: No, no. I should've known better. *under his breath* You ditsy *****.

Hanoki: You okay, sweetie?

Raioneru: Yeah, I'm alright.

Hanoki (reaching for his face): Let me see it.

Raioneru (shacking head): No, it's fine!

Hanoki: Let me see it!

Raioneru (twisting and running from her): No stop it! Damn!

She began chasing his and playfully tickling him as he climbed over seats. Kyano shook his head and laughed. Setemaru and Annaretta smiled. Hanoki and Raioneru are laughing and she tackles him into a seat at the back of the bus, still wanting to see his nose.

Kyano: Those two are perfect for each other.

Setemaru: They sure are.

Annaretta (giggling): They remind me of me and Joji.

Lisa had a strong frown on her face. She closed the bus doors, started the bus and pulled off in a hurry. Everyone lost their balance and fell to a seat.

Kyano: The hell's the matter with her?

Lisa had hatred in her eyes. She focused on the road and blocked out everything else.

(Camera close-up on Lisa's eyes.)

Highschool of the Dead

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