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    Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    You all took my warning with a grain of salt. I told you all we were coming but now! Now we're here.


    Theme Song

    Authors Notes

    Hey everyone. I'm a cobra, who writes FF here on the base. I retired a couple months back buts its hard to stay away.
    I have some news for my this and other FF/OF's
    This will become my main FF project now Chronicles of Tiquan Conley, is currently being re-written and rebooted.
    Dragon Riders of Rua was easily my most popular OF on here is being ended. I would like to turn that into a novel one day.
    Now for The End is Near, I may or may not bring that back. I liked it but I'm not sure what I want to do with it.
    Also please tell me what you think about this FF in the comment section. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. It helps me improve and become the best writer I can.

    A New World.

    It was about noon on an early January day in Cincinnati, Ohio. Snow was falling slowly as temperatures were at about 23° F.

    Inside a cafeteria at a high school in downtown Cincinnati. 5 students ate their lunch together at a table. Three males and two females.

    “Hey, Jerome!" A young girl with pink hair said.

    “Yes, Ellie?" Jerome asked as he stood up and stretched out.

    “I have some math work I need to finish before class starts, can you help me?" Ellie asked.
    Ellie is a very short girl. She is 5'4, she has short pink hair and her eyes are light red. She wears a short blue dress and boots.

    “Uh, sure, let me see it.” Jerome said with a smile.
    Jerome is a tall male, who is 5'11 and has short black hair and is naturally dark toned. He also wears a purple T-Shirt with white Basketball Shorts.

    Ellie pulled a worksheet that has halfway done out of her backpack. Jerome took it and started to get to work.

    Another tall boy sitting at the table, who has blue eyes and bushy dark brown hair. He wears an orange T-shirt with an eye of a tiger on it and black shorts, gave a slight smirk and chuckled softly.

    “What’s so funny, Luke!?!?" Ellie said loudly and sharply.

    “You’re so spoiled, you always get what you want. Jerome is so nice and smart so of course he helps you. You're parents are rich so you get whatever you want, and to top that off other guys think you're cute so you can get whatever you want out of them."

    Ellie's short pink hair partially covered her eyes as she gave Luke a death stare.

    “Here you go, Ellie. Easy as pie, just remember this when multiplying positive and negative numbers:
    It's the same as regular multiplying.
    If both numbers are negative it's gonna be positive.
    If you are multiplying a positive and negative together it's gonna be negative.
    Remember that and it's easy, I left a couple on there so you can do it yourself." Jerome said with a smile.

    Ellie slightly blushed she wasn't expecting a lesson from Jerome. “Um, thanks!" She said as she started to work on her unfinished math work.

    A blonde girl who was also eating lunch with them was listening to music, but she removed her headphones and giggled.
    Jerome smiled as he looked at the girl. “What ya’ giggling about, Yanagi?" He asked her.

    “Oh, nothing, it's just sweet of you to teach her." She responded.
    Yanagi is a short girl, about 5'6. She has blonde hair and she is wears a light green jacket, with a grey undershirt. She also wears black pants. Her eyes are sky blue. Her black headphones are normally hanging from her neck.

    “Well, you know that's what I do!" Jerome said in a mocking voice. Everyone at the table laughed including the last boy.

    “Hey, Jerome, can I finish your fries? I didn't have much and I'm still a bit hungry." The boy asked.

    “Sure." Jerome said as he slid his fries towards the end of the table.

    A group of three jocks, two of which had their girlfriends with them, soon walked towards the table. The leader of them took the boys fries and dumped them over his head. “Eat ‘em fatty!!!" They boy just sat there with his head down he looked as if he was about to cry. “I said eat ‘em!!!" The bully shouted.

    The whole cafeteria went silent and all eyes turned towards the bully. Jerome immediately stood up and pushed the bully away from his friend.
    “If I were you I'd back up, man." Jerome said in soft serious tone as he clinched his fist in case things got ugly.

    “You may be one of the biggest and toughest guys around here, Jerome. I know you're nice, but didn't know you were this nice. You standing up of this fat ass?" The bully said to him.

    “We’ll this "fat ass" is one of my four best friends so yeah I'm going to defend him."

    Jerome and the other boy noses were practically touching at this point of the confrontation. The boy slightly nodded and at that moment his groupies surrounded Jerome. “Three against one pretty boy, what you gonna do now?"

    Jerome slightly twitched as the boy’s breath was full of stench.

    “Three against two!" Luke said as he stood up and walked towards the group. “Not that he needs anyway help, but I need to outclass him." Luke said as he laughed. "Oh, and this “Fat ass" isn't fat he's big boned, his name is Sebastian by the way. Learn it now or I'll teach it to ya’." Luke also had his fist clenched.
    Sebastian wears a green shirt with white jeans. He has green eyes and has shaggy dirty-blond hair.

    Before anything could happen a teacher confronted the boys and steped between them. “Gentlemen, if you're really going to do this do it outside and off of school grounds." The group of boys slowly back away and started to exit the cafeteria. The leader of the shouted at Jerome. " After school, Jerome! While you're walking your little girlfriend there home. Your ass is mine!" They then left the cafeteria and headed towards their respective classes.

    Jerome had a smirk on his face as if it was joke. Luke then came and patted him on the shoulder. “I got your back, bro, you know just in case. Oh, and to outclass you, of course." They both laughed at his statement. Sebastian then stood up and walked towards the two.

    “I’ll like to help as well." He said.

    Luke had a look of shock upon his face while Jerome just smiled.
    “Um, Seb, you've never had a fight before in your life."

    “Luke, don't worry. He'll be fine. Thank you for the help, buddy." Jerome said as he cut Luke off.

    Jerome walked over to Yanagi. “I don't know why everybody thinks we're dating. Do you?"

    Yanagi's face turned blood red she immediately looked at the ground and shrugged her shoulders. “Uh, um, I-I don't know."

    “Yeah, it's strange. Oh well, regardless of what happens today. May I still walk you home today?" He asked her with a smile.

    Yanagi looked up at him still blushing and nodded.

    Classes for the day ended about 2 hours later.

    Jerome stood outside of Yanagi's classroom waiting for her. They both smiled as they saw each other. He then walked over her to give her a quick hug.

    “Ready?" He asked as he hugged her.

    She replied ,“yes." As she hugged him back.

    Jerome let her go and smiled, "The others are waiting out front; let's go."
    Yanagi nodded at him, and they both started to walk towards the front entrance of the school.

    “Oh, look the two love birds finally show up!" Ellie said aloud. Yanagi looked down and blushed while Jerome laughed.

    The few friends started walking east towards Yanagi's house.

    “Seriousky what’d you guys do? Stop to hug and kiss?" Ellie asked.

    “We hugged yes. We didn't kiss, though, we're just friends, nothing more nothing less. Right, Yanagi?" Jerome asked.

    "S-S-Sure!" Yanagi shouted, still blushing.

    “Stupid boy." Ellie whispered.

    Jerome heard that Ellie had said something but couldn't make it out, so he let it go.
    The light snow from earlier that day started to pick up making it hard to see.
    The wind felt as if it was cold and sharp icicles piercing through their skin. The wind also whistled threw their ears. It's soon became apparent to the five friends, they got caught in an unexpected blizzard.

    “H-H-How could this happen?" Sebastian asked as he shivered. “Where did this storm come from?"

    “Hey, don't complain. The weather man said light snow and cool breeze. Cool enough to bust out shorts again. Jerome and I are getting the worst of this!" Luke exclaimed.

    “Um, excuse me? I'm the youngest here. And I’m wearing a very expensive dress. Not to mention thin! How do ya t-t-think I'm doing here?" Ellie shouted back at Luke.

    “How about you shut your mouth, daddy's little girl. You get what you want when you want. Why not call us ride and get us out of this mess." Luke yelled back at her.

    The two started arguing about each other faults and what they could've done to get out or avoided the predicament they're in. While they argued Jerome, Yanagi, and Sebastian just watched them in the cold not saying anything hoping they can get it out of their systems sooner than later. While they argued though there was a faint sound in the background. Only Jerome heard it.
    “Guys, you hear that?" He asked Yanagi and Sebastian.

    “Hear what?" Sebastian asked.

    “Yeah, what?" Yanagi's added on.

    Jerome shushed them, as we walked out in the road a bit.
    Jerome heard the sounded again, but it still was faint. Ellie and Luke continued to argue as the wind started to pick up.

    “Shut up!" He called at them. They ignored him and continue to argue, this time they rose their voices a bit louder.

    The sound played again louder than before this time Yanagi, and Sebastian both heard it but no one can make it out.

    Dammit, I can't confirm that if they keep arguing like that. Jerome thought to himself. Jerome then dug deep down in himself and rose his voice and yelled as loud as he can at Ellie and Luke. “SHUT THE HELL UP YOU TWO AND LISTEN!!!!"

    Ellie and Luke immediately shut up and listened.

    The wind started to get more intense and the sound got louder.
    “It’s just a strong wind Jerome! What are you so uptight about?" Luke called back at Jerome as the wind picked up more.

    “No this is mor....." Jerome words were cut off as his fear was confirmed. The weather sirens blared loudly on the street. A tornado was coming. The wind whistled loudly and the wind was stronger than before. Debris started to pick up behind Jerome. The dark skinned teenager slowly turned around and there it was, a little less than 100 yards away a tornado full of snow covered the street was heading towards him and his friends quickly.

    Jerome then immediately looked at Yanagi whose eyes showed nothing but fear.

    Jerome sprinted as fast as he can to Yanagi. “Yanagi!" He shouted. He reached out for her hand as she reached for his. However, the wind was too strong the vortex was sucking him in. Yanagi was holding onto a metal bike rack as she stretched out as far as she could.

    “Jerome, grab my hand. Please!" She called out at him.

    Jerome was fighting the vortex, but to no avail he was the only one not holding onto anything. The tornado was about 50 yards behind Jerome now.

    “I-I can't it's too strong." Jerome called back at her as began to give up.

    “You can!!! Just try!!!" Yanagi's shouted with tears in her eyes.

    Before giving up for good, he tried once more. Jerome planted his feet he bent and he back low and put all of his weight into his legs as he lunged forward for a marvelous second effort. He stretched, his hand out as far as he could towards Yanagi she did the same. Her eyes lit up as it seemed Jerome hand would reached hers. As the two got closer time seemed to slow down a bit they were looking into each others’ eyes as they smiled. Jerome then closed his eyes, as he attempted to grab Yanagi's hand.

    " Jerome!! Nooo!!!!!" Yanagi shouted as she cried. Her and Jerome hands were literally fingertips away. They just barely missed each other.
    The large vortex swallowed up Jerome in an instant. Jerome shouted as loud he can but no sound came from his mouth. The vortex spun him around with great force making him dizzy before finally flinging him out.

    Jerome laid alone on a beach at night with a strange device next to his head. A small orange Tyrannosaurus rex stood by his side looking down at him.

    " Jeeerome Jerome, wake up." The dinosaur said.

    "Jerome? Wake up Jerome...." A soft and familiar voice said.

    Jerome slightly opened his eyes, his vision was cloudy so he couldn't see who was speaking to him, but he recognized the voice.
    "Yan-Yanagi is that you?" Jerome asked.

    "Wake up, Jerome wake up." The voice of Yanagi said again.

    "Are you ok? Is Luke, Ellie and Sebastian ok as well?" He asked.

    “Just wake up. Wake up!!!" The voice shouted.

    Jerome eyes shot wide open. When he saw the small dinosaur he immediately yelled and backed away.

    "What the hell? You're extinct!" He shouted at the T-Rex.

    "Extinct? I don't know who that is? But I'm Agumon. I've been waiting for you Jerome,” said the orange Dino.

    "Wha-What? You know my name? How? Where am I? Where are the other? Are they ok?" Jerome insisted.

    “If you let me explain this will go more smoothly." Agumon said.

    Great, the talking dinosaur is smart ass, Jerome thought to himself as he laughed. "Ok this is some kind of joke right guy!?" Hahaha, very funny. You can drop the act now. Guys you can come out of hiding now."

    "Guys? You mean the other humans,” asked Agumon.

    Jerome shot him a quick and nasty look. "You know where the others are?" He asked.

    "They should be meeting with their partners right now. I've told my friends to meet me here at the beach after meeting their partners." Agumon told him.

    "Partners? You mean they're more Dinosaurs like you here?" Jerome asked.

    "Now, I'm not a dinosaur am I?" A mysterious voice said.

    Jerome and Agumon looked into the direction of the voice and out came a black bear wearing a blue cap backwards. Written on the hat was the word BEARS. Soon after the bear came a boy.

    "SEBASTIAN!!" Jerome said aloud. "Nice to see you're safe." He said as he smiled at his friend.

    "Same to you, man, thought we lost you." He said.

    Jerome then looked towards the bear. "Who are you?" He asked.
    "I’m Bearmon!" He said with shinning confidence.

    "Nice to meet you Bearmon, I'm Jerome." Jerome said with a smile.

    "Hey, Jerome, Sebastian!!!!! I'm here too!" Luke shouted as he came running down the shore of water.

    "Hey, Luke!!!" Sebastian said.

    "What's up? I see you guys have friends too."

    Sebastian nodded. Yeah, where's yours?" He asked.

    Almost immediately a green Amphibian like creature jumps out of the water and into Luke’s arms.

    "Look at this little guy. " Luke held him up high. "His name is Betamon, pretty cool, huh?"
    Sebastian nodded with a smile.

    "He may be cool, but he is definitely ugly." The voice of a young girl proclaimed.

    "What did you call me!?!?" Betamon shouted at the girl angrily.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down buddy she can be very stuck up at times." Luke reassured his partner.

    “At least my friend is cute. Come on out, Salamon." Ellie called out.

    Slowly but surely a small white hound dog with green eyes and a golden ring around its neck appeared.
    "Hi everyone." Salamon said shyly.

    "Ahhhh look at the pretty puppy." Luke said affectionately.

    "Leave her alone Luke! Go bother your own new friend. She's mine all mine." Ellie insisted.
    Ellie looked down at the beach and looked around. "So where's Yanagi?" She asked.

    "Not here yet," Sebastian told her. "But she'll be here soon, I'm sure of it."

    As they waited a thick fog come amongst them.

    "I'm here everyone." Yanagi called out from the fog.

    Looking towards the fog the teens and their new friends can see the glowing eyes coming towards them slowly. Shortly after Yanagi came out of the fog, standing next to her was a golden yellow fox. The fox stood on its hind legs the fox wears purple 1/2 bottom sleeves that have the yin yang symbol on them.

    "Sorry, we're late everyone, we got caught in the fog." The fox said.

    "Who's your friend?" Ellie asked.

    "Renamon." She replied with a smile.

    Yanagi smiled widen when she saw Jerome she sprinted full speed when she saw him and hugged him tightly.

    "You idiot, you had me scared there for a bit. I thought, I...I mean we might of lost you." She exclaimed.

    “I’m glad to see you too friend, " he whispered to her.

    Jerome slowly broke the hug with her. He then turned to everyone. “Ok I'm glad we've made it here safely, wherever here is. But we need to get home! Our parents are probably worried sick about us. They may think we got lost in the storm. A search part will be deployed and I don't even have to tell you what will happen if we don't get home. Now any questions," he asked them all.

    “Yeah, I got one." Luke said loudly. “What are these weird devices?" He asked as he pulled a strange blue device that looked like a plus sign out of his pocket with weird writing on it. It had a small screen with 3 buttons around it. Two blue buttons top and bottom right, while the other is on the bottom left. There was a small antenna sticking out of the top left.

    “Hey, Luke, I got the same thing!" Jerome said as he pulled his out of his pocket as well.

    "Well, I got something different, well two things actually." Ellie said as she an ovals shaped device with a pink grip and an antennae sticking out on the left side. This device also had 4 buttons, two at the top on the right side one facing up the other down, an orange button underneath the screen and a central white button with arrows pointing left and right.
    “Also my DS is gone. Instead I found this." Ellie pulled another object out of her pocket. It looked similar to a DS but at the same time very different the object was white with a black grib on its left side. In the bottom left hand corner there were two pink buttons facing opposite directions. Towards the left of the buttons was a small orange button. Above the two buttons there was a central button that can be pointed in all directions.

    “Interesting, Yanagi, Seb, you guys got something different too?" Luke asked.

    They both nodded slowly and pulled devices out of their pockets. Both devices were blue and white. Yanagi's base color was white with blue trimming and a blue clip so she can attach to her belt. While Sebastian's base was Blue with a white trim but a black clip. This device also had a small screen in the lower left hand corner was a small orange button. Below the screen each device had buttons going towards the left and right in their respective colors. These devices possessed a small crack on the right hand side.

    “I also got a deck of cards I've never seen before." Yanagi added.

    “Yeah same here." Sebastian said.

    “These strange devices are a mystery to me as well. I've never seen them before." Renamon told the group.

    "Ok so next question where are we and what are you?" Jerome asked them

    "Well, you're in the digital word, and we're digimon digital monsters." Agumon replied.

    Sneak peak

    Next Time on Digimon: Adventures Reborn.....
    The children began to think how they arrived into this strange world.

    " Whats the last thing you all remember? The twister and me being sucked in right?"

    They asked the digimon but to no avail found out nothing.

    " The digiworld is the only world I've known."

    There was one hint to why the children were there though.

    " Yes, just like the prophecy says."

    A prophecy told of digimon and humans working together? What can this mean? Will this prophecy tell the children how to get home? Fond out next time on Digimon! Adventures Reborn.

    Ending Theme

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    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    It seems you have worked hard mate. Sadly have yet to read it but will soon. Just wanted to show appreciation.

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    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    interesting fanfic

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    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    Wow dude! Your time off did you well. You've improved quite a bit since I've read the last work of yours. A great beginning, reminiscent of the first gen digimon beginning.

    Still, mind your punctuation, you had a few run on sentences in some places and you missed a few comas. Also, remember to distinguish "you're" and "your" while writing.

    Regardless, you've put a ton of good work in here. Like the inclusion of Betamon as a starting partner. (Megaseadramon, here we come!)

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    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    I used to watch digimon as a kid. Never got the plot but I liked it. Good stuff man.

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    Awards Showcase

    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    I liked watching Digimon. nice job I enjoyed the read keep me posted

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    Awards Showcase

    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    Awesome fanfic...

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    Re: Digimon the Adventure Reborn Chapter 1: A new World

    I am so glad someone has made a Digimon ff because I love that anime so much! And you mister have rocked it! Geeeeeeat joooob! Can you please inform me when the next chapter comes out?

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