Page One : - Fight continues
Kurama : Naruto if you can pull their chakra all bijuu's will be able to come out.
Shikamaru (Through ino's jutsu) : Everyone this is the time we can help Naruto and others in this war.So use your full strenght to pull that chakra from obito.If that goes well obito will be left with only juubi's shell.
Shinobi alliance : Pulling out chakra from obito with the help of Minato's kurama's chakra.
Naruto : Everyone thanks .
Sasuke : Naruto its not time to thank .Pull harder.
Page Two : -
Hachibi : Bee dont let go of my chakra.
Bee : Yeah (with a rap)
Naruto (Naruto in Obito's mind) : Obito I am going to take that mask of your face .
Obito : Dont come inside my mind. why are you standing again and again ?
Naruto : Because that's my ninja way.I will protect this world from you with my friends help .
Saying that Naruto charge at him with his rasengan.
Page Three : -
( Outside in the battlefield )
Naruto ,Garaa and bee pulled all bijuu's chakra out from Obito .
Now Naruto is having seven bijuu's chakra inside him.
Garaa once again became one tail's ( Ichibi ) jinjuriki.
Bee pulled every last bit of Hachibi's chakra.
All Bijuu inside Naruto : Naruto you really did it .You helped us to be free from him.
Naruto : Its all because you all gave your chakra to me.
Page Four :-
Naruto : Now let's fight togther.
Obito : This cant be happening. You cant stop me from fullfilling my dream project.
Sasuke : Its over give up obito .
Minato ( In his mind ) : You did it Naruto . Kushina ouyr son has really became a nice shinobi who can protect this world.
Page Five : -
kakashi enter's the battle field
Kakashi : Its ok Obito you can still be saved . You are also a shinobi of leaf and i know about your dream to became Hokage . I really taught your ways your fellings and your words to Naruto. Come back Obito.
Madara : Its too late now . I have to use my trump card.And he is doing some seals .With that Obito's next half is taking control over his body.
Obito : I dont know what's happening Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
Madara : Now i just need some sage chakra.
Kakashi : What did you do to him Madara?
Madara : I just needed him to revive me using rinne tensi no jutsu .That's why i used him for my purpose.
Page Six : -
Naruto and sasuke enter their normal mode
Naruto : I wont allow you to revive you .
Naruto charges at Madara in his kurama mode with his rasengan .But Madara absorbs Naruto's rasengan .
Naruto at that time use all bijuu's power at the same time and he activates Rinnengan.

I hope you all enjoyed my prediction
Guys i know this wont happen soon like this . But i want to happen like this sometime.
This is my first prediction .If there is any mistakes tell that in your comments i will try to correct it next time.Thank you very much.