Title of the chapter : Obito's decision .

Naruto pointing with his finger at Obito: You're Obito Uchiha !! And I will take out that mask of yours !!

Obito with a annyoed face: Shut up you brat !! You know nothing about me !

Naruto confident : I already know your past !

Obito serious : : Hope does not exist anymore ! Even if you kill me now , do you think that peace will be achieved ?

Naruto looks down : : I will make everyone understand each other , that's the right way to win peace !

Obito surprised : Don't you ever give up...

Obito turns back his head , still , there was no one , and then looks to Naruto .

Obito : How can the hole on my heart be filled if I stay in this world ?

Naruto confident : You need friends !

Obito remembering Kakashi's words : The hole in your heart is what other people fill !

Obito looking at Naruto : You both are all talk !

Naruto closing his eyes : I think you are regretting your actions now . It's because you followed the wrong path . You fell into darkness , Obito !

Obito looking down : I thought that... this way was the right way to bring peace...

Obito turns back his head , and he sees Kakashi . Obito gets surprised . Then , Gai appears , Iruka too .

Naruto : You can still go back ! I don't blame you , you were brainwashed by Madara !

Obito : No.. I realized that Madara was using me from the start . He is the true darkness .

Naruto : You are a Konoha Shinobi ! You're Obito Uchiha !

Obito gets astonished by Naruto's words : I didn't ever think that you would change my mind... And smiles

Naruto , standing there , tells Obito to turn his head back .

Obito turns his head back again , and he sees everyone standing by his side .

Obito finally confident : Naruto ! I would like you to become Hokage !

Naruto smiling : Let's go back , Obito !

Once again... Obito sees the light in the end of the tunnel !