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    Digimon The Adventure Reborn Chapter 2: The Prophecy!

    Oh I'm back. Time for more Digimon! This Chapter is short so I hope you guys enjoy!


    Authors Note

    Hey guys thanks for the support on the first chapter. Well again I'm gonna ask you all what you guys liked and what you didn't like. Help me approve help me entertain you more. Also do you like the TV format I'm using?


    Previously on Digimon: Adventures Reborn.....
    Jerome and Luke get into a little trouble during lunch.

    “If I were you I'd back up, man."

    “Three against two!"

    Their altercation in the cafeteria would eventually lead to an after school showdown but Mother Nature had other plans.

    " Jerome!! Nooo!!!!!"

    The children all wound up in a new world never seen before. They met strange creatures who call themselves digimon. Will they get home safely? What are digimon and what is the digital world and what kind if secrets does it withhold? Tune in and find out now on Digimon! Adventures Reborn!

    Theme Song

    The Prophecy.

    “Excuse me? Uh, where did you say we are?" Ellie asked.

    “You’re all in the digital world," Agumon said once again.

    “Ok, so, where's that?" She asked.

    “It’s here; it's all around us it's where we are," the dinosaur replied to her.

    “Jerome! Your fossil is about to be extinct once again," she shouted angrily.

    “Who’s extinct? I do not know extinct nor was I ever "extinct" I've been Agumon as long as I can remember." Agumon replied.

    “That’s it you, smart ass. You're dead," Ellie shouted as she charged Agumon.

    Jerome stepped into between the two.

    “There will be no fighting between you and the talking dinosaur. Yes, he can be a pain in the backside at times, but he's still my friend, meaning he's your friend too. Cut him some slack," Jerome reassured. Ellie puckered her bottom lip out and crossed her arms as she walked back to Salamon.

    “Ok, first order of business. Agumon, can you show us to our home,“ Jerome asked.

    "I-I can't. I've never heard of yours till a few minutes ago. The digiworld is the only world I've known," he replied.

    “Ok thank you," the boy replied.

    Hmm, how'd we get here then? Last thing I remember is the tornado. Jerome thought as he paced back and forth.

    “What’s wrong, bro?" Luke asked.

    “Just thinking," He replied.

    “About what?" Sebastian asked.

    “What’s the last thing you all remember? The twister and me being sucked into it, right?," Jerome asked.

    They all nodded in succession.

    "Alright, Agumon, do you remember how we got here?"

    "You guys feel like rain from the sky," Agumon said.

    "Yes, just like the prophecy says," Renamon spoke up.

    “The prophecy is being fulfilled? So that means we're..." Salamon spoke softly before stopping.

    “The chosen ones," Bearmon finished for her.

    “The chosen ones? Us? Wow!" Betamon said excitedly.

    “Um, guys I don't mean to rain on your parade, but what's this prophecy you guys speak of,” Yanagi asked.

    “The prophecy, it speaks of humans and digimon working together to save our world, but it doesn't need saving does it?" Renamon said before getting lost in her own thoughts.

    “Where can this prophecy be found," Luke asked immediately.

    “On The Great Tablets of Stone," Bearmon answered him.

    “Take us to them," Ellie and Luke said at the same time. They gave each other a glare after having the same idea.

    “Please," Jerome said, “how far is it from here," He then asked.

    “Two hundred yards," Renamon replied.

    “Two football fields, that ain't nothing!" Luke said loudly with a sudden burst of energy. “I have to get ya’ back in the hundred yard race so come on two hundred that's a piece of cake Jerome." He said as he went on.

    “Uh, Luke, no we'll walk it as a group. Two hundred yards isn't as bad as it sounds, guys, and as long as we keep a steady pace we can get there in fifteen minutes." Jerome informed the group.

    “Whatever," was Luke's only response.

    “Show us the way, please, Renamon." Yanagi asked.

    “Follow me." Renamon said as she turned her back towards the group and began to lead the way to the tablets.

    The group started to follow the fox.

    “So, about this prophecy, Renamon. What more do you know about it?" Sebastian asked.

    “When the sky turns black and children fall it means that the dark lords are making their first move and the chosen ones along with their human partners will save the digital world."

    “Dark lords, who are they," He asked once again.

    “I do not know. It may be written on the tablets," She replied.

    “So, you knew about this prophecy the whole time? Why didn't you tell us before?" Ellie asked the fox.

    “It didn't come to mind until Agumon reminded me how you guys got here. We were all hanging out in the woods when you all fell. We all picked a direction to see what happened and Agumon told us all to meet at the beach." She replied.

    “I see and that's how you all found us. I assume I landed on the beach then," Jerome said as he looked at Agumon.

    Agumon nodded.

    “It should be coming up on the horizon soon, were about 100 yards away now." Renamon told the group as she led them.

    They all continued to walk until The Great Tablets of Stone came into view.

    St-Stonehenge," Sebastian blurted out as he ran towards the mass.

    "It is!!! Seb you're a genius!" Luke yelled ad he followed Sebastian.

    “Guys, wait!" Jerome called out to them. “Ah it's useless." He said softly before taking off on his own. Agumon, Bearmon and Betamon ran quickly behind them.

    Yanagi and Ellie laughed softly as the guys ran ahead.

    “Boys will be boys." Yanagi said

    “You got that right. We girls need to stick together. Girl power," Ellie said loudly and jokingly.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt, but what is this Stonehenge that he speaks of? Is it a place at your home?" Salamon asked the girls.

    “Well yes and no." Ellie responded. “You see they're 7 continents in our world. We live on one while Stonehenge is thousands of miles away on another."

    “Oh, ok, then, we have continents here too. I don't know how many, but I've heard other digimon talk about them." Salamon said.

    “Yanagi, are the all the boys boneheaded idiots where you come from?" Renamon asked as she watched Luke and Sebastian play fighting while the others watched and cheered them on.

    “Uh, well...yes and no, my Jero...I mean Jerome is usually the one who breaks things like that up, but it seems he's just as excited. Which is good, I'm glad they can focus on something else." Yanagi responded.

    “You like him don't you?" Ellie asked her.

    "Wha-what, who? No, No, No. We're just friends." Yanagi protested as she blushed.

    “Thought so, don't worry your secret is safe with me." Ellie said as she winked back at Yanagi and ran ahead.

    “So, Renamon, can you read this," Luke called at her.

    “I can," she nodded and walked towards the stones. There were 5 digimon shaped hieroglyphics with one tall knight above them all.

    “The Prophecy it says: one day, 5 children will be torn from their world. Those 5 will soon fall upon the Digital World like meteors ripped from orbit. Those children will come to find their partners, 5 chosen digimon. As all the children meet and gain power from their partners, the 10 will go and stop the 5 dark lords and their leader. The dark lords of The Digital World are known as : Ladydevimon, Maildramon, MetalTyrannomon, Dragomon, and Iceleomon. These 5 dark lords are led by a former royal knight, Alphamon. The knight whom tried, but failed, to dethrone Omnimon.."

    " Oh well damn." Luke said loudly. " We're that important aren't we?"

    " It would appear so." Jerome said.

    " Alphamon? Their leader but why? Why would he try to dethrone Omnimon? I just say him a while ago, with the other knights? It didn't seem that their was tension. I guess things changed." Renamon said as she sighed.

    " I don't know what kind of trouble our world is in, but it seems like destiny has brought us together. So I ask you. All of you will you help us save our world from the dark lords and Alphamon." Agumon asked.

    The children nodded, before splitting up to explore the tablet more.

    “Hey, Renamon, this shows all of our devices. Can you read this?" Sebastian asked.

    Renamon nodded as she walked over to Sebastian.

    “The 5 children will receive their own special device. These device are called degivices. Each degivice holds its own secret. A common feature of all is that they can be used as a beacon. Therefore if we ever get lost we can all find each others locations. Another feature is that can all identify unkown digimon and their levels.

    Jerome and Luke, your digivice seems to be a normal degivice. It’s primary use is to help digivolution. To further digivolution one may need a crest and tag.
    Ellie, your digivice is called a D-3 it too is to help digivolution. Your other device is called a D-Terminal it stores digieggs and allows armor digivolutions.
    Now, Yanagi and Sebastian, your device is called a D-Power. You slash a card on the side and your digimon will get a power up or maybe even digivolve. "

    As soon as she finished there was a loud explosion back at the beach.

    “What was that!?" Jerome said loudly. “Luke, Sebastian, come with me! Ladies stay here."

    “No, we're coming," Ellie yelled back.

    “No time for arguing, Ellie, you're staying here with Yanagi and Renamon and that's final. Let go guys."

    Ellie crossed her arms and sat on a rock.

    Jerome, Luke, Sebastian, Agumon, Betamon, and Bearmon all ran towards the explosion.

    " Hey, Yanagi lets go," Ellie said.

    " B-But Jerome said stay here," Yanagi responded.

    " They may need our help! What if it's one of the dark lords," She asked.

    " Uh, um I don't know uh Renamon....What do you think?," Yanagi asked the fox.

    " While I respect Jerome and his decision's as a leader. Ellie is right, we need to go," she responded.

    " Alright then it's settled we're going!" Yanagi shouted.

    The girls ran towards the beach as fast as they can. They were soon closely behind the guys.

    Sneak Peak

    Next Time on Digimon Adventures Reborn:

    The sky was darkened with bats

    " Evil Wing," A mysterious voice said.

    Renamon goes down hard protecting her partner

    " Renamon!!!" Yanagi shouted as the fox fell to the ground.

    " I came here to warn you not fight," The witch said.

    Who is this witch. What is her warning? Will Renanmon be ok? Oh that light! What is the blinding light? Fins out next time in Digmon! Adventures Reborn!

    Closing Theme


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    Re: Digimon The Adventure Reborn Chapter 2: The Prophecy!

    That's a serious amount of effort you've put in! Great effort.

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    Re: Digimon The Adventure Reborn Chapter 2: The Prophecy!

    This is very interesting

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    Re: Digimon The Adventure Reborn Chapter 2: The Prophecy!

    nice keep up the good work let me know when you release the next chapter. plus rep

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    Awards Showcase

    Re: Digimon The Adventure Reborn Chapter 2: The Prophecy!

    Good work Cobra. So, there's a prophecy. I watched Digimon as a kid but never really got the story(names and plot and all lol), just enjoyed the action this fic is sorta helping me get a handle on this lol. Keep me posted!

    Guess I'm the last one to read, huh?

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