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    Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    Read my previous prediction before attempting to follow this one. Thanks!

    Lights streak across the night sky like shooting stars. They launch into different directions, attempting to resurrect the pour souls that lost their lives. Obito's hair begins to fade into a snow white as he struggles to maintain the Jutsu.
    The Allied Shinobi Force observes silently as bright shadows dance across their faces.

    Madara: (Frustrated)

    Hashirama: Don't you see? The Will of Fire can never be forgotten. It continues to linger in the hearts of those even so deep into darkness...


    Shukaku: Huh? What the hell... we're at HQ!

    Inoichi: That's strange. I could've sworn me and my mother were having a conversation.

    Chouza: Who the hell cares, ya'll?! Someone brought us back! The question is; who?

    Back at Battlefield

    Neji: (Cough, cough)

    Hinata: Neji-san!

    Ten-ten: Oh my god! Lee, Gai sensei!

    Neji: Huhh? Whatt haaapened?

    Hinata: (Cradling him) Naruto... (Tear) Naruto saved us all.

    Dead Shinobi begin to slowly rise, dazed from their quick journey out of the afterlife. Some jump up with joy to be alive while others try and make logic out of the current situation.

    Obito: (Puffing) (Collapses) ....

    Naruto: Oi! Obito! Are you okay? Obito!

    Obito: I can hear you, idiot.

    Naruto: (Smiles)

    Obito: . . . Thank you . . .

    Naruto: No... (Everybody behind him) Thank you!!!

    Different Dimension

    Kakashi: (Observing through shared vision) It seems like you do have a heart Obito. Well, time for me to get back there. (About to use Kamui, see's something) ... what the hell is that? (Trots over to edge of block he's standing on) (Peers down and eyes widen in absolute terror)

    A giant pit is lodged in the center of the bizarre world. It seems to be kilometers deep and is surrounded on all sides by the rectangular fixtures. Kakashi stares in confusion as he tries to make sense of this seemingly black hole.

    Kakashi: This is... a hole of some kind. What's it doing in the middle of this place?


    Hashirama: It's over now. You can't possibly win. Just allow yourself to be sealed, so this doesn't have to drag out too long.

    Madara: (Straight Face)

    Naruto: Yeah, it's over Madara. It's time for you old people to leave the present alone! ... Eh, no offense old Hokage's.

    Madara: You all seem to think our game is over. You see, it's only begun. And thank you for accelerating my goals by essentially immobilizing Obito.

    Naruto: Why?! You're gonna try and take over his body again and make him revive you?! It's too late for that! He's already done the jutsu which means he's out of chakra and can't help you!

    Madara: Quiet you loud mouth brat! Watch and learn as the master chessman make his moves! Ha! (Prepares Hand sign)

    Obito begins to yell on the ground as his half turns dark once again. Naruto grimaces and screams, "Stop it! There's no point in just torturing him!". Madara laughs and somberly says, "I do everything with a purpose. Beating a dead horse does NOT serve my agenda." The black half manifest into a new Zetsu which springs upward, shocking everyone near it. It jumps toward Madara and merges with him who stretches eagerly.

    Madara: Ahhh. Now that's that done.

    Naruto: !

    Sasuke: !

    Obito: !

    Madara: Rinne Tensei

    Oonoki: Whaaa!

    Ay: The hell is he saying!

    Tsunade: This is impossible!

    Hashirama: Madara, what are you doing!

    Madara: Can't you see? (Giant creature rises behind him) I'm resurrecting myself. (The Beasts' mouth slides open and a single soul is administered to Madara who's body is engulfed in light. It's cracks disappear and Madara comes back fully alive.)

    Sakura: But... how is that possible?!

    ???: Simple. Since he was basically immortal, the Rinne Tensei couldn't take away his life.

    Shikamaru: DAD!!!

    Shukaku: No time for schematics, son. Madara just used his immortality to grant him mortality. But in doing so, he made himself a lot more vulnerable.

    Naruto: I thought that technique couldn't be used on people who had died so long ago.

    Shukaku: We should all know that the regular rules don't apply to Uchiha Madara.

    Madara: (Crazy Smile)

    Sasuke: So all we have to do is kill him now. (Full Susano'o) Should be simple enough.

    Madara: Don't get ahead of yourself brat. You're a hundred years to early. I still have the Rinnegan, Sharigan, and Mokuton at my leisure. So basically, I'm still one tough son of a' *****.

    Hashirama: (Behind him) Take this!!! Huh?!

    Hashirama phases through Madara who quickly counters the attack once he gets all the way through.

    Everyone: Whaat!!

    Madara: And here... I take this man's Senjutsu.

    Hashirama: What the hell! (Black Rod pierces him begins draining some of his chakra. He falls on his knees, huffing as Madara stares at the rod before him)

    Madara: Hehehe... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (Rips off armor revealing Hashirama's face) (Stabs himself in it)

    Sage energy begins to flow through Madara's body as it surges through his veins, capitalizing it's strength, expanding the valves as his chakra nearly explodes.

    Madara: This is the end!!!

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    Chouza never died

    Besides that great prediction

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    madara is becoming more like kabuto

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    Not too shabby, i liked this one ... Got a rep Keep it up

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    So basically, I'm still one tough son of a' *****.
    I lost it here

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    It's Shikaku, not Shukaku. Shukaku is Ichibi's name

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    Madara's rage at the end is too childish. And why predict Chapter 654 when you don't know if 653 will be as you predicted? If it's different, both that and this prediction will be invalid.

    Bug good work I guess.

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!


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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    Not bad I liked it

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    Re: Naruto 654: Madara's Back-up Plan!

    most interesting theory

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