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    Awards Showcase

    NB's Artists ∏ Dome of Legends ∏

    ∏ Dome of Legends ∏

    Only the artists whose work has surpassed that of even the Gods themselves, will be honoured in NB's mythical Dome of Legends. This Dome is located on the highest and most dangerous mountain in the world, throwing its shade even over the Olympus. Terrifying animals, cursed fallen warlords, mutilated creatures and crossbreeds between the most foul beasts straight from Hell itself lurk in every cave and shadow of this mountain...and on the top, on its highest peak stands this magnificent Dome.

    Build out of the most valuable materials gathered from even the furthest corners of the world and beyond: solid blue and white marble, pure gold and silver, sapphire, emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Every wall, door, pillar...even the tiniest corner is covered in smooth, detailed reliefs that picture the history of the world. Ancient wars between Gods and Titans, human swords and shields clashing with each other, the origin of the world itself. Everything from times long forgotten till the present has been carved in this Dome.

    From the foot of the mountain an endless stairs, carved in the mountain walls, spirals around it to the peak. There it goes over into a stone-sculptured path with large, old oaks on both sides of the path in perfect symmetry. The path ends at the humongous gate of the Dome. A gate that stands over 400 feet into the air and is made majestically out of bronze and gold. The gate consists out of two doors, each with a massive dragon sculptured out of it. These two dragons are intertwined with each other to symbolize that the gate is closed. Only once a year, when the first solar rays after the shortest day touch the dragon sculptures, the gate opens for one month. The gate is made so that when it opens, due to the bending of the solar rays and the shades on the door, the dragons become separted to symbolize the open doors.

    Inside the Dome you can find NB's most gifted artists and craftsmen. Only three people a year gain the honour to be added to this Dome of Legends.

    Ω Year 2010 Ω

    First place: Konoha's Yellow Flash

    Chinese ink Pianist

    Second place: Lara

    Getsuga Ichigo

    Third place: CasualMisfit

    Madara "Tobi" Uchiha

    Ω Year 2009 Ω

    First place: Lara

    Bleach - Fade to Black

    Second place: Rahul

    Cute Women with Small Burden

    Third place: Ryu-kun

    Sephiroth - One Winged Angel

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