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    The Final Storm CH 2


    "Normal Talking"


    "Demon Talking"

    "Demon Thinking"

    Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…and sometimes I wonder why do I have to say this?

    Tobi's POV

    The Masked Man and his ally walked towards the small village, if the information they were provided was true this would be the place were the first step to their plan would begin.

    The Jūyōdenai village, home to the River Daimyo. It was bigger than Tobi expected; not nearly as big as a hidden Village, but big. And it seemed pretty urbanized too as all houses were being illuminated by electric light.

    However, what really caught the Masked Man

    "Wait here." Tobi told Black Zetsu before disappearing in a spiral.

    The Masked Man reappeared in a oversized and rich room, in front of him a man calmly slept, ignorant to what happened in his room. The man was around his early thirties, had black hair and a small beard. He was also rather big (It's a nice way to say fat, okay?)…the Masked Man instantly recognized him as the River Daimyo. Tobi walked towards the man and placed his hand atop his head. This action caused the River Daimyo to open his eyes wide as he looked at the Masked Man.

    "Who are you?! How did you get here?!" The Daimyo tried to stand up but was shoved down by Tobi against his bed.

    "Relax, River Daimyo…" Tobi told the man as he activated his Rinnegan. "It will all be over soon…"

    "You..." The man said, barely able to contain his fear. "But you are..."

    "Human Path." The Masked man said as the life left the Daimyo's eyes.

    Seconds later, two guards busted through the room's door, each one carrying a crossbow. The first one pointed his weapon at Tobi. "You! What did you do with the Daimyo?"

    Tobi met gazes with the two and as any person that had been there, five years ago, they recognized him. " are-" The man couldn't finish the sentence since Two kunai materialized on the Masked Man's hands and were launched with wind chakra aimed to his and his friend's necks.

    When more guards arrived at the room all they found was three dead men and a broken window.


    The Masked Man materialized next to the Black Zetsu, the information that they had come from was now in their hands.

    "Don’t you think it was a little too radical to kill the Daimyo?" Zetsu asked.

    "We couldn't let him know about us and live, now could we?" Tobi rhetorically asked.

    "Good point..." Zetsu chuckled before disappearing under the ground, followed by Tobi who also disappeared but with a spiral.

    Naruto's POV

    Naruto was doing the morning paperwork in his office. If there was something that he hated about being Hokage that HAD to be it...

    He was wearing his orange Hokage cloak (Specially designed to him) a black shirt and black pants along with ninja sandals (you guessed it) also black. He wasn't wearing an forehead protector, since he was now the leader of the Shinobi Alliance it was his way to show that all the villages were one now.

    Anyway, so far it had been a peaceful morning of paperwork until...

    "Rokudaime Sama!" Shikamaru shouted as he entered the Hokage's office.

    " many times have i told you not to smoke indoors...?" Naruto sighed. Shikamaru was wearing his Jounin attire and on the five years had grown a small beard much like his father's. His excuse was that shaving it would be too "troublesome"... He also had a cigar on his mouth as he tried to call Naruto's attention, typical Shikamaru.

    "But Naruto! Its urgent!" His advisor shouted. Two things had called Naruto's attention about Shikamaru that moment: the first was that he had called him Naruto, not Rokudaime Sama or Hokage Sama like he usually did. The second was that Shikamaru was completely out of character, he was agitated and nervous while the normal Shikamaru was the extreme opposite of that.

    "I wonder what happened make him act this way...?" Naruto asked himself.

    "Why don't you ask him so we can know?" Kurama rhetorically answered.

    "Speak, Shikamaru." The Rokudaime seriously requested.

    "The Gokage requested a meeting." The Nara said. Naruto raised and eyebrow.

    "Now?" Naruto asked, to which Shikamaru answered with a fast nod. Naruto sighed and got up before walking out of the room and (some time later) into the conference room.

    The conference room was a average and badly lit room, being totally empty except for five glowing circles facing each other that were drawn in the middle of the room. The circles were big enough to fit a bed inside it and were all normal, except for one of them. This circle had a sealing matrix inside of it, fairly complex if one were to examine it properly.

    Naruto walked towards the circle with the seal and made five hand seals before placing his hand atop it. Instantly, the other circles flashed, revealing four holograms inside the circles, all of which Naruto recognized as the Gokage.

    There was the Yondaime Raikage Ay, a tall, muscular and dark skinned man with blonde hair wearing the Raikage cloak. Ay had no left arm and a deep scar running through his chest, the first being lost to Sasuke Uchiha In the infamous Five Kage Summit that had preceded the Fourth Great Ninja War and the latter in the battle against Madara Uchiha.

    There was the Godaime Mizukage Mei, a long, red haired woman with a curious smile on her face and one eye being covered by her hair. Naruto noted that there were wrinkles under her eyes but said nothing.

    There was the Godaime Kazekage Gaara, the closest friend to Naruto in the Gokage. He had red hair and dark marks around his eyes, he also carried a gourd in his back. Gaara hadn’t changed much since the war, except that his hair had grown longer.

    The last was the Yondaime Tsuchikage Kitsuchi, a bulky dark haired man. Son of the third, he had inherited the position two years after the war, one year before Naruto got his long dreamed Hokage Hat.

    "So, we are all here…" Ay commented.

    "What is the reason we were summoned, may I ask?" Mei asked.

    "Yes, I do not know if you all already received the news but the Daimyo of the Land of River was assassinated." Kitsuchi said.

    All the other Kage raised their eyebrows at this, except poor Gaara who was eyebrow less.

    "A Daimyo, assassinated…? I see how this is news, but how exactly does this impact us?" Ay asked.

    "It’s not quite the assassination that we’re here to talk about…it’s…the way he was killed…" Kitsuchi said with a grim look in his face.

    "How exactly was he killed?" Gaara asked.

    "Well, there were no wounds in his body, no signs of poisoning and no signs of someone breaking in…"

    "Wait, so how do we know it was an assassination in the first place?" Naruto asked

    "Because there were two dead guards with kunai through their necks lying on the ground nearby." Kitsuchi said, as no one said anything, he continued. "The weirdest thing however, was that his eyes…his pupils had completely disappeared." Once he said that Shikamaru widened his eyes and walked towards Naruto.

    "Naruto, let me talk to them, I was hoping i was wrong but now I am sure my theory is correct." Shikamaru said. Naruto nodded and he stepped into the circle.

    "Wait…you’re Shikaku’s son, aren’t you?" Ay asked.

    "Yes, I am…but this is unimportant, the truth is that I just might know who was the Daimyo’s killer based on the information you handed us." Shikamaru asked.

    "Why do you think you have the answer when none of us found it so far, boy?" Kitsuchi angrily asked.

    "Let him speak. I know him well; he’s my sister’s husband." Gaara said.

    "And if his father’s intelligence was inherited to him we may very well count on him." Ay added.

    "Fine then, boy…show us how worth of our time you are." Kitsuchi said.

    "Troublesome…" The Jounin muttered before taking a deep breath and starting. "Ever since I first read the letter you sent us telling about the Gokage reunion, I was tense. I thought something major might have happened. And true enough, an Daimyo assassination is indeed something to be worried, because whoever did it was skilled and was aiming towards something bigger by doing what he done…but I think we are dealing with an even more serious matter here…"

    All the Gokage, even Naruto, looked at Shika strangely at that claim and wondered where he could be getting.

    "It is nearly impossible to enter a Daimyo’s residence unseen and it’s even more difficult to get out of it once you assassinated the target, unless you have means to go directly where you want to go, in our case, the Daimyo’s room." The Nara paused so he was certain everyone was listening. "And why would the assassin kill the Daimyo? He certainly didn't have time to take information from the man…unless…he had a jutsu ready for it…"

    All the Gokage tensed, they could see from where he was coming.

    "You see, five years ago our Hidden Village of Konohagakure was attacked by an Akatsuki who’s name was Pain. He wielded a legendary Dojutsu which I am certain most of you are familiar with…The Rinnegan…this Dojutsu gave the user six abilities known as the Six Paths, Madara Uchiha’s ability of absorbing jutsus was one of them. We got information from various Shinobi from the village that saw Pain’s abilities and there was one that caught my attention: It’s an ability used for reading someone’s mind in exchange for this someone’s life. An interesting aspect of it is that the victim’s eyes lose their pupils and become blank. "

    The Gokage absorbed that information and shivered as they realized who the assassin was.

    "So the assassin needs to have a jutsu that works much like the Yondaime Hokage’s Flying Thunder God but even more versatile and the Rinnegan’s Human Path to absorb the victim’s soul. Who fits that description?"

    The question’s answer was obvious but none of the Gokage dared to say it.

    "So he has returned…but what did he want with the River Daimyo?" Naruto asked, breaking the sillence.

    "Someone needs to go after him and discover." Ay said. "But who?"

    "I’ll go." Naruto said. All the other Gokage looked at him but no one argued. All knew that Naruto was stronger than all of them combined and the most fit to go after the Masked Man.

    "So this is finished." Gaara said. "I wish you good luck in you pursue, Naruto."

    All the Gokage made the tiger hand seal before dismissing the jutsu.

    "What now, Naruto?" Shikamaru asked him.

    "Call Sasuke." Naruto said, walking out of the room. "We are leaving today."

    Author’s Note: I am only continuing because one kind soul voted yes on the pool that asked if this was worth continuing, but what the hell, right? They say JK Rowling was denied multiple times in attempt to publish the first Harry Potter, so why should i stop now? No. I will go at least for five chapters.

    So this is the chapter, liked it? No? Maybe?

    What have I got to say about this chapter… not much, really… Naruto is Hokage and SHika is his advisor, that wasn’t that surprising, what else…

    Well, I decided to add a scar on Ay’s chest just for the F*ck of it, and in this fanfic he lost his arm even tough in the game he didn’t.

    Also: Yes, Sasuke is in the leaf. You will see how next chapter.

    Oh, and Jūyōdenai means unimportant in japanese, so...the more you know?

    Ok, hoped you like it, leave a comment if you actually like this and would like me to continue. SkywardSword out.

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    Re: The Final Storm CH 2

    Awesome chapter guy

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    Re: The Final Storm CH 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Shino500 View Post
    Awesome chapter guy
    Thank you


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