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    [Daz Bones] vs. [Baby5]

    Character's Power: Supa Supa No MI vs. Buki Buki No Mi

    Battlefield/Terrain: Corrida Colosseum

    Restrictions: No Restrictions

    My Argument: Formerly a bounty hunter from the West Blue known as "the Killer", Daz Bones is a proficient hand to hand martial artist. His power was great enough to put him in Level 4 of Impel Down, and the intense heat there seemed to have very little or no effect on him. He's also capable of transforming part of his body into sharp steel blades.(I think he's capable of defeating a new world assassin like baby5)

    Baby5 a new world assassin, has been shown to be a formidable fighter. She also appears to have a decent level of durability as shown when she is shot with a pistol, only to appear completely unharmed afterwards. She is durable enough to withstand the attacks from Franky Shogun and Nami's homing lightning bolt and only take a short time to recover. She can also transform parts of her body into any kind of weapon.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: [Daz Bones] vs. [Baby5]

    That is tough one to pick, but my bait is on baby5, but very high diff though..

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    Re: [Daz Bones] vs. [Baby5]

    Daz Bones takes this easily

    On the basis that neither of them have haki, also Daz has the advantage because he can turn his entire body into metal. Whereas, Baby 5 can turn into weapons which doesn't necessarily mean that her attacks will connect.
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    Re: [Daz Bones] vs. [Baby5]

    Baby 5 takes him she's far more versatile... She also most likly can make sword weapons come out of her body like he can...

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    Re: [Daz Bones] vs. [Baby5]

    Baby5 sometimes needs the assistance of others to utilize her body as specific weapons e.g. blades. Therefore I'd say Daz.

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