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    Kkg & kkt ideas

    Hello,people of the base.

    I thought of rping here although,i come to realize the particular style of roleplay doesn't really jive with me.
    So thought i would just unload some of my OC characters KKG,KKT on here to give some of you people new ideas for characters and possibly get some rep i return.

    Anyway here they are.

    I also make custom emblems for each nature so PM if you decide you want to use one and would like a custom emblem to go with it.

    (Want specific details on how these operate ? PM me)


    Iron Water:By stimulating and mixing both doton and suiton chakras the user can utilize the iron elements found in doton to reinforce their suiton attacks for more penetrative force.

    Adamant Release:An advanced form of the Crystal release.It still suffers from the weakness of crystal which is sound since higher frequencies can break down crystal based structures.
    Now usually the crystal release allows you to break down any carbon based ninjustu such as mokuton and can provided a reliable defense against Katon since it has such a high melting point,Suiton and doton as well because it can withstand atmospheric pressures.

    The trade off with Adamant release is that you can no longer break down mokuton but,allows you to additional defense against raiton because it has low conductivity and against most fuuton because its solid state makes it almost impossible to break down.(Though since this is made of chakra anyone who uses a similar amount of chakra in their attacks might be able to break through it (Example;a resengan with enough chakra in it could break through)

    The user could break the diamond down into dust and guide it with chakra

    I call this the second stage of the Adamant release A.K.A. "Diamond Dust Release"
    It is almost impossible to see (Sharingan users however can trace the chakra infused in them to attempt to avoid the attack)

    I have WAY more ranging in other elements,funinjustu,kenjustu,taijustu and genjustu as well.

    If you want to know them just ask and i will make another thread or PM me for a more comprehensive list.
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    Re: Kkg & kkt ideas

    Liquid Nitrogen

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    Re: Kkg & kkt ideas

    Cool ideas I was thinking chakra conversion the ability to change one nature to another useless at first but after mastery you could turn half of the fire ball shot at you into water putting out the rest as an example.

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    Re: Kkg & kkt ideas

    Urine Release. Oh wait.......

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