The Rush of War

Anderson: It began two years ago... August 14, 2082 marked the beginning of World War 4. Fifty-seven years ago, on March 2, 2026, World War 3 had taken place. After 7 years of brutal warfare, the Allied Powers, which was America, Japan, Britain and France, came out on top. We had beaten Germany,*Russia, Hungary, Austria, Spain and China... but this was before I was born. Now, I am a pilot of the Droid Force, a unit in the Allied Powers that engage in battle while driving a mobile, mechanized soldier known as a Droid. This isn't my first time in battle and it sure as hell won't be my last.

Reims, France
May 28, 2084
Lt. Dotson Anderson
Droid Force

Reims, France, a major manufacturer of Allied Powers weaponry, was under attack. The Destruction Powers had helicopters laying down suppressive fire on Allied Powers troops. They had mobile infantry, or "foot soldiers" and tanks on the ground with snipers on the rooftops. They were pushing further and further into the city, trying to overrun it.

Overlord: DF-150, do you copy?

Anderson: This is D-10, Crash. I copy.

Overlord: Head 250 meters west of your position. We have eyes on our guys and they're pinned down. Hold off the enemy until friendly AC-130s reach your position.

Anderson: What's the ETA on the friendly AC-130?

Overlord: ETA, 10 minutes. You must hold them off, Lieutenant. If we lose Reims, they could push into Paris and we CANNOT lose Paris!

Anderson: Roger that. We're on route. D-10, out.

Overlord: Godspeed.

Anderson is the current leader of DF-150, which means Droid Force 150, due to the commanding officer being KIA.

Anderson: I need 10 Droids and 50 of you in the Humvees! Our boys are pinned down and we've gotta hold off any troops and Destroyers the enemy send our way until friendly air support arrives.

Master Sergeant Alyssa Jones: You heard him! Let's move!

Anderson: Jones, Rodgers, you're behind me. The other 8 Droids will fall in behind you. We're moving along side the convey. Let's hit it!

Corporal Vince Rodgers: You got it, Lieutenant!

The convey of Humvees were then packed with the 50 troops needed to join the pinned down garrison of soldiers. Seven Humvees in the convey, seven to eight troops per vehicle. The pilots in the droids were sprinting next to the convey, being sure to keep up with it.

Anderson (headset): Droids, keep an eye on the buildings at ground level. They could have an ambush waiting on us. Convey, anyone on the 50. cal better be watching those rooftops. A barrage of RPGs would be bad news.

Jones: Sir! Enemy armor! North, 80 meters!

Rodgers: They were planning to box in our guys!

Anderson: It looks that way. Open fire on the enemy convey!

Jones: Engaging!

The Destruction Powers had a convey and small squad of Destroyers (Battle Mechs) heading around to the back of the trapped battalion to completely eradicate them. Their Destroyers were armed with LMGs and Rocket Launchers.

Anderson: Taking evasive action!

Jones: Cover him!

Sergeant Thomas Grey: Laying down cover fire!

While Jones, Rodges and the others were laying down cover for Anderson, he dashed straight at the enemy convey to eliminate the enemy Destroyers. He dodged a rocket that was fired at him, latching on to the Destroyers arm that fired it. He broke the elbow of the Destroyer, ripped it off, and hit the enemy Mech with it so hard, that the Destroyer ended up with its back to him. He then reached his Droids left arm underneath the enemies' and began firing his Droid's Assault Rifle. The 50. cal turrets began firing on the enemy, destroying several of their vehicles and even critically damaging a Destroyer. Anderson used his Droid to kick the enemy Destroyer behind the knee, causing it to fall to both knees. He then ripped off the other arm of the Destroyer and beat it on the back repeatedly. And with one good stomp to its back, he crushed the Destroyer, killing the pilot inside. Jones then used the grenade launcher attachment on her Droid's LMG and blew up two of the Destroyers. The convey continued to spray upon the enemy convey until their vehicles were nothing more than scrap metal.

Anderson: Cease fire! Hold your fire!

Anderson and his convey looked at the decimated convey and enemy Battle Mechs that laid in pieces on the concrete road.

Anderson: Let's keep moving.

Jones: Move out!

In Paris, France, Darche Leblanc, the highest general of France, was spectating the tide of the battle via monitors.

Leblanc: We need to get our air support to Reims before it's too late. What's the status of that AC-130?!

Soldier 1: They'll be there in less than four minutes, sir!

Leblanc: Tell them they need to haul ass or we'll lose Reims!

Soldier 1: Yes, sir!

Back on the battlefield, General Leblanc contacted the pinned down battalion on the west side of Reims.

Leblanc: Put your commanding officer on, soldier!

British Ranger 1: Yes, sir!

He quickly passed the walky talky to Charles McDonnell, the British commander of their garrison.

McDonnell: Sir?!

Leblanc: This is General Darche Leblanc. Hold off the enemy for the next three minutes! We sent a Droid Squad and convey to your position as well as an AC-130. STAY PUT!

McDonnell: Do we have much choice, General?

He hung up the walky talky and tossed it to the side.

McDonnell: Hold this position! A friendly convey, Droid Squad and AC-130 are on the way to us!

American Soldier 1: You heard him! Defend this position! We will not lose Reims!

Anderson: We'll be sure of that.

The battalion noticed Anderson and his Droid Squad. The convey came rolling in behind Anderson's Squad. Anderson's convey and Droid Squad opened fire on the enemy. The Destruction Powers were using the HAATV-12 tank and snipers all over the rooftops as well as ground soldiers advancing on their position. The battalion had used Anti-Armor RPGs to elimnate all of the enemies Destroyers.

Jones: There's too many of them, sir!

Anderson: Hold your position! We WILL hold them off!

British Soldier 2: RPG!!

Anderson looked to the rooftops. To his right, an RPG had been fired at him from the rooftop of an 8 story building nearby.

Anderson: Shit!

He reached to a lever in front of his seat in the cockpit of his Droid. He yanked upward hard on the lever and he instantly ejected from his Droid, Crash. The ejection shot him a full two stories into the air, without his seat underneath him. The RPG detonated against Anderson's Droid, blowing half of it to pieces; the right arm and leg were blown off and most of the torso was ruined. It fell over and laid still like a lifeless animal while sparks and scraps of metal fell from the sky. While free falling for two stories, bullets wizzed by him and eventually one caught him on his upper shoulder. He landed on the ground, both feet first and then went into a position where he ended up on one knee.

Jones: Cover me!

Rodgers: Covering!

McDonnell: Suppressing!

The front of Jones' Droid opened like two doors and the Droid itself knelt down to one knee. She quickly jumped from Hex, her Droid, and rushed over to Anderson's aid.

Author's Note: Every pilot in the Droid Force wears special armor that allows them to withstand longer falls when they eject. The suits are heavier which is why every brand of the Allied Powers military doesn't wear them.

Jones: Are you hit, Lieutenant?

Anderson: Alyssa... Yeah, I am. But it's just a flesh wound. Bullet went straight through.

Jones: Medic!! Get me a medic, now!

Japanese Ranger 1: Hoo-ah!*

The Japanese Ranger along with two others rushed over to Anderson and Jones. The helped Anderson to safety. He looked over to the remains of his Droid.

Anderson (thinking): Crash... Look what they did to you...

Jones quickly ran to her Droid, jumped into the cockpit, tapped a couple buttons on the control panel and closed the Droid's exit. She tapped two more buttons on her hologram-like control panel and the Droid stood back up, ready to fight.

British Soldier 2: Friendly AC-130 above!!

Everyone looked to the sky and saw an AC-130 off in the distance. It fired a 105 mm shell from it's cannon.

To be continued...