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    Strobilanthes season

    This is a rare event that can be seen once a 12-14 years so decided share it with you . if you are a nature lover you will like it .

    Horton Plains is a tourist attraction and thousands of local and foreign tourists in sri lanka . Today it offers a unique and rare opportunity for nature lovers . Strobilanthes Flowers ( also known as nelu ) which bloom in 12-14 years now can be seen in horten plains . they gonna fade away after 2 weeks . These flowers will bloom again in 2025 during the season .

    This is the only video i could found . sorry about the language that can't be understood .

    six Strobilanthes varieties are now in bloom. Horton Plains National Park is famous for beautiful flowers, most of it endemic to Sri Lanka. This blooming of Nelu flowers is important because the flower blooms in 12-14 year cycles .

    Thomas Farr, the builder of Farr Inn in the Horton Plains (the inn is no longer there) had found that the Nelu or Strobilanthes plants flowered in 12-year cycles, in 1881, 1893, 1905 and when he left Sri Lanka in 1912 he had predicted that it would next flower without fail in 1917 and 12-year cycles thereafter and it also flowered 1989 and 2001 .

    the reason for the 12-year long flowering cycle of the Strobilanthes plant is that after the flowers fade the tree dies spreading billions of seeds making the ground for a new generation of plants. The time taken by a Strobilanthes plant to grow up and bear flowers is 12-14 years.

    Don't know if this the right place anyway hope you like it .
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