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    Walter VS Mockingbird

    [ Walter C. Dornez ] VS [ Mockingbird ]
    Character's Power:

    .Above average durability )capable of taking blows from an enemy whom could/has punched straight through normal humans)
    .Above average speed (been shown too dodge assault riffle shots)
    . As a vampire his strength increases significltly capable of slashing through buildings.
    .Walter's primary weapon are a Wires, I don't know how too explain his use of them soo I will put it into a spoiler soo it does not look too big and messy.
    Walter's primary weapons are a set of very long monomolecular razor wires, which he controls as if they where extensions of his own body. The wires are sharp enough to slice through steel and concrete with no trouble though, he can use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them. When turned into an artificial vampire by Millennium, all of his abilities were restored to their full extent. In his final battle with Alucard, he demonstrated previously unseen abilities with his wires, including stopping a high fall (slicing several buildings in half in the process), forming mesh shields to block bullets, and binding targets and controlling them as puppets.


    Now with Mockingbird his ability's are a tad complex too explain soo i will right them into a spoiler as well soo it does not look like a big written out mess.

    .Enhanced Endurance
    Toto (while being possessed by Hagire) has displayed an incredible amount of endurance by surviving a high loss of blood, fourth degree burns, cuts, stabs, surgery without anesthetic, even loosing his two right limbs and being crushed by a giant tower. This was all due to his incredibly high interest for Shiro or what he calls "Love" and for wanting to know what love truly meant.

    .Branch of Sin
    As a Deadman, Toto has the ability to freely control his blood out of his body.

    As seen, he can heal himself immediately. However, unlike Shiro, he can't regrow lost limbs, but only re-attaching them and more serious injuries require treatment.

    .Branch of Sin: Love☆Labyrinth
    This allows him to copy the abilities skills and weapons of other Deadmen easily, aither by tasting their blood or eating their flesh, which makes him one of the most powerful Deadmen in the series. While he can easily copy other Branches of Sin and use them with ease, he cannot evolve them like Ganta and Senji did nor use their evolved powers if they have already evolved, due to them being different people and having different personalities.

    .Plasma based Branch of Sin
    It is unknown from wich Deadman Toto absorbed this particular Branch of Sin nor it's name, but he is seen using it frequently. This unspecified Branch of Sin has the ability to form different shapes, like giant hand which Toto uses to immobilise his opponents or take them out quickly. It can also form various weapons, such as spiral arrows, giant blood whips and scythes for decapitation. It is also shown that Toto can fire a huge wave of blood from a single cut like on his finger or his tongue, which can crush entire wave of enemies. Depending on how Toto shapes his weapon, it can be both powerful enough to crush his opponents or fast enough to decapitate them.

    old abandoned Hospital


    My Argument:Tough too say, with Walter's enhanced speed because of his vampire body he would definitely give Mockingbird trouble, but then again Mockingbird had more up his sleeve then Walter does not too mention blood armor which could atke a while too ware down.

    my vote goes too Walter in the end due too his higher combat experience.

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    Re: Walter VS Mockingbird

    Il go with walter

    I mean he almost took out Alucard :l

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    Re: Walter VS Mockingbird

    Walter solos.

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    Re: Walter VS Mockingbird

    Walter cuts him in pieces,really.

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