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    Naruto Manga 657 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Naruto Manga 657 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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    Re: Naruto Manga 657 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    657 - 一歩先
    柱間は仙人モードになり、巳仏を召 することができ
    マダラは黒い棒で柱間ピアス彼を引 張っ万象天引 を使用しています
    マダラ、彼はナルトに気づくように ージのチャクラを吸収するプレタパ を使用します。
    マダラは仙人モードナルトで飛行神 転生は柱間の送信を使用しています
    マダラはオビトになる。サスケブロ ク彼の方法を。戦いのための港とカ シ準備
    扉間と蒜山を助けるために来ると輪 眼と柱間は仙人モードナルトを攻撃 る。

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    Found it on site in comments

    I don't know what it says... hope someone can translate it

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    Re: Naruto Manga 657 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Google Translate:-

    One step ahead
    It is possible that between columns become hermit mode, it is convened only Buddha
    Madara is using all the host deductions put the argument between columns pierced him in the black bar
    Madara, he will use the Puretapa to absorb chakra on page to find Naruto.
    Madara is using to send the pillar between the flight God incarnated in hermit mode Naruto
    Madara will be Obito. His way Sasukeburoku. Oak harbor and ready for battle
    Hashira-kan wheel and eyes Ru attack the hermit mode Naruto to come to help Hiruzen and between doors.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 657 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    The 657-1 steps ahead interval between pillars becomes the hermit mode, and を uses whether it is the pre-tapa which absorbs cakra of ージ whether cod, he who I can do whether it is 召 in 巳仏, and use 張 っ various forms deduction whether the cod is 引 with interval between pillars pierced earrings him with a black stick notice a naruto. As for the transmigration, as for the cod using the transmission of the interval between pillars for, it is in オビト whether the cod is flight God in a hermit mode whirlpool. Is it Sasuke bath; a method of ク him? Eyes and the interval between pillars are attack with a hermit mode naruto whether is a ring when come to help シ preparations door interval and Hiruzen whether is a port and a mosquito for fights; is る. A side text is a team of 忍 of the ultimate; is birth

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