Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex is the seventh book of the series and its finally coming out this July 20. If you're a hardcore Artemis Fowl Fan, then read on for further information about the plot and what to expect.

Little in the line of plot has been revealed, but in an interview with Artemis Fowl: Confidential, Eoin Colfer revealed that Artemis Fowl II somehow joins Opal Koboi in her prison in Atlantis and returns to his criminal ways, though this has not been confirmed.

A fan also stated that Colfer told her that the magic in Artemis causes him to develop OCD and multiple personalities, known by fairies as "The Atlantis Complex". Artemis then becomes an entirely nice and kind person, apparently abandoning his criminal ways and, by extension, his ability to scheme.

As this all happens, robots from a space probe are dropped into the ocean and make their way to the city of Atlantis in their quest to destroy everything in their path, and only Artemis can stop them. Eoin revealed that to stop this threat, Artemis has to do something really bad, something Artemis doesn't want to do but must do it to save everything.

It has also been said, by Colfer, that in addition to Artemis's newfound "nice" personality, he also has developed an annoying romantic personality, and is flirty with Holly, much to Trouble Kelp's displeasure (who is also flirting with Holly). One description of the book claims that Artemis develops a habit of professing his love to a certain feisty LEPrecon fairy... and that a giant squid will make an appearance.

Also, it is said that a deadly foe from Holly's past will make an appearance. In addition, a link between Holly and Artemis's birth has been mentioned.