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    Naruto Manga 658 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Naruto Manga 658 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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    Post all of the Confirmed spoilers you find in this thread. Please do not make a separate thread.

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    Naruto Manga 658 Spoilers Discussion

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    Naruto Manga Chapter 657 Discussion and 658 Predictions


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    Naruto Manga 658 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Hello guys I found this Japanese script with number of 658 chapter... Maybe it turns out to be true/confirmed spoiler

    658 - 尾獣狩り
    マダラは尾獣忍軍隊を通じて自分の を強制的に向けて突入
    五五影攻撃マダラが、マダラはそれ を離れて押して前進する。
    マダラを攻撃するが、マダラは木の ゲートでそれらを抑制する尾獣。
    黒ゼツはカカシが、他の次元に移動 、輪廻眼を見つけ痛い。
    千手扉間と蒜山はマダラの方法で柱 、ナルトとサスケのステップを助け ために行く。

    Google Translate:

    658 - tailed beast hunt
    Madara rush towards to force their way through the army O-juunin
    Fifty-five shadow attack Madara, to advance by pushing away them Madara.
    To attack Madara, but Madara suppress tailed beast them with God gate of the tree.
    Black Zetsu is the Scarecrow, it hurts to move to another dimension, to find the Rinnegan.
    Hiruzen and Senju door between go for between posts, to help step of Naruto and Sasuke in the process of Madara.

    Enjoy and discuss

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    Re: Naruto Manga 658 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    good observation made by Imperius:
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperius
    "door between go" is how Google translator translates "Tobirama" and "between posts" is for Hashirama, just like how "Scarecrow" is for "Kakashi"
    This is obviously translated by Google Translation, and this is not because the guy has bad English or that the spoilers might be fake.

    "Hiruzen and Tobirama go to Hashirama, Madara attacks, Black Zetsu makes Obito teleport to get his other Rinnegan" or something like this.
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