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    Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack

    The Strongest Attack

    The Chapter Start Off With Hashirama.

    Page 1. Hashirama: Shit. Tobirama, I Need You To Take On Madara Untill I 'm Restored. Then I'll Finish It

    Tobirama: Thats What I Planned On Doing Brother

    Page 2. Hashirama: You Cannot Let Madara Extract Any Of The Bijuss Into That Statue.

    Hashirama: You Will Need To Hurry To That Shikamaru Kid For A Plan. He's Very Smart Now Go.
    Tobirama: Yes Brother.(Tobirama Teleports)

    Page 3. (Tobirama Taps Shikimaru On The Shoulder) Tobirama: Youngster. (Shikimaru Turns And Is Suprised) Shikimaru: Lord 2nd. Tobirama: I And My Brother Need Your Help. We Need You To Think Of A Plan For Madara To Not Get Any Of The Bijuus Untill My Brother Is Restored. (Shikimaru's Thinking) Ok!

    Page 4. (Shikimaru Looks And See's Madara, Naruto, Bijuus, And Kakashi) Shikimaru: Ok Im Ready.
    Tobirama: Ok Good. Now Lets Hurry. Shikimaru: 1st, Ino. Connect Me To Lee, Gai Sensie, Raikage. Tsunade, 5th Mizukage, Sasuke, Minato, Gara and Kakahi. Ino Ok!

    Page 5. (Lee, Gai Sensie, Raikage. Tsunade, Gara, 5th Mizukage, Sasuke, Minato and Kakashi are shocked!) Understood! Tobirama: Very Smart Youngster.

    Page 6. Minato: I'll Be Leaving Kakashi. Kakashi: Alright Sensie, I'll Deal With This. (Minato Teleports Where Tobirama's At.

    Page 7. Tobirama: Okay 1st Is 5th Mizukage, Lee, and Gai. I'll Mark You 3 First And Send You Where Madara's At With Help Of The 4th With The Kyubi Charka.

    Page 8. Tobirama: Then I'll Mark Tsunade And Raikage To Hit The Gedo Mazo With A Hard Powerful Blow. Then Minato Will Teleport Sasuke & Gara To Finish It

    Page 9. (Madara Notice!) Madara: You Again . So You Want To Dance Woman! 5th Mizukage: No. You Are To Hard To Melt So I Want To Avoid You(Smirk)..(Does HandSeal). 5th Mizukage: Hidden Mist Justu. Madara: Weaking My Rennigan Vision. (Madara!!)
    (!Double Leaf World Wind!!) (Madara Block's It But Still Take Damage) Madara: Strong Taijustu. Gai+Lee: Yea!
    Gai: And Thats Your Weakness. Lee You Ready. 8th Gate Of Joy. Open!

    Page 10. Tsunade: Raikage Are You Ready! Raikage: Uh Huh! Lets Go!!

    Page 11. Tobirama Teleports Them Right Above The Gedo In Air. They Hit The Gedo So Hard That It Fell And Lays On The Ground. Naruto(BM) & Kurama Stops Moving.

    Page 12. Gara: Hey Sasuke Are You Still Focusing Charka. Sasuke Yea. After I Hit The Gedo With A Larg Area With Amaterasu, Thats When You Cover It Up In Sand. Sasuke: 4th Hokage Where Up. Minato: Okay.

    Page 13: Onoki: Gara, I Made Your Sand Lighter Like Last Time. Now Go! Minato Taps Sasuke With His Left Hand And Dissapear's. Sasuke Appears Over The Gedo Back. Sasuke Left Eyes Is Closed. 3...2...1
    Amaterasu!!! The Gedo Screams!

    Page 14. Madara Is Stuggling With Gai & Lee,
    Then He Notice The Gedo Is Injured. Now Lee & Gai Leave Madara. Madara Goes Back To The Gedo.

    Page 15.Gara Flys Up On Top Of His Sand.
    Gara With Hid Hands Out Pointed To The Gedo. Gara: Sand Monument! Sand Cover Up The Gedo With Madara.

    Page 16. BZ(Obito): Your Useless Obito. BZ(Obito) Takes His Left Eye. Obito Yells! BZ(Obito): With Out The 4th Hokage I Can Get Away. Kakashi: Raiki! Kakshi Hand Slip Through Obito. BZ(Obito): Now Is The Time. Black Zetsu Leaves Obito But Cant Move. Shikimaru: Shadow Possession Jutsu, Sucess. Kakashi: Nice!

    Page 17: Hashirama: Now Im Ready For You Madara. Sceens Changes To The Gedo & Madara.Sand Cracking. All Of Sudden It Exploded With Madara's Perfect Susanoe With His Right Eye Glowing. Madara: I Will Kill You All Now, Since You Hurt The Gedo Mazo. Sasuke Shock! Sasuke: Is The Full Power Of Susanoe!?. Hashirama: Madara!!

    Page 18. Madara Turns And Sees Hashirama On A Long Wooden Branch. Madara: Lets Dance Hashirama!!! Hashirama: Your Time Has Come. Panel Shows Madara Face And Hashirama Face.

    Will Zetsu Be Able To Get Madara The Other Rinnegan?

    This My First Prediction Ever. Sorry For Any Grammer Mistakes.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack

    Pretty good I liked it a lot

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    Re: Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack

    pretty nice... in the future try splitting the dialogs up a little more instead of one solid block of text...

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    Re: Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack

    nice work.keep going.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack


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    Re: Naruto Manga 660 Predictions:Strong Team Attack

    Really nice ! keep on mate !

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