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    One piece 589 spoilers

    Source: 2ch
    Verification: confirmed

    Chapter 589: The Ambition of Turbulence

    Ace: We drank the sake of brotherhood with Sabo, and we’re still alive!
    That’s why Luffy, we must live our lives without any regrets!!!

    Sabo flashback: A men of nobility is considered a true noble at age of 18. That’s why I’m going to leave this country at age of 17

    Ace: we’ll one day sail out to the ocean and live as we like! Freer than anyone!
    I’m sure we’ll make many enemies that way… Even our gramps will be our enemy! We have to put our lives on line!
    We’ll sail when we’re 17!! We’re going to be pirates!!

    Narrator: Going back a few….
    The night the Celestial Dragons ships arrived at the Kingdom of Goa….

    Child: Did you see earlier today? Huge faced man!! Look over there, even their ship is huge
    Child lifting a boulder: 580…. 581

    Narrator: A small harbor village somewhere in the East Blue

    Ivankov: You’re late Dragon!!! How long are you gonna make me wait!?
    Dragon: sorry
    Ivankov: Oh….!
    Crew: Hey!! treat him immediately!!

    Dragon: What about food?
    Crew: The village was kind enough to share us some.

    Dragon: Let’s set sail then. We’re returning to Vertigo!!

    Makino: You wanna learn how to greet?

    Bandits: Makino-chan brought us the weekly booze!!
    Ace: Well you know, I’m Luffy’s big brother and all. I should go meet up and thank Redhaired captain for taking care of Luffy.
    Makino: Ooooh really? *grins*
    Ace: WHAT!? You got something to say!?
    Makino: Hee hee, sorry. Well, first you have to…

    Restaurant: They ran away without paying for food!!
    Ace: Thank you for the food!
    Chef: Shut up brats!! Pay of the food!!

    Narrator: 7 years later… Ace 17, Luffy 14

    Luffy & co: Take care Ace!!
    Ace: Just you wait! I’ll be famous soon!!

    Ace, son of the Pirate King, grew up unknown from the world
    And quietly set sail from the bay of Colbo mountain.

    Luffy: Haha!! He’s still waving!
    Woopslap: Damn… now what will Garp have to say about this!?

    Bandit: hey boss~~~!

    Garp flashback: You raise him, Dadan!!
    Dadan flashback: What!? Whose child is it!?

    Dadan: ……….
    Bandit: Ace already left!!
    Dadan: Oh yeah? YOu know Garp is gonna chew me out for this…. Damn that stupid brat!!
    Bandit: Oh yeah, Ace left a message for you
    Dadan: Whaaat!? Is he gonna talk smack to me to the end!?
    Bandit: “Thank you, for taking care of me”
    Dadadn crying: Stop kidding me!! That idiot!! *BAAAAWWWS*

    Luffy: three more years for me!! Gum Gum…….

    Narrator: three years later, Luffy 17

    Luffy: You’re not gonna come send me off?
    Dadan: Whoopslap and Makino may be ok with it, but the other villagers of Fuusha would be terrified, if we came down the mountain. Just go already!

    Luffy: Ok then, thanks for everything!!
    Dadan: …Stop thanking me, it’s embarassing!
    Luffy: Dadan!! I hate mountain bandits!!
    Dadan: Shut up, brat!!
    Luffy: But I like you guys!!
    Dadan: Cut the crap and just go already!! *BAAAAAWWW*
    I can’t believe it, both you and Ace….!!

    Narrator: Fuusha village, on the edge of the Dawn island, Kingdom of Goa

    Fisherman: Hey Luffy, use my old fishing ship!
    Luffy: Nah, this is alright!! I want to start here, like this!
    Fisherman: But that’s a boat…!!

    Villager: He really did get strong!
    Villager: Wow, he took out the Lord of the Inshore in one hit…!

    Luffy: Alright, I’m going now!! I’m gonna be… the Pirate King!!

    Narrator: Current time, Calm Belt, Female Island (Amazon Lily)
    Luffy is crying for the lost of his older brother, Ace

    Jinbei: Luffy….

    Luffy: What about Pirate King….!!!
    I am!! Weak!!!!


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