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    Digimon Adventure Reborn Chapter 3: The First Dark Lord

    Chapter 3 of my Digific is finally out! Sorry it took so long but it's explained below in my Author's Note.


    Authors Note

    I'm back with the next Chapter to my Digific. Sorry it took so long to get out but I'v been busy with work and other personal stuff. Also im proud to announce that Chroncles of Tiquan Conley will make a return as a reboot! My older readers who read it before try not to miss it lol I'm doing my best to make this different and enjoyable for all. (No the plot isn't changing at all) I have the next few chapters done(unedited) though so I hope to have one for you all next week, since I'm going on vacation and won't want to work on them so much lol. So I hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas to all my readers have fun with your families throughout the week.


    Last time on Digimon the Adventure reborn....
    The children found a structure that strongly resembled Stonehenge.
    St-Stonehenge," Sebastian blurted out as he ran towards the mass.
    That structure turned out to be The Great Tablets of Stone. Renamon read off the tablets, the children learned of five dark lords, who are trying to take over the digital word. Now and loud explosion at the shore. What could this mean? Find out now right now on Digimon The Adventures Reborn!

    Theme Song

    The First Dark Lord.

    The boys and their partner digimon ran as fast as they could towards the shore, the girls followed closely behind.

    "Jerome we're here!" Ellie yelled as Yanagi and her ran behind.

    "I thought I told you to stay, urg no matter. Lets go!" Jerome said as he ran faster.

    The shoreline eventually came into view. The kids ran as fast as they can until they found a crater of sand in the ground.

    "What did this?" Luke asked.

    "I don't know," Sebastian responded.

    "Uh, Ellie, maybe this wasn't a good..." Yanagi said before being cut off by a mysterious voice.

    "Evil Wing," The voice shouted. The sky darkened as a colony of bats with red eyes flew above, scattered about, screeching loudly.

    "Attack! My friends," The voice said. The bats immediately darted down towards the kids as if they were kamikazes, exploding into flames around the kids and their digimon. A bat soon darted straight towards Yanagi her eyes widen with fear, before the bat could disintegrate Yanagi into flames, Renamon jumped between her and the bat expanding her arms as wide as she could taking the attack for Yanagi. Renamon's coat was darkened from the flame burst.

    "Disgusting!" The voice shouted as a black figure slowly descended from the clouds. It's body was famine. Her feet looked like the bats she had summoned pure black with what looked liked red eyes. Her legs were slim, her right leg black, the left white, chains hung from her hips. She had long skinny arms. Her left hand was much bigger than her right she had 5 long red nails. She had long white hair and dark black wings.
    "Why is a digimon, protecting a worthless human?" The strange woman said.

    "Who- Who are you," Yanagi asked her.

    "It's Ladydevimon," Renamon said softly.

    " Don't speak, you're hurt," Yanagi told the fox as she kissed her on the head and whispered " Thank you." In her ear.

    Ladydevimon descended from the skies and had touched the ground. She was about 50 meters away from Yanagi.

    The other digimon immediately ran over to Renamon and Yanagi, guarding them from further harm.

    "We won't let you hurt them anymore," Bearmon said loudly.

    "It's four to one, You're outnumbered you stupid witch," Salamon said.

    "You can't actually believe that. Can you?" She responded with a sarcastic and wicked laugh. The four digimon stood firmly showing no affect of her insult. "It seems like you do. I just came here to give you all a warning, but if your intent is to fight, I guess it wouldn't even matter."

    The digimon continued to stand firmly with the clear intent to fight Ladydevimon.

    "Be careful guys, it says here she's an ultimate level digimon." Sebastian said as he held his digivice pointing towards Ladydevimon while a small holographic bio appeared.

    Bearmon charged Ladydevimon quickly and punched her in the chest with all his strength.
    "Karate Fist," he said loudly. "Agumon now!"
    Agumon threw his head back. "Pepper Breath," he said as he lunged his head forward and spat out a small fireball.
    "Sledge Crash," Salmon said loudly as she lunged her body at Ladydevimon.
    "And to follow it up, Electric Shock!" Betamon yelled loudly as fired a ball of electricity at lady devimon. A large cloud of black smoke covered Ladydevimon.
    The smoke soon cleared and Ladydevimon stood there unfazed. "Is that all," she asked. "Like I was saying before you all rudely attacked me, which you all will pay for soon enough! I came here to warn you."

    "About what," Jerome asked her.

    "Jerome what are you doing," Luke asked. "She's one of the Dark Lords we need to defeat her now." He insisted.

    " Luke! I don't need you to question me right now. Lets hear her out right now and then we'll decide if she needs to be dealt with. Agumon, stand down." Jerome said.

    Agumon walked away from Ladydevimon slowly and back to Jerome.

    Ladydevimon snickered. "That's quite the leader you have there. If you chose to stand in our way, Alphamon would love to fight you," She said.

    "Whats your plan," the dark skinned teen asked.

    "Isn't it simple? You read the prophecy didn't you? We want to take over this world. However that just the beginning of the war. Once we take this world we'll expand our army and then we'll make our way to the human world to fight a war against the human race. After that is all said and done we'll destroy you all. That is unless you heed this warning and surrender now. Your lives will be sparred and you'll just be forced to be our slaves." She told them.

    Jerome, Luke, Sebastian and Ellie all looked around at each other, then back at Yanagi whom was still tending an injured Renamon.

    "So what will it be? Do you worthless humans give up yet?" LadyDevimon asked them.

    "No! We will stand and fight! For starters we will defeat you here and now! Agumon," Jerome shouted. " Get her!"

    Agumon nodded at Him and ran towards Ladydevimon and swiped at her with his claw, she quickly dodged it and backed hand him. Agumon was sent flying into the air and crashed into a tree.

    Luke gritted his teeth as he watched Agumon get manhandled. "Betamon! You have to finish this," he called out to his digimon. Betamon nodded back at Luke and jumped into the air as he charged up 1,000,000 bolts of energy. "Electric Shock: Full Power!" The digimon shouted as he discharged most of its electrical energy into LadyDevimon. Ladydevimon fell to her knees in pain. Her body gave off small static charges as she breathed hard.

    "Great Job Betamon! Bearmon finish her off," Sebastian said.

    "You help too Salamon," Ellie added on.

    "Sledge Crash!
    Karate Fist!" Salamon and Bearmon said together. Salamon put all of her weight into her body as she tackled Ladydevimon into the ground. While she was on the ground Bearmon jumped into the air and came crashing down onto LadyDevimon with his fist into her chest, causing her to lay into the large crater of sand.

    "Jerome," Luke called out as he looked at directly at him. Jerome looked down at Agumon, who then started to get up slowly.

    "Pepper Breath!" The digimon shouted as he shot a ball of fire from his mouth into the crater.

    Flames surrounded the crater, crackling. Black smoke coming out of the crater.

    "We-We did it!" Luke said. "We defeated one of the Dark Lords!"

    Jerome looked towards the pit of flames with determined eyes, he soon began to walk towards it slowly.

    "Be careful!" Yanagi called out towards him. Jerome nodded slightly showing his acknowledgement.

    Renamon stirred slowly. "Stay put," Yanagi told her. The foxes eyes open widely. "J-Jerome...."

    At that moment a large black figure emerged from the flames and right in front of Jerome. "You thought it would be that easy?" Ladydevimon shouted. She grabbed Jerome into her large hands and started to squeeze him tightly as he let out a large high pitched scream. "I got a lot left in my tank."

    "Jerome!" Agumon called out as he sprinted towards the witch, the others closely again.

    "You won't get me this time. Evil wing," A swarm of bats attacked Agumon and the others, keeping them at bay for the moment. "I'll just destroy you all here and now."

    "Diamond Storm!" A familiar voice said as cold icicles rained down on Ladydevimon. She only clinched onto Jeromw harder he let out another high pitched screech. "I thought I killed you already." Ladydevimon said as she smirked at Renamon. " I guess I'll save this human for later, you'll die first." she then tossed Jerome to the ground, he landed hard on his right arm.

    Luke and the others immediately ran towards Jerome, who was wailing out in pain and repeatedly shouting. " My arm she broke it! That witch broke my arm!" He soon passed out due to pain

    Sebastian examined his arm and it didn't take long to confirm it was indeed broken. " This is a bad break we need a sling. You all go out and find something string, and large oak leaves will do and not poison oak! Except you Yanagi you need to go and help Renamon." The children nodded and went into their respective directions. " Yanagi wait!" Sebastian called out. She stopped and turns towards him. " Make sure to kill that witch for what she did to YOUR Jerome and OUR leader." She nodded quickly and ran towards Renamon.

    Renamon and Ladydevimon were fighting fiercely. Punches, kicks and slaps were rapidly thrown at each other.

    Ladydevimon flew into the air after punching Renamon in the gut and then flew down as fast as she could to deliver a vicious axe handle. After looking into the air quickly Renamon back stepped it and slammed Ladydevimon into the ground with her tail.

    "Renamon! I'm here!" Yanagi called when she came onto the battle field.

    Renamon nodded and jumped into the air, closing her eyes, bending her knees toward her chest and making an 'X' symbol with her arms.
    "This is it. This will be your end. I put all I have into this next attack. Now fall victims to my Diamond Storm! "Shards of diamond coved Ladydevimon's body.

    "N-No n-not to a rook rookie! " Ladydevimon shouted. Thunder clapped loudly and rain began to fall. A mysterious red aura appeared around Ladydevimon's body where the diamonds once were. "Say goodbye! To your worthless human! Black Wing!" Ladydevimon shouted as her left hand turned into a large black spear towards the direction of Yanagi. Renamon, who was 200 yards away started running as fast as she could immediately.


    "Renamon!" They both shouted at the same time. Yanagi closed her eyes tightly hoping her death was quick and painless. As she thought her last thoughts she couldn't help but smile to herself slightly. Tears slowly fell from her eyes as she waited, the only thing that came was a deafening cry of pain from someone else. Yanagi opened her eyes quickly. Her tears began to fall rapidly at the horrifying sight in front of her. Renamon was impaled with Ladydevimon's spear.

    "R-Re-Renamon!!!!!!!!!!" Yanagi shouted. Her shout was loud enough for Jerome, who was know awake and Sebastian to hear.

    "That's it I'm going!" Jerome insisted, as he began to get up, Sebastian quickly sat him down.

    "No you're not! Not like that. What can you do? Agumon's not here. You'll get in the way and for what? Another broken arm? Dammit Yanagi's worried enough about ya." He explained.

    "B-Bu that scream maybes something wrong." Jerome tried to argue.

    "Maybe! You need to be here so we can make you a sling. Besides this is Yanagi's and Renamon's battle. Trust her. Let them finish it." Jerome nodded understanding.

    Renamon feel to the ground with a white light illuminating from her stomach.

    "No-No Renamon you you can' can't die not now not ever. " Yanagi cried historically.

    "Yanagi, we digimon we don't die we become eggs, I'll be born again. " the fox responded.

    "No! I won't let this happen!" She continues to cry, her tears touching the golden fur of the fox.

    "Yanagi I'm sorry." Renamon said.

    "You wil not die!" Yanagi said loudly as a single tear fell out of her eyes and into the bright light of Renamon's stomach. A blinding light covered them both.

    Ladydevimon quickly shielded her self from the light, which looked like a large sphere of energy.

    Renamon and Yanagi stood together in the sphere.

    "What is this?" Yanagi asked.

    "I don't know, but I'm feeling better. Renamon said as she began to glow brightly. " Yanagi your digivice it's lit up!"

    " Huh?" Yanagi took her digivice out as the light got brighter.

    As Jerome's sling was being finished, the kids noticed the light.

    "Hey what's that?" Ellie shouted out.

    " I don't know but let's check it out." Luke said. He then looked back at Jerome, who gave him confirmation by nodding at him.

    "Yanagi I feel it! The power! Our power!" Renamon said proudly.

    " Yeah I do to!" Yanagi shouted, as she thruster her digivice high in the air.

    The light now shined brighter than before.

    To Be Continued
    Whoa! What a minute! Did that just happen? Renamon just digivolved! Go get her Renamon what I mean kyuubimon. Stay tuned to find out what happens next on Digimon: The Adventure Reborn!

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    Re: Digimon Adventure Reborn Chapter 3: The First Dark Lord

    Can't say I follow Digimon and all the happenings there, but still looks good, man Wonder how the digievolution will affect Kyuubimon's chances.

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