The stage is set for the final battle between Naruto and sasuke, and pretty soon the eventual ending of one of the greatest manga ever. so far many of the plotholes of the manga have been answered. The explaination of why the uchiha clan was exterminated, THE love vs hatred rivalry between the UCHIHA AND SENJU. WHO NARUTO'S PARENTS WERE(MINATO AND KUSHINA) jiraya, nine tails etc. everything has been answered for the most part with a few exceptions. The only question really remaining is who will Naruto end up with Sakura or Hinata. Now i know many forums have been based off this very question for years but the latest shippuden episode when hinata admits her love finally. The latest chapters involving kushina and her love with minato. as well as naruto's relationship with sakura made decide to analyze it.

SAKURA: Naruto's first love and by far his closest friend(besides sasuke and shikamaru) in the beginning we all know her thier relationship was at first. she viewed naruto as a weakling(similar to how kushina viewed minato as first) who was an idiot and dreams would never come true(also similar to kushina's view about minato's dream) eventually through time the two got closer and grew a tight knit bond. whenever kushina needed to be saved minato would be the one to save her. Just like how Naruto is alway there to save sakura. And to add to the fact that sakura now loves NARUTO much like how kushina loves minato.

Hinata: NARUTO'S unrequited love who always admired him from a far and who inspired her to become strong. MUCH LIKE NARUTO PARENT'S PERSANALITIES, NARUTO AND HINATA ARE COMPLETE POLAR OPPOSITES. NARUTO'S LOUD WITH A TEMPER, HINATA QUIET AND CALM. and the fact she admitted her love to Naruto and put her life on the line for him.

To me both Sakura and Hinata are a perfect combination of kushina ifyou think about it. she is very naturing like hinata, very beautiful and tempermental like sakura.

what do you guys think ?