here are some predictions about naruto chapter 502..
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by: The Special One

Naruto 502: Act 1

(Inside the watch tower, the three threat detection squad members are sitting under a huge transparent orb that has all of Konoha’s coordinates in check. Immediately, Minato appears in the middle of the room, alerting the detection squad.)

Detection Member 1: “Lord Hokage?”
Detection Member 2: “What are you doing here, 4th?”
Detection Member 3: “We detect no presences, sir. Please, return home, all is well.”

Minato: “In a short time, this village will be under attack by the Kyuubi!” (The threat detection unit gets riled up and starts panicking so Minato calms them down. )

Minato: “Enough! Sound the siren, the village is on code red alert. Send the police force from the barracks to guard the perimeter! Make sure the commander of the police force is in radio contact. I’ll take the rest from here.”

(Minato then vanishes in a cloud of smoke. All across the village, shinobi are rushing to the meet up point as the siren rings loud in the night. The Tasked force, who are Uchiha, are racing to their posts. In a courtyard, Minato stands in front of it, having an audience with the crowd of shinobi. Not a second later, the five most venerable of elders part the crowd as they move up to meet with the Hokage. They are Mitokado Homura, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Utatane Koharu, Shimura Danzou, and Uchiha Kagami.

As the crowd is in uproar, the top brass converse amongst themselves. We can’t determine what is going on due to the crowd speaking their minds, they are all in frenzy about the Kyuubi appearing. The top brass nods and then says their parting words.)

Minato: “I’m moving out.” (Sarutobi with a tear in his eye, maybe from hearing that is wife passed away, shouts.)
Sarutobi: “ATTENTION!” (Immediately the crowd silences.)

Homura: “The Hokage has specifically asked for Inoichi, Shikaku, and Chozua to accompany him. Those three are to bring their most potent clansmen with them! The ones who were singled out will await further orders from the Hokage!”

Koharu: “The rest of you will bind the Kyuubi down for an assault with snare chains! We will supply you with such and with instructions!” (Danzou glares at Kagami.)

Kagami: “…..”

Sarutobi: “NOW, GET IN FORMATION!” (The Shinobi scramble about, and the ones following the Hokage, rushes to accompany him. The scene switches to after everyone left the area. Kagami is seen walking down the now barren streets of Konoha; it seems the villagers are now stored safely away. Kagami activates sharingan, turns around and barely avoids a fatal strike from Danzou’s Kunai as it graces Kagami’s cheek. Kagami smacks the kunai out of Danzou’s hand as Danzou backs up, separating himself from Kagami.)

Kagami: “Old friend… Why?”
Danzou: “Hokage's description of what was going on, the Kyuubi was being controlled like a pet by a single man. If I remember this correctly, wasn't it not Uchiha Madara who tried to steal the Kyuubi from our dearest Founder?”

(Kagami sweats a little.)
Kagami: “…..”

Danzou: “Funny how there's been talk of the Uchiha succeeding us. And there's an Uchiha in the correct position to allow such with the kind influential power he has.”

Kagami: “You, of all people. The last of my teammates serving under Tobirama sensei... You know how I, an Uchiha, wouldn't go back on his curtsy towards our kind after all of the suspicions tossed at us."

Danzou: “You shit on his trust, you defect to the enemy. Though sensei had his eyes on you all, he was- (Danzou is drawing out his Wakizashi [or is it a kodatchi?] as Kagami gets on guard, Danzou utters his last three words as the blade rushes straight through Kagami’s torso.) JUST TOO LAX!” (Kagami’s body hits the ground.)

Danzou: “Uchiha’s reign ends now. As a defender from the underworld, none of this will get out.”

Kagami: “MYYY SOONNN STILL LIVES ONNN! FUGAKUUU AHH, AHH, AHHH [Soul Caliber like echoing death cry]!” (Soon, two Root Shinobi approaches Danzou from behind.)

Danzou: “Clean up this mess one of you. And for the other one, keep an eye on Fugaku’s eldest son. I have a feeling we may be able to create a weapon from within them.” (The scene switches over to the battle field. The Kyuubi, who is faltering but still pushing on, is now on the outskirts of Konoha, facing off against the shinobi. Many are dead, scattered across the field.

Various pieces of chains are shattered and are littered across the field. In one area, Inoichi emerges from a pile of corpses, which are seemingly blown away from the immediate battle, in another area, Shikaku does the same, and in another area, Chozua does the same. Apparently, their most potent clansmen have died. All three of them look to the Kyuubi and notices that the 4th, on top of Gamabunta, has not given in. Many of the shinobi are now frighten and rushes away in terror.

The scene focuses on an apparent feeling man who comes across the corpses of two shinobi snuggled together. They are a couple, a man and a women, he notices a locket on the woman’s neck. He picks it up and notices that it is a picture of a young child, it resembles Iruka.

The Scene switches over to the immediate action. Gamabunta, with Minato on top, hops into the sky and attempts to downward slash at the Kyuubi’s head with his dagger, however the Kyuubi swings its paw to guard so Gamabunta turns his swing into a defensive position and blocks the attack, though he is blown far away. Minato instantly hops off and tries to land on top of the Kyuubi. On Minato’s mid-section, his shirt is torn away, revealing something that resembles 4th element seal on his stomach, behind him, is the Reaper God, of course no one can see it. Before the Kyuubi can swipe at him with his paw, Minato tosses a marked Kunai through the air, it sores over the Kyuubi, as the Kyuubi swipes, Minato resurfaces on the Kyuubi’s back. Minato yells out as he clinches the Kyuubi’s back with both of his hands.

He is trying to suck the Kyuubi away, however he notices that the tails are arcing towards his position, so he speeds off and lands into the field of corpses with amazing force. He is injured with blood and scratches all over, and more of uniform is in tatters. He rips of his cloak, but is soon approached by Inoichi, Chouza, and Shikaku.)

Shikaku: “Sir, we’re at your disposal.”
Inoichi: “We won’t let you die alone.”
Chouza: “It looks weakened, we’ll fight it together.” (Minato, who is breathing deeply, wipes his face.)
Minato: “Heh, look at me, surrounded by legends in the making.”

(All three of them are shocked upon hearing that statement.)
Minato: “BUNTA!” (Gamabunta lands near them. He is injured.)
Gamabunta: “We’re all going to die.”

Minato: “Not now Bunta! Guys, I want you to put everything you have into pinning him down. The Kyuubi has gone up against the mightiest wave of what Konoha had to give. It’s time we put it down.” (They all agree. Minato hops on top of Gamabunta.)

Minato (in thought): “I didn’t want to have to listen to the elders, but it looks like I’m forced to play my last hand; the Kyuubi’s chakra is just too much. Forgive me, Naruto, I can’t seal it all away from this world. But, at least, at least you’ll-…” (Minato remembers back to before he set out to warn the village. He was in his office. He encrypted a code onto a long scroll. He then summons Gerotora.)

Minato: “Take care of him, Jiraiya sama.”

(The scene switches back to the present. Chozua increases to a comparable size of the Kyuubi. He enlarges his fist and downward punches the Kyuubi in the head. Chozua then runs out of gas and faints. Before the Kyuubi can regain its posture, Shikaku uses a multi-layered shadow binding technique and binds the Kyuubi from the limbs to its tails.

Before the Kyuubi breaks free, Inoichi makes a unique handseal and invades the mind of the Kyuubi. Inoichi sees the sharingan and screams in pain.)

Inoichi: “NOOOO! I WON’T BE OVERTAKEN!” (He snaps out though, and faints before Gamabunta diagonally slashes with his blade, but it shatters from all of the wear and tear.)

Gamabunta: “ I’M NOT THAT FOR GONE!” (Gamabunta drops his blade and headbutts the Kyuubi, and Gamabunta bunta knocks himself out. Minato looks to Shikaku, the only standing one.)

Minato: “How long can you keep it up!”
Shikaku: “I’ll die before I let him go.”
Minato: “Wait here, I’m going to end this NOW!” (Minato vanishes in a cloud of smoke and appears near his wife and Naruto. Minato is scared as he sees that Kushina’s face looks absent of color.)
Minato (in thought): “I hope I’m not too late.”

Naruto 503: The Sealing
__________________________________________________ __________
by: Jeanericuser

Naruto 502: The Final Gambit

Minato, Jiraiya, Sarutobi, and Danzo are looking at a map of konoha sitting on a table with Minato pointing to certain spots on the map. Sarutobi looks at each one with a nervous glance and nods his head while Jiraiya looks nervous. Minato looks up at them after finishing.

Minato: "Those are the spots we must draw it to. We must keep the kyubi distracted no matter what."
Jiraiya: "But why does it have to be your own son? Why would you place the kyubi inside him?"
Minato: "I want it as a final gift to my son. He will carry on my legacy and be remembered as a savior to his people. I can trust that you three will all in some way look after him and make certain that the kyubi does not escape?"
Danzo: "Although I do not approve of your choice of your son over someone more suitable I will watch over the boy in case he shows signs of the seal breaking."

The others nod in agreement while Jiraiya still looks nervous.

Minato: "As for the plan, Jiraiya it will be your task to protect me while this process is going on. If this man attacks me during this sealing it could ruin everything."
Jiraiya: "I will do my best."
Minato: "Danzo. Sarutobi. I will need whatever protection you can spare that will not take part in the distraction to protect kushina and naruto. They too must be protected no matter the cost."
Danzo: "I will see to it personally."
Sarutobi: "As will I."
Minato: "No old friend. I need you to stay and direct the distraction from a distance. If this fails than it will be up to you to carry on where I have failed."
Sarutobi: "Understood."

Sarutobi has a grim expression on his face when suddenly an explosion goes off in the distance startling all of them at once.

Minato: "Its begun. We had better get started."
Sarutobi: "It has truly been a honor to have been your friend Minato. Good luck and I will make sure your son and you are remembered well for the sacrifices you both have made."
Minato: "Thank you."

Sarutobi rushes out the door while Danzo nods his head at Minato and leaves out the door. Jiraiya still looks nervous.

Jiraiya: "I still do not like this plan."
Minato: "There is no other way I can think of. I need to visit kushina first to make the final arrangements."
Jiraiya: I will meet you on the roof but hurry though. I don't think gamabunta likes to wait."

Minato teleports away leaving Jiraiya who heads out of the room. Minato appears not far away from the hut where Kushina is being kept with naruto. As Minato approaches he notes several anbu watching from hidden spots and Danzo waiting at the door.

Minato: "You got your people here quick."
Danzo: "It was prudent to have people ready at a moments notice for a mission such as this."

Minato and Danzo head inside to find Kushina already working on setting up a seal on the ground around Naruto's bed.

Kushina: "So it has begun? I just wish I could get a chance to hurt that guy after taking my son."
Minato: "Did you manage to notice anything that gave a clue to who he was?"
Kushina: "Not much except one thing but I might have been in a genjutsu so it could be a trick. He had a sharingan eye."
Danzo: "A sharingan eye?! The Uchiha must have had a role in this some how."
Minato: "We have no proof of that. It could be just a trick."
Danzo: "I will still investigate this for you though hokagesama. This man will not escape punishment for what he has done."
Minato: "Kushina are you sure you want to do this? If this works our son will be an orphan with neither of us to raise him."
Kushina: "In his heart and soul there will always be a part of us with him. That is my final gift to him."
Minato: "Ok my love. I will see you in death soon."

Minato and Kushina kiss while hugging each other in a loving embrace. Minato heads out the door and teleports away. Minato arrives on the roof of the Hokage building to see the Kyubi attacking the village. A voice barely audible calls out to Minato from behind. Minato turns around to see Jiraiya on the back of Gamabunta.

Jiraiya: "It looks like the distraction is working. The kyubi seems to be focusing on the attackers instead of the village itself."
Minato: "Have you spotted him yet?"
Jiraiya: "No but I know he is probably nearby. The kyubi's attacks have been a little too coordinated to just be the attackings of some beast."
Gamabunta: "No doubt the kyubi is probably acting on the control of whomever this guy is."
Jiraiya: "Were you able to get any additional help from Myobuzokan?"
Gamabunta: "Unfortunately none of us were in the region so its impossible for any others to get summoned here in time."
Jiraiya: "I guess we will just have to make do with just me."
Minato: "Lets hurry. We do not have much time and I still have yet to start the sealing."

Gamabunta moves along konoha until the kyubi spots him in the distance. The kyubi snarls enraged while Madara looks on from a nearby rooftop.

Madara thinking: "What are they up to now?"

Naruto 503: Complications
__________________________________________________ __________
by: Silverblade VI

Naruto 502: The Kyuubi Attacks

Madara: Lets give those fools in Konoha a rude awakening Kyuubi.
Kyuubi: GRRR RAHHH!!!!!!!!!

A roar is emitted from the vocal cords of the fox which produces a strong breeze of wind that blows over Konoha.
Shinobi 1: What the hell is that?!!
Hiruzen: This doesn't look good. Did the labor gone a failure?

Minato pops up behind Hiruzen.
Minato: Master. The birth was successful, but this weird masked guy tooked out everyone including your wife.. I'm sorry to tell you the bad news.

Hiruzen: Tch. That guy isn't an ordinary ninja.
Minato: He somehow released the Kyuubi from Kushina. But I'm going to stop the both of them right now with my power.

Hiruzen: I'll provide some help as well.
Minato: Thanks! Kushina and Naruto are still alive.
Hiruzen: Naruto, eh?

- Scene switches -
A young Kakashi peers out of the window..
Kakashi: IT CAN'T BE!!! I have to tell Guy and everyone to evacuate the village..

- Scene switches back to Kyuubi -
Madara: Now Kyuubi. Fire into that direction.

Madara points his finger towards a certain part of Konoha and then the Kyuubi accumulates a massive sphere of darkness that fires off causing a huge explosion of debris and rubble to shower upon the village.

Minato appears on top of a tree.
Several of elite Ninja make their way to the Kyuubi.

Madara: AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Ready for the fireworks Minato?

Minato springs high into the air and flicks a series of speical Kunai around Kyuubi. Minato then vanishes and tags one of the Kyuubi tails. He vanishes again and then tags the right foreleg. Kyuubi notices Minato and swipes, but Minato vanishes again and attacks Madara from above with Rasengan.

Madara: AH YOU GOT ME!!!
Minato goes through Madara.
Minato: WHAT THE!!!!
Madara: Ahahhaha!!! Sike.

The Kyuubi roars knocking Minato backwards...
Minato is sent tumbling through the trees and then the bushes...
Minato: I have no choice but to use that jutsu.

Naruto 503: The Death God.