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    Nbbms Members Read!

    First and foremost Please read the latest post in group section.

    Secondly, the methods located in the training PDF can't be used by students unless they are of a high enough rank and have completed the training AND prerequisites. You will notice the order they are in, that's the order they need to be learned in. I'm bring this up because I've seen people who studied using TsunadeSama's school of thought instantly using those techniques, those methods were adapted from my school of thought, remember that TsunadeSama's used elemental manipulation so those techniques aren't applicable and in TsunadeSama's method you need to define the various element types and chakra flow used as you did during your training (those of you who remember the first Konoha Hospital should remember this).

    Last but not least, I went ahead and created an NBBMS seal. I'd like members, and NarutoBase moderators to help devise a method of user distribution (sorta like the user awards) but that can be distributed to all NBBMS Certified Shinobi. Post those suggestions in this thread. Thank you.

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