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    thoughts on Rinnegan

    im thinking there's another person who has rinnegan.. I was re-reading the manga..(i had nothing to do, and i really like the part where Jiraiya fought Pein.. upto Naruto Defeated Pein.. I am kinda sad for Jiraiya, and that His life really made a difference..)

    in chapter 450, after pein was defeated, Tobi(i dnt wanna call him Madara too soon, because no one really knows..) said that they need another pawn to sync with Gedo Mazo, and who else can have that skill but another one with a Rinnegan..

    Not sure thought.. i was also thinking that Itachi may have given naruto Rasengan or something.. when he said, "ill give you some of my power.." not sure if this is correct work for word.. but you know.. something close to that..

    I know that Tobi is planning to take Nagato's rinnegan but, will he be able to sync with Gedo Mazo after that?
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