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    God has no patience for heresy
    And lovers don't like others
    who deceive..

    We're All Here

    It's amazing when to think about
    But we all have our own lives
    If you had any doubt
    Just try to think of yourself in fives

    Yeah it doesn't work out that way
    There's people all around
    And they all follow their own path each day
    The cycle doesn't stop because one's in the ground

    There's people in the air
    There's people going 60 down the highway
    There's people living without a stress or care
    And there's those following no one no way

    It's all a matter of perspective
    Some need proof of the why
    Others some just enjoy life and live
    But no one stops for a single sigh

    Is it so hard to understand?
    We're all here with our own ways of life
    We're all different but we all have the same hand
    Eventually we all find a hubby or a wife

    There's people here and up there
    There's people moving fast til their momentum slows
    And then there's people floating on air
    Or so it feels and that's just how this life goes

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    Big words, small mind.......
    Behind the pain you will find
    A scavenger of human sorrow

    Re: We're All Here

    nice job....

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