His gaze was fixated on Takeo, as he continued to look in shock. He then proceeded to remove the blade from his abdomen, as blood rushed from his mouth and he kneeled down in pain, his right arm placed on his abdomen. Takeo started laughing like a madman, as he got up and started walking towards him, his eyebrows curled angularly, his eyes filled with evil.

Shinichi felt the room growing dull, as he felt he was about to collapse. He felt that he was about to die. He wanted death so badly, rather than bearing the excruciating pain. He became more and more dizzy, as he almost collapsed. His head was bent down, as he lay there motionless. Takeo wondered if he died. He knew he couldn't kill him, as he needed him for some special job. His expression changed into that of a shock, as his walk was converted into a run. As he neared Shinichi, he bent down and began to examine his face. He tilted his face up, as he was taken aback, and felt a strong force repelling him, as his body wavered in the air and fell backwards.

He slowly picked himself up, as his body was aching due to the beating he had taken earlier. He froze as he saw the same eye again. "This again??!" , he wondered. The same loop of events were happening again, as he saw the same evil expression on Shinichi. Shinichi picked himself up, as he felt a strong force helping him. He was not aware what was happening currently. It was almost as if an external force was making his body walk. Takeo, instead of retreating, froze in his place, in terror. Shinichi rushed towards him, with such speed that his eyes couldn't track him. As he neared Takeo, his body stopped automatically. He curled his fingers in a certain position and joined his both hands. Gradually, a unique symbol, blood red in colour, appeared on his forehead.

Takeo looked in shock as he realized what it was. He remembered watching a rare footage about it. "Dragon Of The Darkness Flame!!" , Shinichi shouted in a demonic voice, as his eyes became bold white. A dragon shaped amber flame emerged from nothingness and hit Takeo's body, as he began to scream in pain. It was said that the flames wouldn't stop for 42 days and 42 nights. Takeo rolled as he tried his best to lit off the flames. Shinichi teleported to the outside of the prison and immediately collapsed. Meanwhile, Takeo's screams turned into silence, as only the flames could be seen from a visible distance.

- 42 days and 42 nights later -

Takeo's burnt off body lies in the distance. Slowly, his body stands up by itself and walks in a unruly manner!!

-x---------x---------x---Ch 3- End------x---------x