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    possible outcome with naruto and sasuke

    Since these 2 are "connected" kishi could have them enter a plane of death and life to together like with kakashi and Sakumo

    and anything could happen however i like to think they would meet these 2

    why apart from being the ancestors of both they have both in inherited from the sage as stated in the pic above

    why is that any reason look at the senju
    and uchiha
    they both inherited weaker versions from those

    2 , yea a watered down genetic version the elder bro's eyes are different than his father and the other uchiha
    there is even speculation he is also ancestor of the hyuuga but who knows???

    the other son got direct access to his fathers life force and spirit energy and u already seen uzumaki and senju
    in that regards but his had to be greater than either of the 2 not to mention these to bro's were probably very powerful

    now why sasuke and naruto meet them apart from some conversation the 2 bro's probably give them their power sasuke get the eyes{ the chakra and mental energy}

    and naruto get more senju/uzumaki life force and physical energy making them all more powerful and and being able to get revived and try and take down madara of course then who knows what would happen with madara and his tricks???

    The Sage inherited his power from his mother who bit the fruit which gave her power and him direct access to that hence why he is/was so powerful and 2 of his powers went straight to his sons but weaker versions of his power thus why their's and senju uzumaki uchiha and maybe hyuuga all have not so as powerful versions but still pretty amazing

    p.s. i may have spelled some words wrongs an guess what

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    Re: possible outcome with naruto and sasuke

    I think it'd be pretty cool if they met the Sage's sons, let them see what first started the curse of hatred personally so long ago. I also kinda believe Sasuke and Naruto will be spiritually connected through their "death"

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    Re: possible outcome with naruto and sasuke

    Honestly the spelling of the words wrong isn't even your biggest worry, you completely skipped words and put in words that didn't even need to be there, making the sentence even more confusing.

    Some of this is complete gibberish. Dude take your time, I almost gave up reading it because it looked as though you just rushed through it and didn't care if anyone could read it. I also see you didn't care if anyone says anything about your errors, well good for you. I'll still post it.

    But back to topic, yes I also believe they will both meet someone in a deathlike state. Who, I don't know, but it will most likely be something related to the sage or his sons.

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