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    Chapter 12: Senior Year

    I Did It Out of Love [Chapter 1]

    I've decided to make this another story I wanted to start, along with Tales of Soraya. I'll be posting this any Saturday while Soraya is every Friday.

    I Did It Out of Love

    Chapter 1: New Love

    Love is the most powerful emotion, and that makes it the most dangerous. - Unknown

    I woke up at around six-thirty from my alarm. My house remained hushed from last night's news, but this morning at five o'clock the police arrived at our doorstep to tell us about the problem, like we didn't hear about it before.

    They asked us to plan a date for his funeral so we put it for November 11th, a day after my birthday.

    I shuffled over to the bathroom and began brushing my teeth. I was so tired that I'd miss my teeth time to time. After I got out, I put on my uniform since it was my first day of school already.

    When I got out, I walked downstairs to the kitchen and prepared a bowl of cereal where I saw my mom. She seemed to be in a happier mood than last night.

    "Life Insurance?" I asked. She turned towards me.

    "No, why?" She asked.

    "Well, you seem to be in a pretty excited mood, mom. I thought out of all of us, you'd be the most damaged."

    "Kazami. Sometimes.." She took in a breath, "Sometimes, you just gotta forget pain and live for the future. It's what your father would have wanted"

    "Okay... So did the police say anything about the murder" I saw her twitch after saying that as if my words were a doctor's needle piercing through her arm, She sighed.

    "Look, Kazami. We're going to have to forget about the case. The police have decided that they want to give up the case" I dropped my spoon into the bowl.

    "What!" I yelled, "It has only been two days! Why won't they consider the case!"

    "They said because whoever murdered them left behind nothing but the marks. They scanned the bodies for fingerprints, but they did fit any description for anyone. It's a hard case to crack" she explained.

    I slammed my fists on the table and shot up.

    "Those no good police officers!" I shouted, "I'll solve the case myself if I have too"

    "Kazami, your only fifteen!" My mother said, but I was out the door before she finished.

    [Later that day]

    I arrived at the school and went directly inside to my classroom. When I entered, class was just beginning.

    "Oh! You must be Kazami" the teacher said. "I am Mr. Hozi"

    "Hello, Mr. Hozi" I said.

    "Class" He announced, "This is Kazami Tumra, he's our new student" I turned towards the classroom and bowed because I thought it was a tradition here.

    "Mr. Tumra, you don't need to bow. Just say hello" he said.

    "Oh" I replied, nervously, "Hello, everyone"

    "Mr. Tumra, have a seat next to Kiken Ai" s I walked over to my seat I noticed Kiken.

    She was a beautiful, black haired girl. Her eyes were a light red, and she wore the school uniform as if it were a elegant gown.

    I sat down next to her and she introduced herself.

    "Hi, I'm Kiken Ai, but you can call me Ki"

    "Uh, Hi" I struggled to get out my words"

    "You don't have to be nervous around me, or..." She grabbed my hand, "We can have lunch at, oh, lets say... Kuroshio Park?"

    I was blushing a little bit so I tried to hide it

    "Yeah, sure!" I said, excited. But I caught be self, cleared my throat and restarted to sound as manly as I could, "I mean, yeah... sure"

    She laughed.

    "You're hilarious. Anyways, we'll meet there after class" She turned towards Mr. Hozi.

    I thought, "Man... This day just got a little better"

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