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    Chapter 12: Senior Year

    I Did It Out of Love [Chapter 2]

    I Did It Out of Love

    Chapter 2: Hunt

    forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps most fatal to true happiness. - Bertrand Arthur Russell

    Just like we had planned, me and Kiken had met at Kuroshio Park. We began discussing what it was like in Japan and learned some many things about each other.

    "I can tell your not from here" she began, "So where are you from?"

    I took a bite from my dango.

    "Well... I'm from Mongolia. I'm not Mongolian, I'm Japanese..." I took another bite, "I was originally born in Nago, but we moved after my dad got transferred"

    She seemed fascinating, as if every word I spoke was beautiful.

    "Oh really? That's cool. So, where does your dad work now since you guys are back in Japan?"

    My grip of the stick tightened. She noticed and seemed guilty.

    "Oh, I'm sorry... Did anything bad happen?" she asked.

    "Actually... Yes, something did. But, I don't think I can tell you" I said in monotone.

    "Don't worry, I won't tell"

    There was something about her that made me want to trust her.

    "Okay. My dad died last night"

    Her excited to know turned into fear.

    "Oh no, he wasn't the man who was murdered, was he?"

    I shook my head while trying to hold back my tears.

    She leaned in towards me and placed her head on my chest. Suddenly, I didn't feel like crying.

    "I'm so sorry for you" She placed the tip of her fingernail where my heart would be, "This must be crying in pain, but you show no more signs of you being hurt. You're a strong boy"

    "T-thanks" I said, blushing again.

    "You're still nervous, and I told you not to be nervous around me.."

    "Yeah, I'm sorry about tha-" I began, but was interrupted by her hot, moist, luxurious lips meeting my chap and unworthy ones. I began to get intense until I she removed them.

    "Look" I said, "I feel like things are going a little too fast"

    "Don't worry about it... We can go slow again"

    She was flirting, but I felt like our relationship was rushed. She began leaning in for another kiss, but stopped mid-way. I noticed that she was look at an orange haired man.

    "Is everything alright?" I asked.

    "Sorry, Kazami. I have to go now" She said as if she were in a hurry, "I'll see you in school tomorrow, OK?"


    She got off the bench and ran out the park. I turned towards the orange haired male sitting by the tree and wondered why he scared her out the park.

    After a while of speculation I got up and noticed a patch on my uniform shirt was gone and showed my bare nipple, where my heart is. I shrugged cause I remembered that she had sharp nails, so I got up and left.

    [Later at night]

    I returned to the park because I forgot my book bag there and I needed to do my homework.

    Once I arrived I saw the same orange haired man sitting by the tree. I thought to myself, he must be the killer but then noticed a women dressed in green and black strut up to him. She had white hair and blue eyes. I heard them from the bench because they thought they were alone.

    "Hey, are you the lady from online?" he asked.

    She shook her head.

    "Ok, so where should I start?"

    She shook her head again.

    "Anywhere I want?"

    She shook her head again, and he shrugged. He began feeling on her hips while she pressed against his chest.

    "Ow" he said while trying to pull her away. But, she began muttering something.

    "Xiang yao ai ni"

    "What?" he seemed confused, but scared at the same time. "You profile didn't say you speak chinese, ma'am"

    He began to struggle again to get out of her hold, but couldn't.

    "Aiqing xuyao ni" she muttered again.

    "Please let me go!" he yelled. "I have a wife and a child, let me go now!"

    "Si zai ai de mingyi" she began, "Zhi zhidao wo zheyang zuo shi chu yu ai"

    All of a sudden, there was a piercing noise that made me flinch. I look up from the top of the bench and saw a giant blade split between them. There was a red aura flowing around them both until the man collapsed on the ground. The women knelt down and began marking his chest. I gasped and I think she heard me because she turned in my direction. I forced myself down as fast as I could before she saw me.

    After a while of speculation she began shuffling towards my bench, but then there was a vibration in the air like a dog whistle that called her off. She ran out of the south entrance of the park.

    I ran towards the man to examine the man. Her hair turned a lighter orange while his body remained plump. Then I noticed the markings.

    "A 'X' where his heart is and a heart where is abdomen is..." I was shocked, "She's the murderer!" I took a picture of the man with my phone and ran out as fast as I could to the police station.

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