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    What power do you believe Itachi gave Naruto?

    Heeeeey I'm curious to what Itachi gave Naruto when that crow went down Naruto's throat! :flaw:

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    Re: What power do you believe Itachi gave Naruto?

    My best guess... something similar to what Minato and Kushina did, set to activate when Sasuke uses Itachi's eyes to enter Naruto's mindscape, either for tsukyomi or to shut down the fox.... since he was planning suicide by sasuke. He hoped it wouldnt be neccesary(you know Sasuke NOT taking his eyes) but planned for it anyways....

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    Re: What power do you believe Itachi gave Naruto?

    i dont know....but i do know it "WILL" come out in the final fight against naruto and can only imagine how strong EMS is and sasuke now has EMS (eternal mangekio sharingan for those who dont know) i know naruto has the sage mode and controls the 9 tails....but i know the crow is going to play a factor in this we will see itachi again.

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