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    The Next Anime's plot

    How I think Shippuden 351 will play out

    The scroll Kakashi handed over to Danzou with the 4th precession was a fake. Either Hiruzen circulated many fake scrolls to the ANBU he met with on the Hokage roof to weed out spies working for the enemy (especially as he believes the 4th died cuz an insider gave the enemy Naruto’s birth time and secret location) or Kakashi approached him after the meeting revealing what Danzou told him.

    Danzou sends out an ANBU roots team probably dressed as shinobi from another viallge (with Yamato included) to disrupt was he thinks was the official precesion only for the team to be trapped by Hiruzen’s ANBU.

    Hiruzen is pissed after his suspicion of Danzou as a war instigator and officially bans ANBU Roots.

    Yamato, who all the while thought he was serving the village proper, feels betrayed for being a pawn in Danzou’s scheme and decamps from the Roots. Hiruzen approves his defection to his ANBU proper and places him under Kakashi’s direct supervision.

    The seal on Yamato’s mouth is broken and he opens up about Danzou and Orochimaru’s secret jutsu meetings. Hiruzen asks Kakashi and other ANBU to sit this one out and takes his best two ANBU shinobi (who were Kakashi’s direct superiors) with him to Orochimaru’s lab to confirm the rumours (one of the ANBU was actually the one that briefed Minato about Kakashi cold blooded take down of the 5 Rock shinobi fakes)

    Orochimaru escapes after killing the two ANBU. Hiruzen promotes Kakashi to a squad captain.

    As a squad captain, Kakashi approves the matriculation of Itachi into ANBU and after missions together, believes Itachi is captain material and special but leaves the ANBU before Itachi is made captain.

    Hiruzen pulls Kakashi from the ANBU to be Naruto’s personal guardian from the shadows because of intel he’s been getting from Jiraiya about a certain Akatsuki organization which Orochimaru joined.

    Kakashi is asked to take a more direct role in Naruto’s development after the Uchiha massacre. First he watches over Iruka…then finally…Naruto directly along with Sasuke and Sakura as their Sensei.

    Y’all the rest

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    it is ONE

    Re: The Next Anime's plot

    All this will happen in one episode?!?!

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