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    The Mind Of Minato part 4

    How does Madara use infinite tsukuyomi with rinnegan eyes only?

    Also, how did his eye (auto) connect when he put it in...

    Do you think the mystery person that's standing over sasuke a sage descendant? Maybe even the sages son which saved Madara? Which would give him his eyes, maybe senjutsu, or a mind blowing power up.

    Will Obito give the bijuu to Naruto to save him? Which would make him the next sage?

    Will Obito use zetzu to give Minato arms?

    Would Naruto die anyways because some [email protected] girl cut him open?

    Will the 5 kage show their @sses before humanity comes to an ends?

    Is Hashirama dead? Well, he can't be logically, since madara used rinne rebirth while hashirama face is on his chest...still its a question is he dead or alive?

    This is The Mind Of Minato, thanks for reading


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    Re: The Mind Of Minato part 4

    He can switch from Rinnegan to EMS considering it's the same eye that evolved from EMS to Rinnegan.

    Your mind seems to be really focused on Naruto.

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    Re: The Mind Of Minato part 4

    1) Wasn't Obito gonna use it with one Rinnegan and one Sharingan?
    2) Maybe because it's his own eye?
    3-4) It's possible. Nardo and Sauce both need power-ups, so I don't see why not.
    5) Maybe. He could showcase some new SM techs with his arms back, idk.
    6) LOL
    7) Well Gaara's doing a good job right now, that's gotta count for something, right? :p
    8) No way. There's too much that needs to be finished/explained before he goes.

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    Re: The Mind Of Minato part 4

    1) I believe he could turn into Sharingan since he's the true wielder/owner of eye.

    2)Hashirama SM, even he could heal himself instantly after fight agianst bujiis. Even Rin able to connect obito sharingan into kakashi. So Hashirama SM >>>>>> rin ^^

    3)I believe, Kabuto escaped from izanagi(He admit his own powers and himself) and somehow able to use SM. Sounds crayz but... It's still huge blank.

    4)There's 2 option for Naruto atm, giving Kurama's other half. Which is highly possible, since Obito suck/take part of Juubi. He wont die. Or Obito gonna use Rinne Tensei to revive Naruto and others.

    5)Well i don't think so since in this arch Minato just failed and failed. I can't say anything about it. Maybe kishi is just hating minato atm. Gave random power-ups all of sudden or at least " wrong time to show his all arsenal " huge fails. and i don't know how it works on EDO since hashirama's cell living, i dont know much about it tbh. for me No.

    6)ofc not^^ she's 2nd after Tsunade . Simple cut wont kill naruto atm.

    7)I doubt about it.

    8)He's death.(If he was kinda still alive can not be summon as an Edo tensei) But still in the field as an Edo Tensei. But Black Rods are controlling him or at least his chakra flow. Kinda paralayzed.

    These are mine answers/opinions about your questions ^^

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