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    504 some good scripts enjoy

    NARUTO Manga and Spoilers

    tatus: PREDICTION
    by: The Special One

    Naruto 504: The 4th’s Foresight!

    (Kushina watches as Minato performs the final act, Minato looks to Kushina’s worried face.)
    Minato: “Have no fear. Our son will not be alone. I, entrusted everything to Jiraiya sensei.” (Kushina has a slightly annoyed grin on her face.)

    Kushina: “I’m worried how Naruto’ll turn out with that kind of influence.” (She pictures Jiraiya holding Naruto in his arms, while being at a brothel, surrounded by beautiful ladies and alcoholic drinks.)
    Minato: “Hey, Jiraiya sensei may be a bit wild, but he has my faith, I trust he’ll know how to raise Naruto.”

    Kushina: “I know, I know… He did name Naruto after all.” (Minato walks over to the Kyuubi and touches it. He then grabs its red chakra like rope that appears and begins to pull it into his stomach with both hands, as the Demon God stands behind him, Minato and Kushina sweat constantly.)

    Kyuubi: “How dare you, you insect! (Minato keeps pulling as the Kyuubi’s continues to run his mouth.) It’s pointless, how is that little shit going to keep me contained? His chakra isn’t as mature or as special as Kushina’s, ku, ku, ku… Everything you are doing is in vain. I’m going to break that seal once my strength returns, and your boy is going to die! You hear that, he’s going to die! Ku, ku, ku!” (Minato then severs the rope connecting him to the Kyuubi.)

    Kushina: “Minato?”
    Minato: “ *huff, huff, huff.* I left everything up to Jiraiya sensei. Stop being apprehensive, keep your mind focused on trapping the Kyuubi for me.” (Minato then makes several handseals and touches Naruto’s stomach, which creates the 4th element seal, however, it is still open on his stomach. Naruto cries out.)

    Kyuubi: “HAY! I’m telling you it’s pointless, step away from the infant if you care about your child’s life sometime down the road. What are doing? STOP! I WILL NOT PERMIT IT!”

    (Minato then touches the Kyuubi again, and pulls out another rope like chakra thing and attaches it to Naruto’s stomach and begins sealing it into the open seal on Naruto’s stomach. As Minato continues to pull, the Kyuubi’s form starts to fade and dissipate. The Kyuubi goes on a roaring rampage right before it vanishes for good. Minato then walks over to Kushina. He touches her, which forms a smaller chakra like rope and begins dragging that inside Naruto’s seal as well. Kushina’s face looks faint.)

    Kushina: “I’m scared Minato.”

    Minato: “You won’t be alone, I promise.” (Minato rubs her face with his hand as she falls over, dead as the rope connecting her to Naruto vanishes. A tear goes down Minato’s face. )

    Minato (in thought): “I have to act quickly, or the Kyuubi will fight back, even at half power, it is still a threat. I can’t seal too much of my remaining chakra inside Naruto, or I run the risk of dying before completing the sealing.” (Minato then touches his own body and pulls out a chakra like rope and attaches that to Naruto’s seal, he only seals a small portion of it. Minato then claps his hands together.)

    Minato: “CLOSE.” (Naruto’s seal closes up. Minato’s stomach forms a similar seal. Minato falls to his back.)
    Minato: “We’ll be watching you, Naruto…” (Minato closes his eyes and then dies. Seconds later, Sarutobi lands with Enma; near the scene.)

    Sarutobi: “Minato, Kushina… They sacrificed themselves to save the village. Honorable, but such a shame, they had such promising futures in their young lives. Ahh, is that? (Sarutobi spots baby Naruto and rushes over to pick him up.) They said his name was Naruto before he was born… (Sarutobi notices the seal on Naruto’s stomach.) It’s fresh, so Naruto’s the new Kyuubi host…” (Enma reshapes himself back into his original form and stands behind Sarutobi.)

    Enma: “Watcha going to do King?”
    Sarutobi: “With the death of Minato, I’ll have to be Hokage again. And I was really looking forward to retirement, it really is a shame, in more ways than one. The village, no, the world will be shocked to hear this news. I’m wondering how I should handle it.”

    Enma: “What about the squirt?” (Sarutobi lifts Naruto into the air, Naruto smiles and then urinates towards Sarutobi’s face, with fast reflexes, Sarutobi slips his head, as the urine hits Enma’s face in back. Enma growls in anger.)

    Sarutobi: “ha, ha, ha… Already a trouble maker this one… Though I’m getting old, I’m not ready to raise a grandchild, especially now that I’m back at work and my youngest boy is eating me out of a house and home.”

    Enma: “Isn’t there something you can do for him.”
    Sarutobi: “Well his father amassed quite a bit of funds as Hokage. It’s the least I can do. He’ll have a home and money to spend. But growing up without parents, that’s going to be a difficult task for the boy.”

    Enma: “Isn’t there someone who can raise him.”
    Sarutobi: “His godfather I guess.”
    Enma: “Who is?”

    Sarutobi: “That goof ball of a student of mine. As a shinobi, there’s probably no one better as I’m too old to compete with him, and since Minato passed I would like for him to take my place. But as a parent… *sigh*.”

    (The scene switches over to a bar. Jiraiya is accompanied by two gorgeous ladies at a table, of course, he sits in between them. He has his arms wrapped around them. They are apparently wasted.)
    Lady 1: “Oh my!”
    Lady 2: “Really, I can’t believe it, you really are something else *swoon*.”

    Jiraiya: “YEAH! There’s Nothing this man can’t do. I’m sure she was surprised too!” (Immediately, Jiraiya vanishes in cloud of smoke, leaving the two ladies to question what happened. The scene switches over to Myobokuzan. Fukasku, Shima, The Elder Toad, and Gerotora awaits Jiraiya’s return. Immediately, Jiraiya appears in a cloud of smoke.)

    Jiraiya: “NO! NO!-If this is you guys’ idea of a joke than you guys’ must be some sad, sadistic, monsters. QUICKLY PUT ME BACK! I was about to give them the Jiraiya Special- (he gets cut off by Fukasku.).”
    Fukasku: “Shat yer yap, this is much more important.”

    (Jiraiya balls up his fist.)
    Jiraiya: “Why I oughta.” (Jiraiya is instantly knocked silly by Fukasku’s black natural energy knocking stick.)
    Jiraiya: “Ok, ok… You win… What is it.”

    Shima: “Boy, Gerotora has somethin’ important, a message from Yellow Flash, your protégé.” (Gerotora extends his body and reveals the strange markings. It then unravels itself, revealing the key to 4th element seal.)

    Jiraiya: “What!?”

    Next Time: As the story focuses back on the present, Naruto discovers a secret Ninjutsu.”
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: jeanericuser

    Naruto 504: The Hour of Wolves

    Naruto looks at Kushina as she finishes the last of her story. Tears start to fill naruto's eyes. Kushina has a surprised look on her face as she sees naruto crying. Naruto gives her a hug and puts his head on her shoulder.

    Naruto: "Thank you mom. Thank you so much."
    Kushina: "And that is the sacrifice your father and I made for you that night."
    Naruto: "I understand. I know now what must be done."
    Kushina: "I must go now. Your father is no doubt waiting for me. Farewell my son."
    Naruto: "I love you mom!"
    kushina: "I love you too son."

    Kushina vanishes in Naruto's arms as he stands there alone. Naruto slowly watches as everything around him slowly fades away revealing Killer Bee and Yamoto looking at naruto with smiles. Naruto notices something immediately with his sage eyes. His face hardens into cold rage.

    Naruto: "Killer Bee you must abandon that sword immediately."
    Killer Bee: "Yo naruto what you talk about my man?"
    Yamoto: "What is it naruto?"
    Naruto: "Kisame is pretending to be your sword Killer Bee!"

    Yamoto turns to look at Killer Bee as suddenly a sword stabs right through the chest of Killer Bee. Killer Bee is shocked as he looks down at the sword and collapses to his knees as kisame appears behind him with an evil smile.

    Kisame: "Your mine now. Hello Naruto."

    Naruto suddenly extends out an arm of kyubi chakra that grabs Kisame by the neck and slams him against a nearby wall. Kisame has a surprised look on his face. Naruto's eyes are now mixed with a combination of sage eyes and kyubi eyes in a cross combination. Kisame smiles and raises samehada which immediately absorbs the chakra arm. Kisame moves forward a step and prepares to attack naruto.

    Kisame: "It will take more than just an arm of chakra to beat me."

    Naruto suddenly vanishes and appears almost right in front of kisame. Kisame raises samehada to parry an attack as naruto narrowly avoids hitting kisame in the face. The force from the punch however slams kisame through the wall sending him crashing backwards in surprise. Kisame looks up at naruto and smiles as some blood flows from his mouth. Kisame gets up and charges at naruto. Kisame swings the blade at naruto from the the right side but naruto summons two clones that easily catch the blade stopping kisame dead in his tracks. The clones vanishes as they are absorbed by samehada but Kisame takes a violent kick to the side from naruto who sends him crashing backward.

    Kisame thinking: "He is stronger than I thought. This could be a problem."

    Yamoto watches from a distance as Naruto and Kisame trade blows back and forth with Naruto having the upper hand each time sending kisame retreating backwards with surprise.

    Yamoto thinking: "So this is the power of sage mode. Amazing."

    Kisame stands there sweating as he looks at naruto. Naruto gives off a vague smile but then summons 3 clones.

    Kisame thinking: "What is going on here?! Samehada should have absorbed most of his chakra by now but he hasn't even broken a sweat. Where is all this chakra coming from?!"

    Naruto and the clones create a rasenshuriken as Kisame suddenly looks shocked at Naruto.

    Kisame thinking: "Samehada can't absorbe that much chakra at once. Im gonna have to dodge it!"
    Naruto: "Its time I end this once and for all."

    Kisame braces for an attack. Naruto throws the rasenshuriken at Kisame who narrowly dodges the rasenshuriken as it smashes into the cave wall creating a huge hole. Kisame looks out through the hole and sees the ocean.

    Kisame thinking: "Perfect."

    Kisame starts to flee towards the ocean. Killer bee groans and Yamoto heads over to check on him.

    Naruto: "Im going after kisame. Don't follow me."
    Yamoto: "Naruto......What about him?"

    Yamoto points to Killer Bee who is still laying on the ground.

    Naruto: "Get him to safety. I will have a clone help you for now."

    Naruto summons a clone which helps yamoto pick up killer bee and hoist him on their shoulders. Killer bee looks up as he sees naruto running off chasing after kisame.

    Killer bee: "Go get that fish man naruto."

    Naruto is running towards the beach when he sees the water has greatly receeded leaving fish all over the ground. Naruto suddenly sees a huge tidal wave heading towards him in the distance with kisame standing on top of the wave.

    Kisame yells: "Lets see how you deal with this naruto. Im gonna sink that island and you with it!"

    Naruto smiles as he prepares to greet the tidal wave head on. Yamoto is heading out of the cave with Killer bee when they both suddenly sees the wave.

    Yamoto and killer bee: "Shit!"

    All around the island everything suddenly goes in a panic as the wave slowly heads towards the island.

    Naruto 505: The Fall of Demon Island
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: TheFreak55

    Naruto 504: The End of the Battle

    We see the scene of the battle from Sandaime’s perspective as he arrives where Minato and Kushina are.

    Third: Kushina!!!! (Thinking) to be in that state and able to restrain the kyubi amazing. (looking over to minato, he cant see the death god), What is Minato up to?

    Minato (releases his hands and performs KB seal) Kagebunshin! (two clones appear one picks up naruto while the other goes to kushina): Ill have to do this quickly, we don’t have much time. (yelling) NOW KUSHINA!

    (kushina screams as the chains around the kyubi tighten she grabs two of the chains and begins pulling them away from each other we see the kyubi begin to separate into two, the kyubi in the next panel is now two slightly smaller kuybi that are slightly transparent but are reforming quickly)

    Kushina: (is carried by the minato KB to the kyubi head where minato swaets profusely as he holds kushina) Hurry up minato I don’t know how long I can last

    Minato: Ok here goes! (the clone with naruto and the death god behind him also jumps in front of the kyubi, he then extends the arm of the death god inserts itself through Minato and naruto into the now half chakra of the kyubi) :NOW! (the arm starts pulling the chakra of the kyubi into naruto)

    Third:!!!!! Hes sealing the kyubi into his son

    (the chakra of the kyubi half is slowly twisting into naruto we see kushina and minato KB that were on top of its head embracing each other as they slowly twist into the seal)

    Real minato: now this half is mine! (the arm of the death god firmly grabs the other half of the kyubi and draws it into his chest as the seal materializes and spins violently, the half of the kyubi is sealed and vanishes)

    Minato: (panting heavily as he collapses he closes his eyes) Ive done all I can do, its up to him now to light the way for konoha (he looks to the clone holding naruto) this sucks I’m dying and only my clone gets to say goodbye (he dies)

    (the chakra is sealed completely, we follow the spiraling chakra through the seal into the cellar where the kyubi is stored, there is no cage yet the kyubi is staring down at baby naruto)

    Kyubi: so it seems I have been imprisoned again, and into this twerp, no matter ill crush him right now and be free!
    Minato: I wouldn’t do that if I were you

    (kyubi is shocked to see minato and kushina standing in front of the him, kushina is holding naruto)
    Kyubi: Yondaime! Kushina! What are you doing here?

    Minato: we are the ones who sealed you into our son naruto, he is now your new vessel.
    Kushina: and that means if he dies you die

    (Kyubi gnashes his teeth at them and growls)
    Kyubi: Then ill just take control of this practically mindless vessel and break out that way

    Minato: that’s what you think (kyubi!!!) (he turns to naruto who is sleeping the seal is completely open at this point and distorted like in the pain arc He quickly forms the seals to the seal and his fingers ignite, he places them on the seal and twists the seal which begins spinning shut they quickly turn from the kyubi and set naruto down)

    Kyubi: whats happening? Why is my power fading?

    (Chains pop up all around the kyubi and restrain him completely, the cage doors form and slam shut with minato and kushina on the side of the kyubi, the lock shuts with a loud clack)

    Kyubi: ill get out ill rip his body apart and escape this prison, this seal can’t hold me forever ill be patient. Ill (minato interrupts)

    Minato: that’s good because we made this seal extra strong with that in mind.
    Kushina: and that’s why we are in here with you to make sure that you never escape this cage.

    (minato and kushina walk to the cage doors and look at nartuo, who is now crying, all we see is the shadows with the kyubi eyes and their’s)
    Kushina: don’t cry naruto we’ll see you again someday.
    Minato: remember we will always be watching over you

    (mianto and kushina together): we love you!
    (the scene switches outside, where the third is now looking at the lifeless body of minato, he inspects the seal on his chest)

    Third: so that’s how he did it hmm? (he hears the crying of naruto, walks over and picks him up)
    Third: The fourth hokage huh…a true hero of konoha (naruto cries some more, looking down smiling) as well as his son…naruto uzumaki!

    (two ANBU appear before sandaime)
    ANBU#1: hokage-sama!! What happened here.
    ANBU#2: where’s the fourth!?

    (The third directs them with his eyes to minato’s lifeless corpse, both are shocked)
    Third: the fourth was able to re-seal the Kyubi into his so….(Thinks momentarily) this young child, we need to pick up his wife’s and his body and take them back to konoha immediately!

    ANBU: yes sir!! (they pick up the bodies and flicker out of panel, we go to a scene that’s not part of kushina’s flashback but in the hokages office, there shikaku, ANBU, kakashi, jiraya and other ninja are standing its overcast outside a panel shows two tombstones with fresh flowers placed)

    Jiraya: so this is the new jinchurikii eh?
    Third: yes the fourth gave his life alongside his wife’s to seal this monster into their own son naruto (kakashi is shocked)

    Kakashi: this is his son then? What will we do? Who will raise him?
    Third: I haven’t decided yet but we must make sure no one knows that he is minato’s son (both jiraya and kakashi are shocked)

    Jiraya: this boy is the legacy of the fourth, he deserves to be raised as such he’s…(third interrupts him)
    Third: that’s it if people were to find out his lineage they would put two and two together and know he’s the kyubi host, and that he posses the chakra of his mother to restrain the tailed beasts, no one outside this room must know until the times right

    Kakashi: and when will that be?
    Third: when he is able to understand what he contains, he has the potential to be one of the greatest ninja of his generation, until then it’s a secret,

    Kakashi: but people already know that he contains the nine-tailed fox they will treat him like a monster.
    Third: as much as I hate to say it you are right, Truth is this child is just as much of a hero as his parents are, but the village will not see it that way. That is why from this day forth no one is to speak of his being the nine-tailed fox host, by my decree!

    Now that naruto knows the story of his birth , what is his next move?

    Naruto 505: The Legacy of the Fourth - To Move Like Lightning!

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    Re: 504 some good scripts enjoy

    lol I just posted one of them in the spoiler thread

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    Re: 504 some good scripts enjoy

    some people who make these predictions are hopeless.. the last 2 are hopeless

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    Re: 504 some good scripts enjoy

    the second is good ^^

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