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    Bleach Reborn Chapter Four

    I know some of you have been waiting for this. So here it is. Chapter four

    Chapter 4: "Twin Sorrows"

    Linka: That girl is going to get herself into trouble.

    Kalin ran to the exit of Soul Society and sat next to the gate.

    Ravi: You're not escaping, are you?

    Kalin was crying. Linka followed Kalin.

    Linka: You are such a cry baby...I don't know why you call yourself a Shinigami.

    Ravi rolls his eyes.

    Kalin: Just go away, Linka.

    Linka: Not gonna happen. If I go, then who will watch over you?

    Ashes fall around Ravi. Another Ravi materializes.

    Ravi: I've got things to do. I'll be leaving my Path here.

    Ravi disappears into ashes blowing in the wind.

    Kalin with a mad tone of voice: Well I don't need you reminding me that I was the reason of our parents death...[Kalin gets up] if I wasn't here, Mother and Father would still be alive.

    Ravi through his Path: You know I'm still watching you, girls?

    Linka: No one else is here for you Kalin, so you're stuck with me.

    Kalin: I can change that.

    Tamo sonidos in.

    Tamo upon noticing his Path: Hey Ravi. What's up, girls?

    Tamo smiles an unnerving smile even creepier than Gin's.

    Linka: You wouldn't dare.

    Kalin: Give me one reason why I wouldn't.

    Linka: Because I'm the only one you got left for family. Everyone left us.

    Kalin: Even you left me.

    Tamo: How amusing... Keheheheh.

    Linka got mad.

    Linka: You know what? Fine, I'll leave you, are you happy now that you're going to be alone?

    Kalin: You did once, so why will it matter?

    Linka left. The real Ravi comes in still ashen by appearance. His colors return.

    Ravi: What did I tell you? I said I will kill you if you leave for anywhere but Seireitei. And you, Kalin, could've stopped her if you didn't want her to die.

    Ravi puts a seal on Linka that seals away her spirit energy. This seal doesn't seem to be removed by attempting to absorb it. It stays. Ravi's path has followed Kalin already when she did. Linka can't leave because she is immoblized by the seal. Linka sees something strange flickering on Tamo's face while his Reiatsu intensifies.

    Linka: What the hell is going on?

    Tamo: Oh? You can see it now?

    Linka: Who couldn't?

    (Back with Kalin)
    Kalin: I over-did it this time?

    Tamo: Well then, my reiatsu must be spiking.

    Linka: I don't think so.

    Ravi rolls his eyes at thought of Tamo going berserk as usual.

    Tamo: I always wear this mask everyday, all day. It's no ordinary mask.

    Kalin sits down.

    Linka: You don't scare me.

    Tamo: I can easily crush you.

    Linka: Scary [Linka says sarcastically] Like I said, I'm not scared.

    Tamo's mask lifts off.

    Tamo: Cero Herida! (Zero Gash)

    Linka smiles and holds out her left hand. Ravi appears to split into two using Shunido. Barely a split second later, Linka feels a hand on her chest. And the face of a true "Grim Reaper" fades from Ravi's face.

    Ravi: Bunkatsu Ekō. (Splitting Echo)

    Linka is catapulted back. She can't right herself, the force is too strong. Suddenly, a hand is on her back stopping her. Linka has a face ashen with shock.

    Ravi: Surprised?

    Linka absorbed some of the energy.

    Linka: I'm called an energy cannon.

    Ravi: I can see that you're a energy cannon, since when you absorbed Shitotsu Sansen.

    Linka: Eh, it saves me from time to time. The real fun is shooting it back at someone.

    This whole time Ravi hasn't even drawn his Zanpakutō. Ravi shunidos back. Ravi forms a Cero in a ball, and throws it like a ball. Linka reaches with her left hand out looking confused. The ball was somewhat absorbed, but still hit her.

    Linka: Looks like I can't absorb anymore.

    Ravi: ....About to explode, or fire it back all at once?

    Linka put her hands together.

    Linka: Ready?

    Ravi: ...

    Linka opens her hand towards Ravi, and massive energy shoots out. Ravi smirks. And the blast apparently hits him. An unforeseen attack hits her. Ravi stands behind her with a Cero ball in his hand. Linka passes out. Kalin walks over to the head captain's area. Ravi fires the Cero on Linka killing her. Kalin runs to where Linka is at.

    Kalin: What are you guys doing to her?

    Kalin walks over to Linka and picks her up, then carries her away from Ravi and Tamo.

    Ravi: She attempted to escape, so I, with the orders I was given, killed her on the spot.

    Kalin turn around with black eyes, and hair.

    Kalin: If I ever catch you trying to kill my sister again, I will become your worst nightmare.

    Ravi: She's dead.

    Kalin: Is that so?

    The area starts to fade.

    Ravi: I am just following my orders, ma'am. I'm doing what I'm told to do.

    The area turns back to normal and Kalin fades, and Linka is just standing there.

    Ravi: Illusions don't work on me.

    Kalin: I'm not doing it to you.

    Tamo: Hehehe, I can do the same things to you, you know.

    A figure clad in darkness appears.

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    Re: Bleach Reborn Chapter Four

    thats really nice......

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    Re: Bleach Reborn Chapter Four


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    Re: Bleach Reborn Chapter Four

    Thank you, guys.

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