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source== Naruto Manga & Spoiler: Naruto 505 Prediction

Naruto 505: A new power!

(naruto wakes up from his meditation and stands up and looks at Bee and Yamato, and gives the thumbs up nice guy pose, Bee and Yamato smile)

Bee: you did it little dattebayo-kid! (reaches out for a fist bump)

Naruto: yup! Now I’m the master of the kybui’s power (fist-bumps bee), and I got to see my mom too!

Yamato: what?!? (both bee and yamato are confused)

Naruto: yeah my father sealed some of her chakra inside along with his and the kyubi, right when the hatred of the kyubi was going to take over me she was able to stop it and give me some help. (a single tear runs down naruto’s cheek: I promise that’s the last of the sappy stuff)

Yamato: naruto whats up?

Naruto: (wipes the tear away and smiles) I finally know what happened to my parents, they gave their lives for me…for Konoha!

Bee: Kid that’s great and all but, you and me got a score to settle, which jink is best time to test yo’ mettle ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa! Follow me

(they walk into another room which is a massive arena in the cavern, like the stadium from the chunin exams, Bee stands across from naruto)

Bee: this place was designed for the jink’s of the hachibi to learn to harness their power, it didn’t usually work out but now we have two beasts that can battle each other without fear of losing control.

Naruto: yeah lets see how powerful the kyubi has made me!

Bee: first thing a little lesson on the states of a jink. I’m sure you’re aware of the initial jinchuriki state right (naruto nods his head as he imagines the valley of the end against saskue) lets see that now

Naruto: right! (closes his eyes and focuses without any trouble he’s in initial state with slited pupils and sharp canines) Wow that was a lot easier this time.

Bee: that’s because you don’t have the hatred of the kyubi starting it. Its just like your own chakra now, now how bout’ some tails.

Naruto: OK! ( he focuses again and quickly three tails sprout out of the cloak his eyes now are still blue not red) I feel great!

Bee: now you went right to three I’m guessing that was your limit before right? (before naruto can answer yamato answers for him)

Yamato: yes after that….(he gives a nervous look) he lost control and went into a minature version of the kyubi with four tails.

Bee: oh like version 2 (both Yamato and naruto look puzzled) oh I mean another version of the cloak that merges with your body like this

(quickly bee charges up version two with seven tails with his trademark bullhorns sign in the air, naruto and yamato are shocked, bee quickly changes back)

Bee: that’s about how powerfull a chakra you can release without transformin into the beast itself, but it cuts down on your life force so be careful when using it!

(naruto now has a nervous look on his face)

Bee: now then lets see what you can do! (has a 7-tailed cloak on version 1)

Naruto: alright! (he quickly has a 6-tailed cloak on and both charge each other yamato looks on from the sidelines)

(change scenes to outside the akatsuki hideout we see several alliance shinobi lying on the ground with wounds all over their bodies as if they were impaled by 20 spike in random places on their torso and arms, one is backed against the wall facing saskue with a kunai raised he is a rain nin, we still cant see his eyes)

Rain nin: please please ill tell you whatever you want just don’t…don’t ….AHHHHAGAGGHHAGHGAHAG !!!!!!!!!

(we see saskue from an upward angle so we cant see the detail in his eyes but what looks like amateratsu flying in and out of the nins body at blinding speed it almost looks like solid matter streaming through him)


( we see his EMS it looks like an electron configuration concentric rings with dots throughout them only they are not perfectly aligined they are off kilter on the outer edge of the design there are three points like itachi’s)

Madara: (looking on at a distance) he’s progressed far beyond what I expected his amateratsu is faster than any uchiha that I’ve ever seen, and the accuracy of it too! Let’s hope I can keep him on my side (he walks away)

(we head back to nartuo and bee who have turned the place upside-down with their attacks Yamato is scared hiding in a wood dome)
Bee: take this kid LARIAT!!!!! (the bullhorns take shape on his shoulder and he flies at naruto, who somehow! Slips out of the way and they end up streaking across from each other)

Naruto: TAKE THIS! (quickly four FRS form at his tails and are wrapped around each of four tails and throws them which whiz all around Bee and evelop him in a sphere of slashing wind naruto looks kind of nervous) did I ….Overdo it? (yamato has a OMFG face on)

Bee: HAHA NOT BAD KID BUT LETS SEE YOU TAKE IT TO THE NEXT STEP! (naruto looks up and bee has fully transformed into the hachibi unscathed from the attack, naruto looks nervous)

Naruto: (gulps) well here I go! (panel moves away from naruto we focus on yamato who sees Naruto’s shadow progressively increase as multiple tails materialize into flesh and bone, naruto looks down at yamato and roars as loud as he can, yamato now has a I shit myself look on his face)

Naruto: (deep fox voice) don’t worry yamato Im in control remember! (he tries to smile but he just bears his teeth which scares him further)


(we see a split panel one side of sasuke with his EMS and naruto facing bee in full kyubi form with blue eyes still)

Now they have both obtained unimaginable power how will this shift the power in the upcoming war?

Next chapter 506: A Clash of Beasts! Hachibi Vs. Kyubi