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This chapter was crazy because of Naruto.

I didn't actually know the sage's image would happen if Naruto used the Kyuubi chakra. I thought it only happened in his inner realm. So boss how he smashed Kisame. I can't wait to watch the next couple of chapters, though I feel like Gai should have his moment to beat Kisame's ass because he owes it to him. I doubt Gai would die in this battle because Naruto, Yamato, and KB are there as well.
Kishimota is rediculous, he just never stays off the typical naruto humor, nothing has ever changed, he's so consistent, what a guy lol. I cant wait to yell at people who are gunna say some chapter of naruto sucks later on, lol.

It is pretty funny how he said "hell yeah" when he returned ahahaha