The scarecrow and the crow

Prologue – Itachi


Itachi’s first memory is a blast of air thundering in his ears. He looks up to the tall man beside him, curious eyes dedicating everything to memory. There was a stern looking man sitting close to him, muttering words he did not yet know and understand. This man extends his hand to touch his head, patting it softly while he laughed some more. The man continued doing this for quite some time, occasionally pausing whenever a bird visits the inner garden.

Itachi enjoyed the sound of this man’s voice. He did not yet understand the words but he was sure this man was expressing his joy for being able to spend these precious moments with him. It delighted Itachi that whenever he looks up and stares, this man would turn towards him and smile in return.

“Look at how he looks at me, Mikoto.” Fugaku called when his wife passed them. He was amused at how wide his son’s eyes had become. The three-year old’s stare was so intense and penetrating that he wondered if the boy could see through his soul. Fugaku lets out another thundering laugh. “Look at the wonder in his eyes.”

Itachi instantly missed the light touches in his head when the man stood up and followed a lady person into the kitchen, leaving him alone in the courtyard. When he couldn’t follow the man with his eyes anymore, he looks to his own hands.

How small they were.

It was in that instant that Itachi became aware of himself. He is conscious of his own emotions and inner thoughts. He looks at his own existence and he understands that he’s still a child, still in need of protection and nurturing from those around him. Somehow he knew that he wasn’t supposed to care about things like this at this age but he immediately came to accept that he was different.

The lady from before picks him up and kisses his head, caressing his hair softly as she muttered angrily towards the man who forgot to put him back to his crib. Itachi relishes in what he understood as his mother’s hold, content to have that comforting touch once again.

Itachi wished it would never disappear.