Helloooo NarutoBase!

Welcome to the new NarutoBase! As you probably have seen we have a completely new design created for the forums to match the new website NarutoBase.net. After many weeks of working, we've build up the website from zero and completely merged it with the forums. All forum members are automatically logged in on the main website and can use the services like commenting and downloading.

So what has happened

  • Completely new design and logo
  • New servers launched for faster downloads
  • NarutoBase.net completely rewritten from zero
  • Faster loading
  • Naruto Manga Guide released [Link]
  • Naruto Characters rewritten [Link]
  • Naruto Jutsus updated [Link]
  • Naruto Animated gifs added [Link]
  • Naruto Movies added [Link]
  • Member system completely one, no more seperate accounts needed
  • Automatically logged in or out on the website and forums

NarutoBase Forums
  • Completely new design
  • Connected with the main website
  • Addon Anniversary added. You can now see which members are at least 1 year member of NarutoBase (Go to forum main page and look at bottom)
  • Advanced Forum Statistics reactivated, you can find it on the forum homepage.
  • Local date and time of the member is shown when you hover the username in "Recent Visitors" field on your profile
  • Glowing text option added
  • Time spent online at NarutoBase added - [Link] but can also be seen at everyone's profile. It also counts when you watch a anime episode at the main site! Lets see who is addicted

I hope you like the new changes as we do :D It’s been some crazy weeks for us and we’re expecting the next months to be even more of an adventure. Look forward to more great stuff from us soon… we’re really just getting started!


NarutoBase staff