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TOBI IS NOT OBITO...IF U REVERSE OBITO MAKES OTIBO or TOBIO.....do u see in the name Tobi everywhere the "O"...stop to insult the dead...Madara is Tobi..And he is in age of 91 years old or somewhere in this age,very close to Kakuzu,because Kakuzu is also old enough....And when we saw little of his face,it was old..So i say that he is Madara ,in his real body...
Actually, it would b otibo not tobio.

the only thing that pisses me off about this is that no one here has respect for anyone else's opinion. personally i think it could b obito. i mean people have come up wit more outlandish, off the wall stuff than that. people think that its madara, Y??? we actually have more proof that its NOT madara than we do that its not obito so plz... no more Tobi = Madara cuz Kabumaru already put that to rest. Heck it could jus b some other uchiha we never heard for with similar powers n hair style to obito. i say that cuz well.... his hair was the same way tobi's is now, n i like to think that kakashi's sharingan tech n tobi's S/T r cut from the same cloth. mayb one was developed more or somthing. or mayb its like tsukiyomi n amateratsu ( left eye right eye thing).