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    Edo Tensen back fired Nagato Revived!?!

    As we have seen in both the manga and the anime Nagato's Rinnengan has the ability of the six paths and Nagato is the seventh see where i'm going?

    Kabuto stupidly elected Nagato to be one of the several one man cavalry super bad ass ninja in his repitoire as a show case for Madara. Heres the rubb, lets say Nagato much like the 1st and 2nd hokage is able to understand that he has been reanimated and decides to ressurect his true self through the same methods he used to revive the leaf village and breaks loose of the hold kabuto/maru has on him; and decides to join forces with the shinobi alliance against the akatsuki taking up the role of leader or perhaps protector of the leader in Konan for the rain village.

    Not only would this be epic to see the most bad ass mofo besides Naruto come back to life by his own jutsu after being reanimated and fight side by side with the leaf, but to see the look on Kabuto's face after watching his jutsu turn against him and blunder the rest of the reanimated bunch of his. This I would pay Kishimoto for to make happen, what do you'll think speak up if you wanna be heard?
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