Whats with these stupid assumptions. Learn what hiraishin is before jumping to assumptions and read carefully. Hiraishin requires seals, if their is no seals its another jutsu. Minato was also known as one of the fastest shinobi in the world, he was a master at the body flicker jutsu (instant movement also known as teleportation) hiraishin is a form of space-time, its a super advance reverse summoning.

Naruto used his rikudo cloak to move at a speed no one saw, all they saw was a yellow flash. Naruto's hair. Minato also moved (ran) so fast that that all anyone saw was a yellow flash.

Naruto ran so fast that his leg go stuck into the wall a sign that he was running so fast. With hiraishin Mianto would have gotten stuck into a wall. You can't reverse summon yourself into an objectif so Minato would fusse himself into lots of objects or people, you can only gain enough speed to pierce the object which Naruto did.

This is a great source of Naruto info