Everyone believes Madara Uchiha to be dead. No surprise because a normal ninja cannot live as long as Madara does. Every shinobi so far has shown shock and/or disbelief when they hear that Madara is still living - from Sasuke to Kisame himself. We've all seen Madara during his younger days, but we've never seen his face since his battle with Hashirama, am I right? And THAT was the point when he was declared dead. In my opinion, there's an EVEN BIGGER mystery behind the already mysterious "Madara Uchiha".

Think about a few things here:

1. Madara's face is always covered by a mask, or not shown even without it. Why? It's obvious there's a secret written on his face. It makes you think, "What if Madara has someone else's face? Maybe that's why it's never shown properly"...

2. We can only see his right eye (via the hole in his masks). I, for one, am starting to think he only has one eye. Remember when he wanted to take Danzo's (or rather Shisui's) EYE..? Why only one? And in Madara's Laboratory, each jar had only a single eye. Not a big point, but something I did pick up on, lol.

3. I know you're going to rant and bad-mouth me on this one, but bear with me for a second. Yes, it's obvious Obito died. His body was crushed horribly. So obviously, Madara cannot equal Obito. But this is the ninja world we're talking about. Orochimaru is notorious for assembling and disassembling bodies; what if he helped in redefining Obito's body back together? Not to mention certain Jutsus that bring back dead bodies [eg. Impure Ressurection]. Trust me, I believe Obito to have died just as much as the next person, but the more I think about it, the more I realize Madara has more in common with Obito then anyone else.

4. I bet Kabuto ressurecting Akatsuki was a thrill for everyone. But what made me tick, was when Kabuto revealed another coffin - which wasn't freakin' shown to us! Madara, however, seemed disturbed... greatly! There was something in that coffin (a body obviously) that made even the calm, collected, evil genius Madara cry out in shock. Could it be Madara's REAL body?

Sorry I wrote so much, guys. But this Madara character really makes me think. So many mysteries behind him. Clues that jumble up everywhere. I just can't wait til Kishimoto reveals the truth. Leave your opinions and/or theories on what YOU think, I'd love to hear them all (: