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    If things happened differently chapter 8

    Chapter 1
    Previous Chapter

    The bustling market place of Konoha, is thriving with shoppers and merchants, so it was extremely lucky that none of them were hurt from the falling roof tiles, as two figures dash across the roof's of the shops and homes. One in pursuit of the other.

    Kakashi: He's trying to lure me away from the village, to stop interference. It would be a bother if this turned into a full scale battle, but I can't just let him escape with that document. There are too many people around for a fight here, although I doubt it would come to that. Everyone is on edge since the attacks, he knows that if we were to fight here, there would be a dozen shinobi to assist me in a matter of moments, so the only logical explanation is that he is trying to get me to leave the village.

    Setsuna: I heard you're actually a pretty decent shinobi, Copy Ninja!

    Kakashi remains silent, calculating his next move.

    Setsuna: Son of the great White Fang am I right?

    This catches his attention

    Setsuna: That would usually worry most people, but the way I see it is, he couldn't even complete a simple mission, and disgraced by that, took the cowards way out, and done himself in. Ahahaha I heard that he didn't even try to hide it, he let his only son, a kid, be the one to discover his body!

    Kakashi knows that he is trying to provoke him, to make him lose his cool, he knows this, and yet he still lets it get to him.

    Kakashi: I will have to take you in for questioning, but all that means is, you have to still be able to talk when I'm done with you, you can do a lot of things to a man, before he loses his ability to speak! but not here, not only are there too many innocent people around, but if the fight starts here, it will end before I really get to make him pay

    The two ninja are highly trained, so it doesn't take them long to be well out of the village walls, Setsuna stop in a small open area of the forest.

    Setsuna: Unluckily for you, I have no such request to take you in for questioning.

    Kakashi: I usually use this jutsu to pierce the hearts of my enemies, for a quick kill *Kakashi lifts his headband, so that it no longer covers his left eye, revealing a Sharingan* but, it can be used in other ways, like cutting off a limb, such as leg, don't worry *He begins to make several hand signs, Ox → Rabbit → Monkey, suddenly lightning is surging in his hand*

    Setsuna: Aah the Chidori, how thrilling to see it in action

    Kakashi: Actually this is slightly different to the Chidori, this is the Lightning Cutter, I won't bore you with the details, the outcome will be the same

    Setsuna: It's interesting that you were allowed to keep that eye, many have speculated that you killed the team-mate you took it from, simply to gain that eye

    Kakashi: That's a lie!

    Setsuna: Well how would we know, we only have your report, and the report of your other team-mate. Lovely girl, who you coincidentally happened to kill, not too long after that first incident, am I right?

    Kakashi: I wouldn't do that, she, she made me! She ran into my attack on purpose!

    Setsuna: How convenient, if only all my enemies with throw themselves in front of my attacks


    With this, Kakashi lost all reasoning, and charged toward the man, who had already planned for this, he quickly slammed his hands together to make the Snake hand seal, and an explosion erupted from the ground, only a couple of feet behind Kakashi, forcing him off his feet, and heading straight toward Setsuna. Setsuna drew his sword, the sword all members of foundation carry on their backs, and slashes it at the airborne Kakashi, who manages to collide his lightning cutter with it, shielding him from the attack, although Setsuna plunges a kunai into Kakashi's side with his left hand. Setsuna dashes backward, as Kakashi falls to the ground.

    Setsuna: That's a deep wound you got there Kakashi, but don't worry, you won't bleed out before I get the chance to have some fun with you

    Kakashi: When did you plant that paper bomb? had you been planning to come here from the start!?

    Setsuna: Yeah, it's a shame, if I had detonated it a moment sooner, I probably would have blown your legs clean off. I guess I should work on my timing. *Setsuna suddenly drops his sword which pierces into the ground* Huh, would you look at that, your lightning followed down my blade, my entire right arm is numb

    Kakashi: This is not good, I could make a run for him, with only one arm I could probably take him, but any movement now would only cause me to bleed more, I doubt I would make it all the way back to the village, before I passed out, and inevitably died. I need to think of a better way to deal with him, looks like genjutsu might be the way to go

    ???: Lord Danzo wants to know what's taking so long Setsuna! Stop playing around and finish off the brat, and leave his eye in tact, Lord Danzo will want that little gem for his own.

    Setsuna: Arrgh why do you always have to spoil my fun Takuto

    Takuto: Because I despise fun, it has no place in the life of a shinobi, it makes them sloppy fighters

    Kakashi: Shit, there's no way I can fight two members of the foundation like this, if I had only managed to stay calm, I probably could've taken them, seems like his kunai has done some pretty rough damage to my large intestine.

    Setsuna, with his right arm still numb, and his left hand still clutching the bloody kunai began to stroll toward Kakashi

    Takuto: SETSUNA!!!

    It was too late, Setsuna tried to turn and look, but couldn't, something was stopping him, holding him in place. He looked down to see what was obstructing his movement, only to see the tip of a bloody sword sticking out through his chest.

    Setsuna: That blood, is it mine? Yes ofcourse it is, in fact, that sword's mine, who the hell?

    Setsuna begins to fall forward, now his whole body is beginning to go numb, as he fades from this world, his last words were muttered, as that was all he could manage

    Setsuna: Takuto.... you.... loser.... you got.... me.... killed

    Takuto dashed down from the tree on which he was perched and charged toward the killer, with his sword already drawn, and glowing from the wind nature chakra he was using to sharpen it's edge. The killer however, merely gave the foundation shinobi a grim look, and Takuto fell to the ground.

    Kakashi: Fu- Fugaku?

    Fugaku: It was earth jutsu

    Kakashi: Excuse me?

    Fugaku: The moment he landed, he wasn't placing his hands down for support, he used earth jutsu to move an explosive tag through the ground, he then provoked you to charge straight into it. You should not let yourself be provoked so easily

    Kakashi: Thankyou but how did you know we were here?

    Fugaku: Well, I was attending to my own business, and I see a pair of shinobi blitzing through the village, I then recognised one of them to be the Hokage's only remaining pupil, and the other to be a no good dog of Danzo, so I pursued, I also wanted to see how well you wielded the sharingan of the Uchiha clan, you were pathetic

    Kakashi: Shit, is he, is he going to kill me too? He could easily kill me to retrieve this eye, and then pin it on Takuto

    Fugaku: It's no surprise, Neither you, nor your sensei have no real knowledge of the use of the sharingan, and you have no natural talent for it, being that you're not an uchiha. Although I see you have progressed it to three tomoes. Impressive. *he mumbles* What you need is a real instructor.

    Kakashi: What?

    Fugaku: Nothing, I have a meeting to attend to with the Hokage and Shikaku, but I don't think he would approve of me deserting his only living pupil for the sake of good time keeping.

    With the weaving of a few hand seals, and a sacrifice of blood from his thumb, Fugaku summoned a small crow, which he entrusted with a note

    Fugaku: It shouldn't be long until back up arrives, luckily the Uchiha district is rather close to here

    Kakashi: Standard protocol would be to have Anbu on the scene as fast as possible

    Fugaku: Yes well I know I can trust the Uchiha's, one of the will be proficient in medical ninjutsu, so that wound won't be too much of a bother as long as you refrain from moving around until he gets here, *Fugaku tosses Kakashi a small bundle of cloth from his pouch* keep pressure on the wound, it will hurt but it's best for-

    Kakashi begins to run a current of electricity around the area of the wound

    Fugaku: Heh, smart kid, using the electricity to numb the pain

    Within 5 minutes a full four man squad of Konoha Police Officers arrived on the scene, and the medic of the group immediately began to tend to Kakashi's wounds. Without saying another word, or even looking in Kakashi's direction, Fugaku was gone. Although returning shortly afterwards.

    Fugaku: Actually I'll take this *he picks up the unconscious body of Takuto, and once again disappears*

    Let me know what you think guys

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    Re: If things happened differently chapter 8

    Its a good read

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    Re: If things happened differently chapter 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerkak View Post
    Its a good read
    Thankyou ^-^
    It's weird because I started chapter 1 over a year ago, and I've only got to chapter 8 because I've had no motivation to do it, but now I'm really enjoying writing it

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