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    Bleach Reborn Chapter 11

    May I ask how you liked the previous chapters so far?(for those of you who are members and enjoy reading this) anyway, here is the chapter for today.

    Chapter 11: "Demon and the Beast"

    Kalin: People my age would call me crazy... Explode.

    The rocks explode. Some of the rocks hit Ravi.

    Ravi: Hey, don't ruin my clothes.

    Kalin looks up with tears running down her cheeks.

    Kalin: Sorry.

    Ravi: Oh I'm sorry, did I make you cry?

    Kalin stayed quite, and looked at the rocks.

    Tamo: Vasto Lorde... I know you're there.

    A humanoid figure comes out of the darkness. It looms from the darkness.

    Kalin: What?

    Ravi shunidos to attempt his signature move, but before he can reach the Vasto Lorde, it disappears. And in place of it, Ravi is there.

    Kalin: What was that?

    Kalin runs over to where Tamo is.

    Kalin: What was that?

    Tamo: Vasto Lorde class Menos.

    Kalin: Vasto what?

    Ravi's reiatsu increases by tenfold.

    Tamo: A Vasto Lorde class Menos Hollow.

    Kalin: I feel dizzy.

    Kalin slowly backed away from Tamo and Ravi. The Vasto Lorde comes up behind Ravi and slashes. Ravi whips his blade around.

    Kalin turned and ran back to Nel. And he slices across the Vasto Lorde's face but apparently misses.

    Nel: It's alright, Kalin. He can take care of himself.

    Kalin: I'm scared.

    Kalin tightened her grip.

    Nel: I know, sweetie.

    They clash a number of times. It doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.

    Ravi: This is getting nowhere.

    Vasto Lorde: Huh? Oh yeah?

    Kalin let go and grabbed her gloves.

    Ravi: All must surrender to the flux, Ichiji-tekina Handan.(Temporal Judgement)

    His Zanpakutō glows and changes form into a staff.

    Kalin whispers: Forgive me mother and father, but I have to go against our promise again.

    Kalin removes the glove that hides her hollow hole, and removes the necklace. The Vasto Lorde goes after Kalin. Ravi points his staff at it, and it suddenly stops in motion following the law that things at rest stay at rest. Ravi uses Danku six times forming a cube around Nel and Kalin.

    Kalin: I know I've seen you somewhere before... Thousand swords!

    Ravi points at the Vasto Lorde, it sonidos.

    Kalin: What the?

    Nel: Don't be so reckless! We're inside of a Danku cube, nothing gets in or out.

    Kalin does a low and hollow sounding growl.

    Kalin: Do the walls repel attacks?

    The Vasto Lorde suddenly slams on the Danku cube. Ravi uses Byakurai at it. It misses and hits the cube with no effect.

    Nel: No, it stops the attack like a shield, whether it's one side or the other. He did it to protect you. You are no match for this Vasto Lorde.

    Kalin sits down, and closes her eyes.

    Nel: Let's do that training I talked about, okay?

    The Hollow fires a cero. Ravi slices a Cero Herida(Zero Gash) at the Cero. It results in a explosion. Kalin remained silent, and her eyes closed. The lightning gathered up around the shield. After the explosion clears, they clash once more and Ravi takes a stance.

    Ravi: Bankai, Kūkan Handan!(Spatial Judgement)

    The staff disappears, and a black floating disc appears behind Ravi and resembling cell division, it separates into six black discs. Ravi becomes reminiscent of Amaterasu and Okami. The Vasto Lorde sonidos inside the ring of discs, and stabs but before it does, a disc appears in front of it. Its arm goes through, and comes out another disc from behind somehow stabbing itself.

    The lightning moves closer to Kalin.

    Vasto Lorde: Aaaahhhhh!

    It backs away, and fires a cero. One of the discs get bigger, and another panels/tilts towards the Hollow. The Cero goes through the big disc and out the next disc at the Vasto Lorde. It sonidos out of the way. Kalin gets up and puts her hands the the shield, as soon as she touched the shield, she shot lightning out of her system.

    Nel: Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself.

    Kalin: I don't care...that bastard killed my father.

    Nel: Who?

    Kalin: The Hollow. He's the one who killed my father

    Nel: Do you know his name?

    Kalin: No, but still...He needs to die.

    Nel: You don't have to kill him.

    Kalin in a doll like voice: I have every reason to.

    Nel: Rage, strife, and revenge can cloud the mind as judgement takes over.

    Kalin: He killed my father

    Nel: I know, sweetie. I had a partner who was like that.

    Kalin turns her head, and with some thought.

    Kalin: I'm too young for this.

    She walks away from the shield, and the lightning dies down.

    Nel: You can say that again. And besides, you're no match for him.

    Kalin picked up a rock and smashed it with her hand.

    Ravi: Tamo, if you have to, use "that".

    Tamo: "That"? Okay. Suffer, Martrizar.(Torment)

    He transforms into a pure white version of Hollowfied Ichigo.

    Kalin saw him transfer, gasps and cowers behind Nel.

    Nel: That's what I'm going to teach you. Have you noticed Mar isn't here anywhere?

    Kalin is too scared to talk.

    Nel: Oh, it's alright. He won't hurt you. And I'm here too.

    Tamo growls. Kalin tensed up. Tamo sonidos and grabs the Vasto Lorde's arm and cuts it off.

    Vasto Lorde: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kalin has a flashback of her past when her father died, and remember his scream.

    Kalin: No no no.

    Kalin put her hands to her ears and shakes her head.

    Nel: Kalin-kun, what's wrong, sweetie?

    Kalin: Make It stop, Make It Stop!

    Nel: Hey, hey, calm down.

    She hugs Kalin. Kalin was crying.

    Kalin: Please, just make it stop!

    Kalin is still gripping her head crying. A heavenly light emanates from him as if he were an Angel, and his skin and armor appears to bloom. You can hear a soothing melody somehow made of swan feathers and celestial echoes.

    Tamo: Resurrección Segunda Etapa... This is a whip used for punishment... Azote(Scourge).

    His back tendrils flow out and barrage the Vasto Lorde. Kalin is shaking. Ravi undoes his Bankai and Shikai.

    Ravi I'll leave the rest up to you.

    He takes down one Danku wall, enters, and puts it up again.

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    Re: Bleach Reborn Chapter 11

    nice.....thanks for sharing

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