Hi all

I would kindly ask you to keep the linking to mangastream and other anime/manga sites to a minimum. This is to keep NB from getting targeted by the publishers.
It's okey that the author of the discussion/prediction thread links to the chapter, and it would be greatly appreciated if the author replaced the mangastream link by linking to the chapter on NB once its uploaded here, so please keep an eye out for the chapter being uploaded on NB and quickly replace the link once you see it has been uploaded.

To the other people replying to the discussion/prediction thread, please try not to quote the mangastream link when replying, or post a link to a page from the manga, linking to mangastream, just name the page, or wait till it has been uploaded on NB and post the narutobase link for the page >_>

This goes for all other threads as well, keep the links that lead to another manga viewer on another site to a minimum, but rather post links from inside of narutobase.

It all would make my job so much easier, having to edit like 30-40 posts each week and replacing the link, linking to the correct page that the original author of the post had, is really a pain in the ass