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    Cool theory

    Im drunk
    Right now but i feell like sharing this

    The so6p has jutsu: creation of all things. So he can create a vision in his mind and can make
    It reality

    Naruto has half the jutsu. And
    Sasuke got the other half

    Look at it like this:

    Naruto: cam create new eyes and heal life (guy) and make miracles

    Sasuke: can create a vision in his mind. And just visioned himself in a certain place so he teleports

    So basicly sasuke can *think everything*
    And naruto can make it reality

    So naruto's *wonder ability* and sasuke's *visionary ability* = creation of all things

    Am i really drunk or does this actially makes

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    Re: Cool theory

    dude where are the manga panels you are so noob at making thread lollz /thread gg

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    Re: Cool theory

    someone give me vodka i gotta drink to understand this

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    Re: Cool theory

    Well, ****ing obviously. Yin And Yang. Combined you can do almost anything. Creation of all things require both "vision" as in the mental ability to envision something or some place, and the life force "body/chakra" to give it shape/life.

    Your theory isn't much a theory as it is a form of what the sage himself embodies. It is highly likely that Naruto and Sasuke can both, together, perform "Creation Of All Things". There is no proof that my/your hypothesis is correct, only our collective good guesses.
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