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    Awards Showcase

    Naruto 511

    Here are some cool predictions I found on Net.

    Madara screaming:"What?!"

    WE see Madara leaned over Nagato's body.

    Madara: "how, how could she..."

    Focused on Nagato's body it is a paper doll that lost it's illusion when Madara touched it

    Madara:" plan on losing to me AND that i would read her most secured thought.
    that girl, she knew if i won i would get the information out of her."

    Flash back in an unknown location. 4 people are coming from what looks to be a cave.

    1st person: "Are you sure you didn't tell anyone where we were going?"

    2nd person:" yes i am sure, the Angel wanted it that way."

    3rd: "Not even she knows where we are putting them."

    4th:" okay we're done let's go."

    We see the men walking off, We see a close up of yahiko. heis in a box placed on top of a stone table.
    Next to him is another box.
    It is Nagato. He is wrapped in bandages. it is dark around his face. Hard to see his eyes.

    Still Flash back.
    we see Konan sweating in a stance as if in a battle, but she is alone.

    Konan(breathing heavy)"there that should be enough. It has to be enough. If i fall he will not get the treasure of Amegakure. he will not take our hope."

    She is thinking about Nagato.

    Nagato:"he is hiding something under that mask. He has more mystery than i. Whatever he has he will only use it IF he thinks he is done for, trust me."

    Konan: "i know you will have an ace up your sleeve, i to have a couple."

    Madara: "this turned out to be useless. I should have come here sooner,not give her time to prepare."
    he turns to walk away.
    "Now to check on my other prospect." just then we see a foot in the fore ground and
    Madara looking at the person.

    Madara:" I didn't send for you."

    it is Sasuke, dark around his eyes:
    " I am not your subordinate. I don't need you anymore, i have the power to make them pay, make them all pay. Starting with you!"

    cuts to the island.

    Naruto and company

    Naruto shouting off screen: "shadow clone jutsu!"

    POP! His bubble pops, Yamato makes a wooden spike and pops his, KB uses his sword.
    Naruto uses clones to pop the others with kunai.

    Naruto "Dammit. it's too far we can't catch up to it now!"

    KB" that shark is hauling ass, we can't swim that fast!"

    Yamato: " So what do we do now? we can't just wait to see what happens."

    Naruto turns around to face them.
    Naruto with Toad Sage eyes: "Who said we were waiting, you know me by now Captain."
    Naruto bites his thumb and makes the sign for summoning.

    Naruto:" Multi summoning jutsu!"

    Just then Gamakichi and his brother pop up, along with a third unknown Toad.
    All are big enough to ride on the top of their backs.

    Everyone looks in amazement.
    Naruto: "Wow Gamakichi you've grown even more sense the battle! You look like Boss Toad, now!"

    Gama:"Really? well thanks. Whatcha need?"

    Naruto points to the water.

    Naruto: "we need to follow that shark! He has an important scroll we need it back!"

    Gamakichi:"A shark? they eats toads you know, i don't know about this."

    Naruto frustrated:" What?! You gotta be kidding me! your like 4x the size of that thing! Come on!"

    Just then a voice comes from the jungle.

    "I can swim pretty fast."

    Everyone turns to see.

    The turtle Guy Summoned is still here.
    Turtle: "I can swim kinda fast, i will help."

    He looks at Guy.
    Guy hold head down:"You uh, still here huh?"

    Turtle:"I'm not gonna be summoned just to be your stepping stone. i am more than that!"

    Gamakichi:" Alright, alright. i was just messing we can take you but we can't catch it but i guarantee we won't lose it."

    Naruto:"Great! let's go everybody!"

    Soon we see everyone on the toads backs and Naruto is on the turtle's back.
    Guy is on Gamakichi with the leaf ninja.

    Guy: "this is embarrassing my own summoning creature has shunned me."

    Leaf ninja:"well guy sensei you did kinda just left him out in the jungle without bothering to send him home."

    Turtle is shown with Naruto on his back.
    Turtle:" he hasn't summoned me in 4 years, he didn't even notice how much I've grown. I heard you compliment your summoning creature."

    Naruto with awkward expression: "Uh yeah well me and gamakichi go way back."

    Turtle: "you ever thought of signing the turtle scroll?"

    Naruto :"Huh? oh no i couldn't give up my toads friends they have taught me so much."

    Turtle You don't have to you can have contract with as many as your Chakra can handle."
    Naruto:" what do you mean handle?"

    Turtle: "when you sign the contract you have a chakra bond to those creatures and they you, thats why it takes blood. if it is really strong than you don't need to make a blood sacrifice."

    Naruto:"Well thats something to think about, But i am a Toad sage how would that look?"
    turtle: "There are 5 other sage creature levels.Only heard of one human that had all 6 Sage levels, but thats just a legend."

    Naruto looks down at his pouch:"Huh? whats going on?'
    His bag is glowing. he opens it and pulls out the flower Konan gave is dying in his hand.

    Naruto yells to the others: "Change of plans, we are going to the hidden Rain village! Be at your best cause the Akataski is there!"

    KB's friend:"How does he know?

    Yamato:"Trust him, he knows."
    Storm clouds are overhead
    Naruto clenching the flower: "This time no questions. You need to be taken out Akastaski and whoever is threatening the Way of Peace!"

    lightening strikes as it does there is a flash of the Rinnegan in his eyes briefly.

    Next what did Nagato really entrust Naruto with, did he pass on the family "gift"?

    On the Island.

    Naruto summons kichi to break the water prison.
    Naruto: Gamakichi, chase that shark. Hurry.
    Kichi: There is no catching a shark in water.
    Naruto: Shut up and move.

    Kichi jumps from the cliff with naruto on top as high as he can. Upon landing on the water, naruto goes RSM speed on the shark but it is too late. The shark will be out of the Islands waters and will go deep into the sea before he catches it.

    Naruto: (thinking)Even if I increases my speed by taking more of the 9tails chakra, I still wont make it. That shd do it.
    Naruto: Kage Bunshin no jutsu. (Still chasing the shark; A shadow clone appears). Henge.(the real naruto transforms into a kunai).

    The clone grabs the kunai and runs wind chakra into it throwing it as hard as he can. The kunai runs thru the shark point to point(from top to bottom) who lets out a shrinking sound, letting go the scroll. Naruto henged back to take the scroll while the shark disappeard.

    Later on the Island

    Naruto approaching the rest of the group with the scroll.

    Guy is unconscious with aoba and the island guardian helping him out.

    Yamato: That was fast naruto. I didnt know u could do well in water.

    Bee: Am telling u ma man. U turn that shark into a sushi in a second. Even ma island animals would have had a hard time. U took it out like it was hot knife cutting thru butter.

    Naruto: Now let's see what's actually written inside the scroll.

    In some underground lair. We see Nagato lying on a table

    Zetsu: Was it necessary to go after that eye.

    Tobi: The six paths consist of the real magic eye(juubi eye) and the real magic body. Combine this two and u get the powers of the RS.

    Zetsu: What exactly are u saying.

    Tobi: The first three paths makes the magic eye, which is the combination of all the three doujutsu. Byukugan is blank and represents the foundamental power of the magic eye It is calm by nature. Sharingan has the tomoe which represent the revolt of the magic eye. It is trecherous by nature. And the Rinnegan represents the medaitor of the two. making sure the two do not conflict. Imagine me with such a powerful eye. But to be able to use the eye, I need a powerful stamina only never ever seen before untill the RS. Only one option and that is to get the magic body which has the other three paths. The Uzumaki, Senju and the Sarutobi. That brings in mind, How is Konohamaru doing?

    Zetsu: Fine I guess. He even took out one pains bodied. Anyway the first hokage did very well in uniting all the specimen for our use. At least he is good for something.

    Tobi: Everything is moving on well. I have the sharingan, rinnegan, Uzumaki and senju genes. I think it is time we go konoha to hunt hinata and konohamaru. All too soon everything will be under my cover.

    In another lair somewhere

    Kabuto: Oh, he really left him here. My chance to pounce. In this weakened state, I can make sasuke's body mine. ku ku ku ku.

    We see sasuke sleeping without the bandages. Kabuto sent some snakes to coil around him waking him up.

    Sasuke: (not moving) What is this, Kabuto?

    Kabuto: I made a deal with madara but i am going to jump the gun and take u with me. Any way, the konoha forces i have brought here should come in soon. They are pretty strong u know. ku ku ku ku. Any resistance will be met with full force.

    Sasuke: Really. (sasuke opens his eyes to reveal his MS)

    Kabuto:!!!! What the heck is this.

    We see the first stage of susaano grabbing kabuto.

    Kabuto: You are always like this when u wake up from sleep.

    Amaterasu engulfs sasuke devouring his susanoo and goes out. Sasuke has an astonished look on his face

    Kabuto: ku ku ku ku It pains me to tell u that I told u so. Any way meet my new buddy.

    Itachi Zombie: How have u been, brother?

    It ends with Kabuto laughing his heart out and sasuke looking more surprise as ever.

    Naruto chapter 511: The Inherited Eye!

    (Naruto scene)
    Naruto: I need to get out of this bubble..and fast.(Naruto takes out some of the fox's chakra.The water bubble starts to boil from the inside,and suddenly it explodes.Naruto touches all the other bubbles,they all explode as well)
    Yamato: How did you do that,Naruto!?
    Killer Bee: Ya,that was dope bro.
    Naruto: The fox's immense chakra applies a huge amount of pressure to the bubbles,and they burst.
    (Motoi thinking): So this is the fox's true power..impressive.
    Guy: This is no time to just stand around,we have to go after that shark!
    Killer Bee: Just leave that up to me...your in for a real treat.(KB transforms into the Hachibi.He jumps into the water.A few moments later KB can be seen coming out of the water in his human form,he's carrying the shark on his left shoulder,and holding the scroll in his right arm)
    Naruto: Wow..that's amazing senpai!
    Killer Bee:'s no biggie.
    (Guy thinking) : I still can't believe that Kisame killed himself,He didn't look the kind of guy that would've wanted to die.
    Motoi: So now what?
    Naruto: We start preparing for war.We head to Konoha.
    Everyone: Right!(They all start heading for Konoha)

    (Sasuke scene)
    (Sasuke's eyes look a little bit like Madara's Mangekyo,his eyeballs are all black and the color of the Mangekyo is red)
    Sasuke: MADARA!!!!
    Zetsu: Madara isn't here right now,you should calm yourself.
    Sasuke: I'am heading to konoha,now!
    Zetsu: You should probably wait for Madara to come back.He wouldn't be pleased if you went without him knowing.
    Sasuke: Then stop me!
    (Zetsu looks a little shocked,then he just look quietly at Sasuke) : Alright,but I warned you.
    (Sasuke smirking) : Do you think even Madara can stop me now?

    (Madara scene)
    (Madara is standing over Nagato's body.Madara reaches out to Nagato's left eye,and then he plucks it out.The Rinnegan pattern of the eye starts fading away until the eye completely turns white.Madara looks shockingly.He then plucks out the right eye,and the same thing happens)
    Madara: So this is what you were planning all along eh,Konan.Very well,your just delaying the inevitable.

    (Naruto scene)
    (They're all jumping from tree to tree.Suddenly Naruto stops.He puts his hands on his eyes as if in pain)
    Yamato: What is it,Naruto!?
    Guy: Are you okay?
    (Naruto looks at them.Naruto's eyes are now completely changed into the Rinnegan)
    (Everyone looks at Naruto and are shocked by what they see)
    Naruto: Guys,I feel weird.

    The End.
    Next Chapter: Nagato's Legacy!

    Chapter 511 Truce of Yahiko and Nagato’s past

    Madara Standing over Nagato’s body. Saying “ why did u betray me? ”

    Nagato lays there smiling. Madara leans over to get the rinnegan out of Nagato’s eye’s when he hears konan’s voice.

    Madara turns around to see a half dead konan. Konan says “u can’t kill me with just some measly illusion. ” Madara replies “doesn’t matter u can stop me now ur almost dead” madara turns away from konan and focuses on taking the rinnegan out of Nagato’s eye when his body collapses on it self and Yahiko’s body collapses as well.

    Madara looks back at konan, as konan begins to fall to the floor from the loss of blood. Madara rushes and grabs konan in a frenzy. What did u do what trickery is this woman explain ur self, were is the real nagato and what have u done with his rinnegan.

    First u explain to me what did u mean by u convinced yahiko to start Akatsuki and explain how did u give nagato the rinnegan.

    Madara explains that he told yahiko to start Akatsuki cause it would help face the ninja world and in time if he had enough followers he could bring peace to the whole world.

    During this first explanation madara is shown as another person who looks like a regular ninja no major characteristics that look similar to tobi or madara.

    Madara then goes to explain the events of nagato getting the rinnegan, as madara explain that during the third great ninja war Nagato’s family was murdered by a pair of leaf ninja. This is true for the most part but I had a hand in that war I lured those leaf ninja to that abandoned village the stumbled upon that house and killed Nagato’s mom and dad. Nagato didn’t activate his rinnegan after witnessing the death of his mom and dad. After I had lured the leaf ninja to Nagato’s house nagato fainted from hunger and once nagato regained conscious he noticed that the leaf ninja that had killed his mom and dad were laying on the ground dead.

    During the flash back madara appears out of the shadows behind the two dead shin obi on the floor and they show madara’s sharigan eye as madara cast a genjutsu on nagato so that he relives the event of his parents murder. This then activates Nagato’s rinnegan.

    Madara then releases the jutsu and says remember the leaf village killed ur parents u should avenge them that is the only way for u now nothing else will matter until u get ur revenge on the leaf village let that hatred burn, and remember this day as long as u live.

    Naruto Ch.511 AND 512: EYE Spy

    Madara is shown with Nagato's body on his left shoulder. Staring down at Yahiko's body in thought: "...even though you have long been dead, You betrayed me 1st. You wretched little shit think you can get away with this. You knew all along, Nagato using you as Deva Path tells me so"

    Hooded person is walking towards Madara
    Hood: You've taken awhile
    Madara: I thought I told you to wait...
    Hood interupting:...don't worry, I'm in no rush anyway
    Hood comes off revealing Sasuke with normal level 3 Sharingan.

    Sasuke: I've never felt so...
    Madara: Great? Don't ruin our plans. You need to have patience to achieve your...
    Sasuke showing his EMS: ...GOAL??

    Madara just stares at Sasuke. His own EMS starts to form.
    Sasuke: Its only a matter of time.
    Madara: You have much to learn.

    Scene is showing Tsunade staring out onto the village from a top her face on the Monument. In thought: "Papa, the will of fire burns within the hearts of the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto is the one to lead us to peace. As the Granddaughter of the 1st Hokage, Grandniece of the 2nd Hokage, Student of the 3rd Hokage, and Successor to the 4th Hokage... I will be..."
    Interrupted by ANBU Black Ops.
    Anbu: We've gathered all Hyuga Clan members. Father, Mother etc. They are currently in the safe keeps area
    Godaime: Good. Your are now under immediate order of Kakashi Hatake till the next Hokage is selected, understand?
    Anbu: Yes Godaime.

    Every Hyuga member of Konoha is in the safe keeps area. 3 miles under the memorial stone. Hiashi and the rest the members are looking around surprised and questions start to be asked.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: This place is the secrect meeting place for clan elders, it was created by the 1st Hokage himself for the purpose of keeping the village safe and discussing upcoming threats and dissecting abnormal activity.
    Hiashi: That is what the Anbu is for father, what is the meaning of this.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: This place is also the birthplace of the original Byakugan.
    The hall is in complete silence. Hiashi is incomplete shock.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: I wasn't around, but this info is only kept between the Hokage and the Hyuga Clan Head Elder. The reason we're here today is because...
    Tsunade walks in wearing the Forehead Protector and her battler armor.
    Tsunade: Because the Hyuga Clan are direct descendants of the 1st Hokage. And as such, you are here not to protect this Village but the world from the Uchiha Clan. My grandfather had 2 Children. My Father who was the eldest, and the other Hiashi's grandfather. Your grandfather was born with the power of the Senju and Uzumaki in 1. My father was born only as a Senju. And as such your Grandfather's birth was performed here. When he came out of the womb he bore eyes unseen since the time of war, long before Shodaime was born. Only 2 people knew of the Byakugan, Shodaime & Madara Uchiha. Now I have no doubt that the Hyuga Clan are the Uchiha's next target, but...
    Madara appears next to her. With a new Cloak but just his back is seen.
    Tsunade: How did you...?
    Madara: Don't underestimate me princess, the part of me knowing about the Byakugan is true. But the part of me coming after the Hyuga is... Lets just say not relevant atm.
    Hyuga Clan are all in taijutsu form, activated Byakugan and all. Hiashi comes in front of Tsunade.
    Hiashi: Hokage, like you said... We're here to protect the world from the Uchiha.
    Madara: Don't worry, I didn't come here to fight. Just came to talk. Princess Tsunade hasn't told you the whole truth I guess Shodaime never got to telling anyone.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: What is it?

    Madara takes a seat. He begins to talk.
    Madara: Yes your grandfather bore the power of the Senju and Uzumaki. He obtained the Byakugan. The only eye powerful enough to be a match for the Sharingan. He also was in charge of keeping the Uchiha in close guard under Direct order of the 2nd Hokage. BUT, the Byakugan your grandfather had was incomplete. The legend goes that the wielder of this forbidden dojutsu...
    Madara: The Byakugan was originally forbidden, because of its ability to not only see chakra flow but its ability to control chakra flow. Not only that, the perfect Byakugan user able to control its heightened state is said to even be able to wrest control from the Sharingan and take full control of Sharingan abilities as well as use the Power at will.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: I've never heard this... This is lies!
    Madara: I'm not lying. Princess didn't know this. Like she said only 2 people knew this at the time... Myself and Hashirama.
    Hiashi: I don't believe this...
    Madara: It is totally up to you what you believe, But I'm telling the truth. The Byakugan was deemed forbidden. The fact that there are over 600 here, could mean that you can control the Power of the Uchiha. But there could only be one perfect Byakugan able to perform such powerful techniques.
    Tsunade: Is that what you're here for? I will beat You just like my Grandfather did.
    Madara: You are no match for me princess. But the perfect Byakugan is in this room. Give it to me.
    Hyuga Clan Elder: You will have to go through the lot of us to get what you want. Even if I die, Hiashi and my people will protect this world from you Uchiha Madara.

    Neji is seen looking around, he begins to look in to heads of other Hyuga Clan members searching for the Perfect Byakugan.
    Neji in thought: Whatever this may look like, I have to find it before Madara kills anyone.
    Neji finally focuses on someone's head.
    Neji in thought: ...this can't be, out of everyone here its...

    Tsunade charges toward Madara. Hiashi lunges at the same time with many Hyuga Clan Members. Everyone but Neji and...

    Madara: I will have the Byakugan. If not now, I'll have it soon enough. Next time we meet will be on the battlefield.

    The room is quiet. Hyuga Clan members are all left shocked and staring at Tsunade. Hiashi falls to his knees.
    Tsunade staring in horror at the nothingness left behind where Madara just was. In thought: He knew all along, why didn't he just kill us all take it with him... why didn't he...
    Interrupted. She turns her head slowly.
    Neji: Lady Hokage. Madara didn't leave on his terms. He was forced by...
    Hinata steps forward with a Byakugan looking different from the others. She looks to have taken pride in herself. She moves toward Tsunade. Hiashi is stunned and moves out of the way. Hyuga Elder does the same.
    Hinata: I was the one to move Madara away from you Lady Hokage and my Father. Forgive me Lady Hokage.

    "The reports were coming in of the description of the assailants. He confronted Madara, he of course denied it and vowed to find who framed the Uchiha."

    Another meeting is being held.

    The mediator; "As per vote of the Village the subject of having One head of the village with a supporting council has been approved."

    1st and Lady Uzumaki are sitting beside each other. Madara and he head of the Hyuuga sit on opposite sides of them.

    Mediator:"Master Senju has been nominated, master Hyuuga has been Nominated and Master Madara enlisted himself as well."

    hours later the three men are standing in the arena in a line beside one another.

    Mediator: "The Final decision has been made, the man to be appointed 1st Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves is Hashirama Senju!(hope thats the 1st's name)

    they bring him the Hokage hat and place it a top his head.

    1st Hokage: "Thank you i will do my best to not let you down, every one of you are my family. "

    Several ninja come up to him carrying something covered up.

    ninja: "we have a surprise for you and lady Uzumaki, in light of the tragedy and honor of the marriage we have this to be the symbol of the village."

    They uncover the present symbol of the leaf village.

    mediator: "i have an announcement the mighty Uchiha clan has been requested to protect this village at all times as the internal police force of the leaf village. Your Clan symbol shall be the symbol of he protectors of peace within the village!"

    The uchihas actually cheer.
    Rin :"They were fighting to live, to belong, to have families and protect those families. Within mere moments they got everything they were fighting for, the Uchiha clan was at peace."

    Madara later is talking with his clan. the same argument about taking the village from the Senju.

    Rin: "He tried to convince them the Senju were trying to wipe them out. That they should rise up and take there place."

    Showing Madara talking to his clan.

    Rin: "They knew it was because Lady Uzumaki hurt his pride and he felt that Hashirama took her and the opportunities it would bring from him."

    Madara is in the Uchiha secret place but it has no Uchiha crest. he is reading a tablet. he looks up and smiles. he goes into dark room with a few scrolls, he takes one.

    Rin;"Some how he found out about the nine-tailed fox, there were many other villages that were attacked by tailed beasts by chance the beast were on a war path and the ir village was in the way.The Leaf village was in a location they thought was safe, then i came."

    Shows the nine-tailed fox attacking the village and Madara a top a tree watching.

    Rin:"As you know the 9 tails was put into Lady Uzumaki and Hashirama defeated Madara."

    what came next is what no one expected.

    Madara is lying on a river bank. two feet appear one black one white, Like Zetsu's BUT they are opposite colored.
    We see a man that looks similar to Zetsu but no fly trap, it is a whole body he is wearing a plain green and black outfit.

    Man, " You are almost dead, I don't know you but i won't let you die here."

    later in small hut with a huge garden around it.

    Man:"I patched you up my friend but i had to replace somethings with parts of me."

    Madara is seen from the back looking into a mirror but at an angle we can't see his face.

    the guy " I am Retsu, You now have part of me with you so it may mess with your head and what ever jutsu you had."

    Madara: "You saved a stranger. I could kill you but you chose to take that chance. I am in your debt."
    retsu: "That mean you owe me one? In that case i wanna take you up on that now." (goes in the room and comes back out with a baby. "this is Xetsu. Take him i am dying i will be dead tomorrow and he will be dead 30 years after that, but i am part of you forever so they will all know you"

    Madara:"I will honor my debt to you.what is does he eat?'

    Retsu "flesh."

    Madara: "Interesting."

    back with Kakashi and Rin.

    Rin: "Soon after he raised each one and watched each one die over and over again. he is the key to his long life NOT the sharinghan."

    Neji: "How d o you know all this?

    Kakashi: "yes how?"

    The tree beside talks: "I told her."

    they are shocked.

    Shikamaru: "I must really be tired, did that tree just talk?"

    A figure melding away from the tree: "That would be silly, I am the one that informed her."
    He looks like Zetsu except he has brown and white skin. he is in a ninja uniform,it has no symbol on it.

    Kakashi: "who are you?"

    Ninja : "I am Zynetsa, kinsman to Zetsu and friend to Rin."

    Naruto and company are on land all the summon creatures are gone except the turtle. Naruto is walking beside him.

    Naruto "won't be long now before we get to the village."

    Guy yells : "My eternal rival! i spot you up ahead!"

    Yamato: "Guy is there many of them?"

    Guy running towards the area he was looking: "Yes but i am only concerned wth him!"

    Everyone is running with Guy.

    Suddenly a close up of everyone face in surprise.

    A big page shows kkashi and company looking at Naruto and company.
    Kakashi: "Guy? Naruto?"

    Naruto: "Kakashi sensei?"

    Rin: "Minato Sensei?!"

    Next: Naruto meets a student of his father and teammate to Kakashi! Also, still why ids Rin alive?

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    Re: Naruto 511

    swweet collection gonna read'em

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    Re: Naruto 511

    i like your theory orion, but like all the naurto chapters, it would focus on someone else like sasuke, naruto, or anyone else but madara.

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    Re: Naruto 511

    Except the second and the third the are kinda good

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    Re: Naruto 511

    nice one!!! especially the 1st one...

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    Re: Naruto 511

    1st one is the best

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    Re: Naruto 511

    i hope one of this come true and they are all alsome

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    Re: Naruto 511

    nice although i dont have time to read em all, like the first one.

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