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    Naruto Manga 680 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Naruto Manga 680 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    This thread is only for the confirmed spoiler pictures and texts.
    Everything else will be considered spam, and infractions will be issued.


    Please don't re-post spoilers that have already been posted.
    (Bigger pictures or better quality picture are not counted as re-posting.)

    Post all of the confirmed spoilers you find in this thread. Please do not make a separate thread.

    It's considered nice to rep the ones who post the spoilers. Also, DO NOT POST LINKS.
    You may mention the source, but NO LINKS. Thank you. ^^

    ►► ► Keep this thread clean and free from spam. ◄◄◄

    Discuss the spoilers here:

    Naruto Manga 680 Spoilers Discussion

    Please don't post predictions in here! Only spoilers with a source! Predictions go here:

    Naruto Manga Chapter 679 Discussion and 680 Predictions

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    Re: Naruto Manga 680 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAncientJinchuuriki View Post
    Well here it is, I found it recently and thought it was interesting

    Naruto uses his new Bijuu Mode, as it seems to have 6 arms and 3 heads. - Sasuke saying that he must save energy to bring them all back. - Backstory /

    Kaguya Ootsutsuki flashback.
    - Hamura remove themselves from history (this
    explains why no one knows anything
    about him)
    - They're in another world (not another planet)
    This was posted

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    Re: Naruto Manga 680 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Quote Originally Posted by adeshina365 View Post
    Fixing this hotlink.

    lol Sakura strikes again

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