Thought I'd copy Liliana's title to make things look orderly.

Anywho, as you can see, I'm a sensei again (albeit only a trial senseiship for now, actually).

So I'll be taking students as of now, no personal students yet, as I haven't the time no intention of teaching any such things as customs, though I will be willing to take normal students and train them in several elements or whatever else is needed. Keep in mind that my time training will be somewhat limited. I will not be on at all at certain times due to school, so keep in mind that my GMT is Eastern US time (-4), and homework is always there as well. My time on weekends, however, will be better devoted toward training.

I am permitted to teach the following:

All 5 Basic Elements
Sharingan (3 tomoe)
Basic Taijutsu
Basic Ninjutsu
Basic Genjutsu (Though you'll have to be patient here. It's always been a pain for me to explain how genjutsu works, and even moreso to explain how each specific one works.)
And I suppose Strategical Training/Advice

I see no need for an official template or anything (rank, your current level of skill, and such don't really matter to me unless you plan on asking me for strategical training, so simply state anything that you believe is relevant), so simply post either here or on my profile what you need to know. I'll leave it upon you yourself to figure out whether I'm a good person to teach you or whatever.