Well, I've updated the forum today, which contains some new features and security fixes. Like we said before, we're moving the community to our forum instead of the main website which will be used for releases for manga and episodes.

Here is a small list whats new today:
1. Your own picture album can be made for your forum profile. Check User CP for more info or this FAQ.
2. A fresh design for your profile has been made! Check your own profile to check out.
3. Friend connections can now be made and will be shown in your profile. Check User CP or this FAQ.
4. Now you can start your own group and let others join your social group. Check User CP or this FAQ.
5. The one I personally like is Customizing your profile. You can now change your background, colors, fonts etc for your profile. Check User CP and this FAQ for some info.
6. You can now also post a message at member profiles.

And many more updates has been done. Be sure to check out the new FAQ which contains every information you'll need.